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NOTE: This is not an idea for a future expansion, but rather a patch that would be awesome to do in Cataclysm.

When Deathwing returned to Azeroth, the whole world was reforged in molten flame. And The shattered realm of Outland, which has remained undisturbed since the fall of Illidan, was affected as well. The Destroyer appeared in Outland's skies and reshaped the land as well. Now his agents zealously patrol the land, seeking to fulfill their master's vision of death and destruction.

Introductory world event: The Twilight Reckoning

NOTE: This also serves as the introductory world event for the Return to Outland patch

Prior to the patch launching, an Image of Thrall appears in every capital city of both the Alliance and Horde during the first of four phases of the Introductory world event. He says:

  • This is a warning, on behalf of the Earthen Ring, to all of Azeroth....
  • We have learned from the Twilight cult that he is communicating to all of his legions, all over Azeroth, and is preparing to unleash them on this world in an all out assault.
  • And it seems that the Worldbreaker will be personally leading them.
  • You have seen the damage wrought by the Black Aspect on his own. But him and his minions together....
  • We must find a way!

Phase two will be Deathwwing's Declaration. He appears in the skies all across Azeroth, bellowing:

  • The time to prepare has finished! Now the time has come for this world to burn! You will all feel the wrath of the Black Aspect!

Phase three will be the "Unleashing of the Legions" - Deathwing's servants in all their major centers (Grim Batol, Uldum, etc.) will emerge and instigate an all-out assault on any and every friendly outpost. This will be very similar to both the Scourge invasions and the Second War of the Shifting Sands, except they won't take place in capital cities - yet.

Phase four will be Deathwing's attacks on Stormwind and Orgrimmar. Garrosh and Varian will take place in these battles, and Malfurion Stormrage, plus the other leaders of the Alliance and Horde, as well as Thrall and the Earthen Ring and maybe even Tirion Fordring and the Argent Crusade will make appearances as well. After the battles are done, Deathwing will appear in human form in Stormwind/Orgrimmar and declare:

  • This isn't over, Hellscream/Wrynn. Your beloved Stormwind/Orgrimmar may have survived this time, but this was a mere taste of what is to come!
  • As my minions were keeping you at bay, I have sent agents to the Frozen Wastes and through the Dark Portal. You cannot stop me from, not just bringing this world, but every world, to ruin. Challenge me, if you dare......

Outland Zone Changes