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New Expansion fit for any level cap.

Deep within the Emerald Dream, the ancient old god N'zoth has ravaged the dream and is having a increasingly devastating effect on Azeroth. The remaining Twilight Cultist have abandoned the dragonspawn they have toiled over for so long. The cult has now been under the direct infulence of N'zoth. Little is known about the cults new identity but have been renamed "Cult of the Depths" and are becoming more active in abaondoned ruins.

Since Deathwing's fall most of the remaining twilight dragons have had sanity restored to the dragonflight by Alexstraza. A noble twilight dragon known as Hetherion has been elected by Ysera and Alexstraza to protect the remaining twilight dragons and become a dragon aspect. Hetherion is now allied with Alexstraza, Ysera and Nozdorumu to help protect the balance of Azeroth. Twilight dragons have great control over magic and energy and help balance the natural order of Azeroth's cycle. Twilight dragons can be found across azeroth tryig to redeem the dragonflight by aiding the horde and alliance in the war against N'zoth.

Basic Additions

An additional 5 levels

New Proffesion: Woodworking

New Spells and Abilitys

New Zones

Many Daily Hubs

Much More

Lore and Notable Characters

IconSmall NightElf Female.gif Nelaira The Dreamcatcher: A young but powerful druid who spent her entire life training within Ashenvale. As a child her home was destroyed by a lumber camp's activity and now seeks to use her forces of nature to help restore balance, within Azeroth and the Emerald Dream. Nelaira made her presence known within the dream by helping the natural inhabitants escape The Nightmare. Before she left for her journey within the dream she used her bond with nature to help her community nurture an entire forest within the mountains of Stonetalon.

IconSmall Draenei Male.gif Abrixion Windwalk: Shortly after Deathwing's demise a young shaman within The Exodar had a vision of the entire coastline near the Exodar erupting a endless army of N'zoth's minions. Alarmed by his vision Abrixion began preparing for the worst with his fellow shaman by helping calm the elementals within the island. Abrixion's spirit went to Skywall (the home of air elementals) via astral travel and begged the elements for aid protecting the island. It is rumored The Exodar is in the process of being repaired with the help of the same air elementals Abrixion sought.

IconSmall Air.gif Ayriwa: This powerful wind elemental was summoned by Abrixion to help repair the Exodar, Ayriwa is completley bound to the physical realm and is helping the draenei rebuild the Exodar. Ayriwa is more powerful than the average air elemental but is weakened due to the detachment from the elemental plane, Ayriwa has also summoned a raging storm above the island that serves as a ward from N'zoth.

IconSmall Undead Male.gif Falthis Steelguard: Falthis Steelguard is a member of the forsaken who recently returned from a journey to the elemental plain Deepholm. Falthis spent his time within Deepholm searching for powerfull gemstones and minerals to use for his new weaponsmithing plans. Falthis was sent by Sylvannis to search for a cure for the plague but ended up developing a hatred for Sylvannis and her heartless attitiude and returned with a false cure but many new materials for his weapons. He is rumored to be starting a revolution within the depths of Undercity.

IconSmall Goblin Female.gif Amelatron Bottavolt: Born within the Orgrimmar slums Amelatron and her peers were tired of being exiled from the heart of the city and resented Garrosh for that. A small group of "freedom fighters" confronted Garrosh and all were forced into hard labour within the slums. Garrosh reminded them they were the ones who had turnt it into slums and forced them to change it. Amelatron was one of the few who survived the cleanig process of the oil spill and the rusted metal pile and is now working with Vol'jin and other diplomats for change. Amelatron is a horde roll model for breaking the bonds of Garrosh and turing to diplomacy.

