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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.


After the destruction of the Iron Horde in Draenor and the prevention of a Burning Legion invasion caused by Gul'dan and Ner'zhul involvements with Kil'Jaeden in the alternate timeline, the Dark Portal was once again contained and sealed. While some heroes from Draenor came to aid both Horde and Alliance forces after the war in Draenor, most of what happened there was considered irrelevant, since that timeline was destroyed by the defeat of Kairozdormu. But, even with the recent events, the Burning Legion return was imminent. A major attack was planned and is now happening in Azeroth. Fel flames and asteroids falling from the skies, large demons attacking the most important places in Azeroth, leaving nothing behind. After a difficult battle, Horde and Alliance forces surprisingly detained the Burning Legion attackers and ordered an urgent pushback. With the tips from the devils left behind, the excentric Goblins and the super-intelligent gnomes could discover the mystery that surrounded that surprise invasion: the attacks came from Argus, the original homeworld of the eredar and now a stronghold of the magnificent Burning Legion. Now, both Horde and Alliance members should venture in this mysterious land full of demons and terrifying creatures to significantly damage the old and feared Legion in what could be a major comedown against Azeroth's greatest enemy.


  • Level cap increased to 105
  • Argus: Use the portal on the main anti-Legion city of your faction (Silvermoon for the Horde and Exodar for the Alliance) to go to this amazing world full of chaos and destruction among the Burning Legion's most special stronghold.
  • New Hero Class: Demon Hunter - followers of Illidan, the Demon Hunters seek to destroy all demons in the universe, specially the ones serving the Burning Legion. A new hero class, the Demon Hunters start at level 55 and have their unique set of habilities and talents.
  • New Races: The feared Ogres for the Horde and the mighty Furbolgs for the Alliance.
  • Chronicles: Scenarios from 1-5 people, focused on telling the story of the Warcraft Universe, from its former RTS games to the newest WoW expansion (stories seen in the RTS games/expansions, books, quests and events that are no longer available and even old raids/dungeons - like original Zul'Gurub and Zul'Aman, Deadmines pre-cata etc).
  • Challenge-mode raids: Do your favorite level 60-100 raids with your friends, fighting for the best time on those instances while feeling the challenge they really had in the past. With your medals, it is going to be possible to get exclusive pets, mounts, unique transmog sets and even a chance on unlocking secret content(solo scenarios)! The system features a flex-mode raid composition that varies from 8 to 30 players, depending on the raid leader's choice.
  • Player-creating system: Create new dungeons, scenarios, quests, tabards and even entirely new buildings with the new Player-creating System! Your creations can be shared among other people, who can enjoy all this new content while receiving LFR-like loot and exclusive rewards that varies from pets to new features (such as new emotes, dances etc).
  • Call of War: You will frequently receive new Calls of War on your faction's capital city every once in a while on the many distributed panels around the town that will require your (and your faction's) best efforts to defend Azeroth's most beautiful (and dangerous) landscapes from another Burning Legion invasion. Join your faction to destroy demons around Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor in long and amazing battle events. The future of Azeroth depends on you!
  • Mount Racing: Use your mounts to race against your friends in your favorite places among Azeroth, Outland, Draenor and Argus finest landscapes on a fun Mario-Kart based experience! Use the points you gain to trade for pets, mounts, tabards and features to help a better alt development!


There are four major content patches for the Fall of Argus expansion.

New Zones

Along with the new world of Argus, the Exodar and Silvermoon cities were remade with the Blood Elf and Draenei starting zones! Now you can fly in the rest of Azeroth you always wished for!

  • The Forgotten Woods (100-101):
  • Stormy Valley (101-102):
  • Desert of Kol'mora (102-103):
  • Wraithfinch Forest (102-103):
  • Kaarinos (103-104):
  • Shire of the Eternal Sorrows (103-104):
  • Groomgate Grassland (104-105):
  • Kil'jaedenia (105):
  • Plains of Mac'Aree (105):

Dungeons, Scenarios and Raids





  • The First War (8 Chapters)
  • The Second War (12 Chapters)
  • Beyond the Dark Portal (21 Chapters) - 9 on 7.1/ 6 on 7.2/ 6 on 7.3
  • Exodus of the Horde (3 Chapters) - Added on 7.4


  • Neutral 15.png The Naaru
  • Neutral 15.png Keepers of the Timelines
  • Neutral 15.png Avengers of the Fallen
  • Neutral 15.png The Waking Pact
  • Neutral 15.png O'kragen
  • Neutral 15.png Followers of the Ancient
  • Neutral 15.png Legion Killers
  • Neutral 15.png The Shadow Orb
  • Neutral 15.png Lords of Kaarinos
  • Neutral 15.png (Added in

World Bosses

  • IconSmall Nathrezim.gif Vigorius
  • IconSmall Man'ari Male.gif Hazzaren the Fallen


New Battlegrounds

  • Felblood Camps
  • Ruins of Hor'nath
  • Spires of Destruction (Added in Patch 6.3)

New Arenas

  • Time-shifting Arena
  • Arena of the Ten Thousand Storms
  • Trial of Bloshimah Arena (Added in Patch 6.3)


  • Legendary Questline - Help the Naaru to gather resources and discover the secrets surrounding the Legion in an attempt to destroy Kil'jaeden's forces for once and for all.

