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Elflover (talk) 09:45, September 5, 2009 (UTC)

World of Warcraft

The Storm Fades

Note: This was made before Cataclysm

The Maelstrom has calmed. The Rift has been revealed. The people of Azeroth took this chance to destroy their sworn enemies, the Naga. The massed forces of the Horde and the Alliance have destroyed the Frozen Throne and are now prepared to destroy other threats:

1. The Burning Legion

2. The Dragonflights

3. The Nathrezim

4. Undiscovered alien threats

5. Kil’jaeden and his agents

And ultimately the old gods, the titans and the possible threat of Sargeras.

But first, the dormant enemy; the Naga. The people have decided that a strike at their capital of Nazjatar would end the enemies more swiftly. In an attempt to save her people, Queen Azshara has ordered that any Nazjatar Naga hide in the Eye of The Maelstrom. Little did they know how the Well of Eternity and Icecrown Glacier were connected. When Arthas was defeated Icecrown Glacier was shattered. As this happened, The Maelstrom began to calm. Of course, the Well of Eternity held the world together. When it was destroyed in the sundering, all that held the world together was the heavy roof of the world – Icecrown. When it was destroyed by the people of Azeroth destroyed the glacier only the remnants of the Well of Eternity could hold together the world. The Rift was the most important place in the world. And the Naga were holding it together with the sirens of Nazjatar, and they were soon to be destroyed. If the Naga were destroyed, then the balance of the world would be shattered.

Upon hiding in the Maelstrom, Azshara’s Naga discovered an abyss leading into an alternate realm. As they heard the drums of war approaching, they took their chances in the great unknown. They descended into the abyss and reappeared on another world, similar to their native lands. Meanwhile, Lady Vashj attempted to defend Nazjatar from the invading masses – leaving Serpentra in Coilfang Reservoir. Of course, not one small Naga army could hold off all of the Azeroth forces, so Vashj called upon all Naga of the world to defend the ancient city. Even the Naga’s enemies defended the rift. So all the Naga, the Makrura, the Murguls, the Murlocs, Sea Giants and even some Tuskarr defended the Rift. The sea dwellers managed to hold off the army long enough for Illidan to defend his old friends. The battle has escalated to siege to pacifism to a full-scale war.

Back with Azshara, the Naga have travelled to the south of their newfound lands. However, upon encounter with the natives, the Naga instantly found themselves in common with those who call themselves the Dark Elves. These Dark Elves, along with the Naga, were once Night Elves who, also with the Naga, changed upon the explosion of the Well of Eternity. They were the Night Elves dwelling in the area at the time of said sundering and were immediately dragged into The Maelstrom. To elaborate, the Well of Eternity was a large source of energy pouring into the world, with the energy coming from a distant world. When the well exploded, the energy stopped but the distant world remained. Hence The Maelstrom – remains of the well – served as a portal into the world where the energy came from. Anyway, these Dark Elves found these lands on the other side of The Maelstrom. They adapted to the lands and new druidic pacts, shamanistic believers and dark eerie cultists emerged. The Naga used these ancient relatives as a great help in the war. The Dark Elves revealed to their newfound allies that their planet was called The Darklands and that, unlike Azeroth, the world was in one large landmass save for several isles which broke off. Despite this, The Darklands were divided into three countries; Temegon, Dreadearon, and the Burning Lands. The Dark Elf Lands of Temegon, the forbidden lands of Dreadearon, and the Burning Legion stronghold of Eredura surrounded by the Burning Lands. The Dread Knights of Dreadearon were called in by the Dark Elves. These Knights were able to bring the newfound alliance to the equivalent of the Maelstrom, the Mortsleam. This brought the Naga, Dark Elves and Dread Knights to Nazjatar. Vashj was overwhelmed with joy upon seeing how many reinforcements Azshara had brought. This new alliance, the Dark Warriors, of the Naga, Makrura, Murlocs, Sea Giants, Tuskarr and Dark Elves – not forgetting the Dread Knights – was able to fend off the massive army of Azeroth. But, when the great army left, they did what all weak alliances do – fight amongst themselves. The Dark Elves wished for the Naga to move into the seas of the Darklands. But the Naga refused to leave their sacred lands of Nazjatar. The Murguls and the Murlocs wished to be freed from slavery, but the Naga would not allow that. The Sea Giants had to defend their camps and the Makrura had to return to their city of Makaru. The whole alliance was broken. War once again broke out. Whilst the Naga and Makrura were battling – not choosing a side in the war – the Murlocs, seeking desperate help, joined the Horde. The Dark Elves joined the Alliance with their ancient Night Elf cousins. The Dread Knights didn’t choose one side, staying neutral to all. The Murguls were kept under the slavery of the Naga and the Sea Giants returned to their camps. The Tuskarr decided to stay out of it altogether. And so, the war was over. But the people of Azeroth had no idea what lied beyond the Maelstrom Abyss. To spare any adventurers from going into the Maelstrom, the Alliance made a portal, much like the dark portal, in Felwood, and another in the Searing Gorge. The Horde, in a likewise manner, created a portal in the Eastern Plaguelands and another in Silithis. These four portals were named the Light Portal, and led to the sanctuary city of Temurla in the centre of the Darklands.

New Features

New Races


Faction: Horde

Name: Murloc (Spittleblaze)








Death Knight

Zone: Jiterog Archipelago

Mount: Serpent

Dark Elf

Faction: Alliance

Name: Dark Elf








Death Knight

Zone: Temerol

Mount: Doomsaber

New Zones

1-10: Jiterog Archipelago

5-15: Isle of Penthos

10-20: Wonkar’ola Isle

1-10: Temerol

5-15: Loremet

10-20: Mortsleam

78-82: Kul Tiras

80-84: Gilneas

82-86: Barados

84-88: Death Lagoon

86-90: Storm Reef

84-88: Tropica

82-86: Tel’Abim

80-84: Shagra

78-82: Icy Ranks

88-92: Grim Batol

90-94: Temegola

Other Features

Level cap raised to 90

Two new races, Murloc, and Dark Elf

Enter the rest of Azeroth and some of Temegon

New Talents

Two Professions available when reached Artisan in a profession: Lumberjack and Woodworking

New Transportation: Water Mounts (Snap Dragons for Horde, Serpents for Alliance)

New Transportation: Underground Passages

Portals into Temegon


Maelstrom – The battle between the Naga and Makrura enrages over the Maelstrom

Light Portals – A battle between the Horde and the Alliance to control the light portals

Ethereal Portals – Constant attempts to take the great trees and the Ethereal Portals they guard

New Hero Classes


Races: Human Dark Elf Night Elf Draenei Blood Elf Murloc Tauren Orc

Talents: Insanity, Manipulation, Calling

Zone: Kul Tiras

Level: 78


Races: Human Dwarf Gnome Dark Elf Blood Elf Undead Troll Orc

Talents: Darkness, Falling, Ruining

Zone: Shagra

Level: 78

More Soon

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