IconSmall FacelessGeneral.gif Yenoxxix The Ancient Prophet: This ancient faceless general spent 10000 years in a deep meditative state preparing every possible outcome for an invasion of the surface world. Yenoxxix serves N'zoth and has become a devastating threat to Azeroth. Yennoxxix has discovered that the only possible threat to N'zoth's invasion would be The Bronze Dragonflight's power over time. One of his predicted outcomes was a group of heros with the aid of bronze dragons going backward in time and slaying Yenoxxix before he could meditate. As a result of the predictions of his death he has decided to cause the main capitals of the surface world to collapse deep within Azeroth's core by creating deep caverns beneath Orgrimmar, Stormwind, and other places around Azeroth.

IconSmall DragonTwilight.gif Hetherion The Twilight Lord: With the fall of Deathwing and his minions almost all Twilight dragons on azeroth have been slain. The few remaining twilight dragons serve Hetherion the most powerfull remaining member of twilight dragons. Hetherion seeks equality amongst the dragonflight and wish to be a normal dragon breed. Hetherion has asked Alexstraza if it would ever become possible for him to become a full fledged Dragon Aspect like her. Alexstraza hesitatated and but showed mercy and taught him how he may appeal to the titans. If Hetherion helps the other dragonflights enter a age of peace and stop the slaughter of good dragons he will be become Hetherion the Aspect of Twilight. Hetherion wishes for the Twilight Dragons to protect the balance of night and day and the natural change within Azeroth.

IconSmall DragonGreen.gif Lifithus: This green dragon has created a dragon hatchering for the green dragons within Moonglade with the help of Ysera and other powerful dragons. The hatchering is to help regenerate the dragonflights loss since the Emerald Dreams assult by N'zoth. This hatchering will also serve as future haven for any dragon whelps in need of protection.

IconSmall Human Male.gif Lishan Lethyr: Lishan is the alliance's most noble and powerfull warlock. Lishan uses his dark magic as a demonologist to help protect Stormwind from demonic threats. Living in the noble distric of Stormwind Lishan has created an entire school for warlocks who wish to become respected amongst the paladins and other soldiers of light who critisize shadowy magic. Lishan uses demonic knowledge to help other warlocks control the demons they summon and teaches the art of banishing demons aswell.

IconSmall Ogre Male.gif Gravold Smokethorn: Gravold is the leader of the Smokethorn clan and has taught the clan peace and respect for other factions such as the horde and the alliance. While this clan disagree's with acts of war or cruelty they tolerate the actions of the horde and the alliance and continue training peacekeepers to aid nations in need of protection. It is rumored this ogre clan was enchanted by a greater force while others think it was just a matter of time before a neutral clan was discovered. This clan makes there home in the fridged mountains west of Ironforge and wishes to be excluded from all horde and alliance conflicts.

IconSmall Harpy.gif Avallisa: This harpy was born on the same day Aviana was resserected within Hyjal. It is rumored she is the result of a greater unknown force. Now Avallisa is a young member of the remaining peacefull Wormwing harpy's and follows the teachings of Elune. Avallisa believes female druids who die when the moon is full are reincarnated by elune to serve as a harpy. This is reinforced by many harpys being attracted to elven ruins across azeroth and the attraction to the druids of the talon.

IconSmall Raptor.gif Skadaven: The few remaining druids who have not become members of the Druids of the Talon, Wild, Claw or Grove have created a new group that studys the savage fighting styles of azeroth's intellegent raptors. The Druid of the Fang was reborn under the watchfull eye of cenarion druids that ensured the events of wailing caverns would never repeat themself. The new Druid of the Fang finds itself deep within the emerald dream trying to restore balance and protecting the raptor demi-god Skadaven from the emerald nightmare. Skadaven is a brutal raptor much larger than even azeroth's most deadly, Skadaven embodies the spirits of all raptors within his physical body and is highly intellegent.

IconSmall DarkTroll Male.gif Talazula Shadowspear: This troll spent his entire life living amongst the shadows. Cheif of the Shadowspear tribe this tribe only travel and leave there huts at night to avoid detection. The entire Shadowspear tribe lives in the tree tops of Ashenvale and Felwood. While the horde and alliance waged war below Talazula was training his tribe to become lethal assasins that live entirley nocturnal lives. While most of the tibe lives within the treetops Talazula has built a small cavern for training young trolls. The tribe avoids contact with the horde and alliance at all costs and is seeking to launch an assult on Orgrimmar.