Featured Characters

In the middle of a distopic land consumed by war and chaos, many new heroes - and villains - will rise along with the old ones to fight for a greater good - or evil.


  • Alliance 15.png Alleria Windrunner - The legendary ranger and one of the Windrunner sisters, Alleria has been disappeared since the destruction of original Draenor. After years missing, she is found hiding in a cave south of the Stormy Valley, along with some of the survivors from recent Legion attacks. She accepts to stand with the Alliance in this delicate moment, but only after saving her lover, Turalyon, from the hands of the Burning Legion.
  • Alliance 15.png Turalyon - A former paladin in service of the Alliance, Turalyon disappeared along Alleria. He is now being kept in the Burning Stronghold, in the center of Kil'jaedenia. It is unknown if he is well or alive, since he has been kept in a prison deep below the grounds for two years. Alleria is trying to save her lover from chains, but still doesn't know how.
  • Horde 15.png Rexxar - The great half-orc that helped in the founding of Durotar is back. After years of exclusion from any social contact, Rexxar is called by the Warchief, Vol'Jin. He is informed that the Horde needs him more than ever to protect their lands against the Legion invasion, a request that he accepts with honor and respect. After defending Orgrimmar and Durotar from the Legion attacks, he decides to join his former partners to set foot on Argus and destroy the Burning Legion's stronghold located there.
  • Horde 15.png Orgrim Doomhammer - Brought to our timeline from the Alternate Draenor, Orgrim is Thrall's best choice to lead the Horde troops in Argus and free Azeroth from their greatest enemy.
  • Neutral 15.png Wrathion - The last Black Dragon and a good strategist, Wrathion is the leading force of the attacks on Argus. He seeks to destroy the Legion to protect Azeroth from its destruction and will do anything he can to achieve his goal.


  • Kil'Jaeden - One of Sargera's most competent followers, Kil'Jaeden has built his own stronghold (and, consequently, the Legion's) on the surface of Argus. He is kept inside a powerful crystal, being healed by his minions from his injuries on the fight of the Sunwell, waiting for his awakening.
  • Talgath - The Regent-Master of Argus while Kil'Jaeden's is being healed, Talgath is surely one the best acting bodies of the Burning Legion. Deep inside his Palace, in the Shire of the Eternal Sorrows, he keeps watching everything that happens in his lands. Now that the most infamous heroes of Azeroth have appeared to destroy his holdings, Talgath now has little time to awake Kil'Jaeden to defend his planet, which is something he'll do by all costs.
  • Mephistroth - Leader of the Dreadlords, Mephistroth defends a large portion of Kaarinos from his lair, The Shattered Temple. He will destroy everyone who stands on his way to empower the Burning Legion, even if he has to die to do so.
  • Varimathras - After his defeat on Undercity, Varimathras has been given a new chance from Mephistroth: the Leader of the Dreadlords rescued his soul from the Twisting Nether and emprisoned it into a body similar to his former. Now, Varimathras, empowered with the souls of Balnazzar and Detheroc, other fallen agents of the Burning Legion, has the task to heal Kil'Jaeden's wounds along with other demons to prevent Argus from its fall - since Argus can only be considered nothing without its original ruler.

Other Characters

  • Med'an - Guardian of Tirisfal and a founder of the New Council of Tirisfal, he is one of the most powerful beings in the universe. Throughout his journey around the universe, Med'an found something interesting in Argus: the Angussian Scrolls, old tomes full of history and power that keep the secret of the Titans and many of their accomplishments throughout the universe. With the challenge in mind to find them, the brave hero swore that he would be succesful. The only thing he didn't know is that many of his friends (such as his great-uncle Maraad and mother Garona) would also be venturing into Argus, too. Now, he will get to know what is a family; but first he has to complete his mission while avoiding the death of his beloved.
  • Harthal Truesight - A former paladin of the Scarlet Crusade, now wants revenge against the Legion for all that they caused. Upon seeing the evil that took control over Stratholme, the town he was born, Harthal realized that the Burning Legion was the responsible for that and for many other casualties. He is sided with the heroes of The Waking Pact, just waiting for the moment of his vengeance.
  • Jessera of Mac'Aree - One of the most succesful heroes of Mac'Aree, Jessera seeks revenge against Kil'Jaeden for destroying his beloved planet and turning it into a Legion's stronghold.
  • Anduin Wrynn - The prince of Stormwind, Anduin Wrynn is curious about Argus and what secrets can be found in that place. After a fight with his father, Varian Wrynn, he now wants to follow his own path: the path of Light.
  • Illidan Stormrage - Revived by Wrathion's little experiences of necromancy, Illidan now seeks to teach new demon hunters to join his forces against the Burning Legion.

Original Characters

  • Zurfogh - A powerful shaman and leader to the Barkskin Furbolgs, Zurfogh wants to join the Alliance so that he - and his people - can have proper food and a place to live since their homeland has been destroyed by the recent Legion attacks.
  • Bronk'dar - Mage and leader of the Stonemaul Clan, Bronk'dar leads the ogres of the Horde into the field against the Burning Legion's minions.

Other Features



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