IconSmall Furbolg.gif Grizasol Timbermaw: This furbolg is one of the few remaining uncorrupt furbolg and was born within Timbermaw Hold and spent his life in the depths below Hyjal practicing traditional Timbermaw shamanism. Grizasol means "Hyjal's Child" in his own language and now resides within Hyjal as a Timbermaw ambassador asking heros for help protecting the Timbermaw's native homeland from N'zoth's invasion.

IconSmall BabyWildkin.gif Orowwa Ironfeather: This young moonkin hatched from a mysterious egg that appeared under the world tree just before N'zoth launched the invasion. The cenarion druids were skeptical of the moonkin but were quickly corrected by Ysera who informed them this moonkin hatchling countains a pure essence from the emerald dream. Ysera named the hatching Orrowa and was adopted by a clan of druids who believe Orowwa is likley a gift from a greater power to help with the war against N'zoth.

New Zones

The Twisting Maw: Miles from the coast of Feralas is a large island known as "Iruan'yal" while the isle itself is just the horde and alliances landing point. Deep within the islands caverns is a twisted and corrupt maw of N'zoth. The Twisting Maw is a large area roughly the size of Hyjal, The maw is home to many minions of the old gods and is slowly becoming a cultist temple. The maw itself is a living fragment of N'zoth and has many biological defenses like acids and tenticals. The forces of Azeroth are having difficulty combating this evil.

The Lost Paradise: While being a part of the emerald dream it can be accessed easily through the corrupt dragonshrine of feralas. This twisted paradise was once a literal paradise untainted from all sentience. But when N'zoth arrived within the dream he used it to manifest within azeroth. Now the paradise is a twisted wasteland roughly the size of the dragonblight. On the east coast is a sludge covered coastline and a toxic sea, the central area is a corrupt forest with untold horrors, the northern area is rough terrain with a spawning ground of N'zoth and his children.

Azo'thora Wasteland: A large island covered in mist and fog has been discovered to be home to many cultists trying to summon N'zoth and his minions into Azeroth. Members of the horde and alliance have recently discovered N'zoth is using the Emerald Dream and The Rift of Aln to manifest completley within Azeroth, consuming the entire planet in the process. This island can be found to the west of tirsiful glades and south of northrend. The island itself is a wasteland with many jagged mountain peaks and caverns, there is also a lake that had dried due to the cultist activity in the area. A temple known as Azo'thora is home to powerfull cultist who plan to launch a direct assult on the Eastern Kingdoms once N'zoth has been summoned completley. The island is roughly the size of Uldum.

The Fallen City: Deep beneath the sea just south of Gilneas a landslide on a large island has reveiled a completly lost city deep within the surface of Azeroth. The city itself is roughly the size of Gilneas and has sunk to the depths of azeroth. The city was once a highborne capital but is now a corrupt and destroyed shrine to N'zoth and his minions. In addition from the threat of N'zoth and the cultists, the entire underground cavern is threatened by the possibility of collapse. There is rumors of a ancient highborne relic that can help prevent the destruction of the cavern and is being searched for by the alliance, horde and the cult.

The Field of Nightmares: Deep within the most corrupt parts of the Emerald Dream is The Field of Nightmare. This is the area of the dream most influenced by N'zoth and is a constantly changing battlefield between the remaining forces of nature and the twisted abberations of N'zoth. The field itself is a giant field of horror and twisted terrain surrounded by a endless manifestation of N'zoth. Within the field is a constant and ever changing battlefield consiting of N'zoth and the dream itself.

Timbermaw Cavern: The Timbermaw have become permenently allied with the cenarion druids of moonglade and have opened the gate that leads to a series of caverns and tunnels beneath Hyjal and Felwood. This area is known as Timbermaw Cavern and is inhabited by the Timbermaw tribe and the Barkclaw Tribe. The Barkclaw Tribe has been driven mad by N'zoth and constantly launch assults against the Timbermaw. These caverns are home to some of azeroth's most terribal nightmares such as: Corrupt Spider, Cultist, Mutations and a group of Satyr bandits that appear to be assulting small trading posts. The cavern is also home to a small lake that was made from the corrupt waters of Felwood streaming into the caverns that is corrupting more of the caverns.

New Factions

Neutral The Verdent Army: The druids of Azeroth have banded together to launch an assult on N'zoth and his forces within the Azo'thora Wasteland.

Neutral The Ursanol: A uncorrupt faction of Furbolg who have entered The Feild of Nightmares and have formed a staging ground to help defend the heart of the emerald dream.

Alliance The Lost Expedition: A group of lost archeologist sent to The Fallen City to find the ancient relic rumored to be hidden within the city. They have set up a foothold within the sunken ruins.

Alliance Stormwind Reavers: A team of veteran mercenary sent to The Twisting Maw to infiltrate the cultist footholds and destroy them from within.

Horde Vol'jin's Eye: A elite group of darkspear trolls sent to discover the cultists activity within The Twisting Maw.

Horde Gallywix Secret Squad: A stealthy group of horde goblins within The Fallen City seeking to capture and torture cultist members for information benifiting the horde.


Woodworking the the art of gathering diffrent types of wood and using them to create weapons, relics, and much more. Wood can be gathered from many diffrent sites across Azeroth in bulk in a simalar system to the Archeology Digsitess, Wood can also be gathered from small piles of branches and fallen trees across Azeroth in addition to the Lumber Sites. Woodworking requires a [Lumber Axe] wich can be found at any general store. Woodworking is a primary or "main" proffesion like Blacksmithing and is not a secondary like fishing or cooking.

Types of Lumber:

Thickpine Lumber - Elwynn Forest, Dun Morogh, Mulgore, Tirisfal Glades

Sharpvine Lumber - Eversong Woods, Azuremyst Isle, Durotar, Teldrassil

Dry Bark Lumber - Barrens, Westfall, Azshara, Redridge Moutain

Silverleaf Lumber - Ashenvale, Darkshore, Silverpine Forest, Loch Modan

Mossbark Lumber - The Wetlands, Stranglethorn Vale, Ashenvale, Arathi Highlands, Stonetalon Mountains

Darkwood Lumber - Desolace, Eastern Plaguelands, Duskwood, Southern Barrens

Razor Vine Lumber - The Cape of Stranglethorn, Feralas, Duskwallow Marsh, Hinterlands

Highpyre Lumber - Thousand Needles, Western Plaguelands, Feralas, Stonetalon Moutains

Sandbark Lumber - Tanaris, Badlands, Silithus, Searing Gourge

Charred Lumber - The Blasted Lands, Searing Gorge, Ungoro Crater, Burning Steppes

Outland Lumber------------

Demonthorn Lumber - Hellfire Pennisula, Bladesedge Mountains

Dreanor Lumber - Hellfire Pennisula, Nagrand, Netherstorm, Terrokar Forest, Bladesedge Mountains

Zangar Lumber - Zangar Marsh

Netherbark Lumber - Shadowmoon Valley

Northrend Lumber------------

Frosty Lumber - Borean Tundra, Howling Fjord

Frozenthorn Lumber - Borean Tundra, Dragonblight, Howling Fjord, Crystalsong Forest

Overgrown Lumber - Grizzley Hills, Sholzzar Basin, Crystalsong Forest, Zul' Durak

Titanic Lumber - The Storm Peaks, Icecrown

Cataclysm Lumber------------

Coralthorn Lumber - Vasj'ir, Uldum

Bladethorn Lumber - Twilight Highlands, Uldum

Thunderspark Lumber - Uldum, Hyjal

Fungi Lumber - Deepholm

Furyvine Lumber - Twilight Highlands, Hyjal

Emerald Tides Lumber------------

Twisted Lumber - Twisting Maw, The Fallen City

Nightmare Lumber - The Lost Paradise, The Field of Nightmares

Wastethorn Lumber - Azo'thora Wasteland, The Fallen City

Spinthorn Lumber- The Feild of Nightmares, The Twisting Maw

The following lumber can be crafted at a Woodworking Table into level appropriate weapons such as Staves, Shields, Wands, Off-Hand's, Ranged Weapons, Trinkets and Relics. A cooking fire can be also fueled with any type of lumber for an increased duration of the cooking fire. Here is a small example until further editing.

Glowing Staff of Life: Level 14

Totem of Enduring Pain: Level 20

Golden Shield of Power: Level 38

New Daily Areas

The Slithering Highland: The Slithering Highland looms above The Field of Nightmare from the Highlands above. Within the highland is a small army of cultists and N'zoth's minions. The cenarion druids have set a assult point for easy access to the dailys within the highlands.

[A Dash of Salt] - Gather 6 Sweetsalt Berrys from the nearby fallen ancients

[Culling the Cultist] - Kill 8 nearby cultist

[Bomb the Maw] - Detonate 6 Lifegiving Seeds within the Slithering Maw

[Slithering Slime] - Dissolve 3 Tentacles of Terror

[Uproot the Old God] - Assult the roots of N'zoth to weaken him

[Little Parasites] - Walk on 20 slithering parasite

[Emerald Paradise Patrol] - Protect 3 suffering critters

And More

Azo'thora Caverns: The Azo'thora Caverns lies deep beneath the Azo'thora Wasteland. The caverns functions like Tol Barad or Wintergrasp and functions as a daily area and a raid known as The Ancient Gate. The caverns is a training ground for new cultists and holds a gate to a deep underground tomb that holds a ancient minion of N'zoth.

[Slay Them All] - Kill 5 members of the opposite faction

[Slay Some More] - Kill 5 cultists

[Cavern Collapse] - Repair the 4 weakened support beams within the caverns

[The Cavern Cave-In] - Demolish 20 rocks blocking the southern catacombs

[Kill That Cult] - Bomb the 3 cultist training grounds

[Raiders of the Lost Cavern] - Collect 5 relic while avoiding falling rocks

And More

Raid and Dungeon

The Halls of Azo'thora: Part of a titanic highborne city that sunk deep below the Azo'thora Wasteland long ago. Now the halls have been corrupt by cultist activity and N'zoth's minions. The halls used to be the home of several ancient highborne secrets and magics that should be kept away from mortal minds.

Epic Quest

N [95] The Nightmare - Collect 10 Emerald Tears, Each area of the Emerald Dream is hiding the tears in unique locations.

N [95] Night Terror - Cleanse the body of Azerak the Twisted.

N [95] The Lost Clan - Meet Orowwa Ironfeather in The Field of Nightmares.

N [95] Creating the Shield - Collect 100 Jade Feathers and forge them into The Dreamcatcher.

N [95] Creating the Spear - Collect 100 Emerald Talons and forge them into The Dreamweaver.

N [95] Creating the Altar - Collect 100 Jasper Totems and forge them into The Altar of Dreams.

N [95] The Essence of Nature - Collect the essence of 25 dragons within the Emerald Dream and release them within the Living Forge.

N [95] The Forge - Use the Living Forge to combine The Dreamcatcher, The Dreamweaver and The Altar of Dreams into The Gemstone of Orowwa.

N [95] Cleansing the Land - Use The Gemstone of Orowwa to cleanse a path into The Rift.

N [95] Just Jump - Jump into The Rift and fight off the presence of N'zoth until The Verdant Army can create a foothold.

N [95] Claiming Your Prize - Bring The Gemstone of Orowwa to Nelaira to claim The Staff of Evolving Wilds.

N [95] Spiritual Growth - Slay X for weapon upgrade.