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World of Warcraft: Fall of the Queen
Azshara TCG Alt.JPG
Azshara from the balcony of her palace in the city of Nazjatar.

This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

World of Warcraft: Fall of the Queen



After the Alliance and Horde have defeated Kil'jaeden and his Burning Legion armies, on the planet of Argus. There had not been much defense in Azeroth. This was the perfect moment that Queen Azshara was looking for. She began attacks on the main lands of Azeroth, with her faithful Naga. When the Alliance and Horde forces arrive back to their home planet, they find the land disarray and their capital cities under attack by the naga forces.

Driving the forces back into the depths of the ocean, they prepare for an assault against the Queen. When both forces go into the Great Sea to confront the queen, their ships had ran a ground an uncharted large island which they had no idea existed. This large island was going to be named after each of the opposing factions greatest heroes. But when they discovered to be natives on the small continent, the natives told them the land they are in is called Teterion.

The Alliance and the Horde, still under their constant war that has almost destroyed their planet countless of times, ask the natives of the land to aid their factions against Queen Azshara. Both factions, have even made allies with races that share a common enemy.

Cinematic Dialogue

The cinematic begins, above water as hovers over water before submerging into the ocean. Various naga were seen swimming about doing their daily routines. Others were under command by superiors while they trained with weapons. Others building large siege weapons.

Queen Azshara's voice I couldn't have chosen a more perfect time..the Alliance and the Horde armies were gone from this planet, fighting a war elsewhere. I stormed their lands with a first assault to their capital cities. Succeeding. Only in hopes to see them discover what ruins were left of their cities.

Until they stopped my plot!

Ships are seen shooting at each other, and courageous yells are heard, when swords and other weapons began clashing. Though the ships were neither Horde nor Alliance. Off in the distance, along came an Alliance vessel. Farther away, was a Horde ship just on the other side of where the Alliance ship was. Suddenly, the Horde crashes and the inhabitants of the ship were Orcs, Tauren and a few Blood Elves.

Captain Taylor shouts to a nearby sailor. Hand me my scope! The sailor handed Captain Taylor, the scope. Using it he saw that the ships ahead were not Horde ships. He did not recognize the insignia on the flags the two ships carried. Each one was different, and both of those ships were at war.


What's this? I see land! Land ho!

The Alliance ship, lands on the shore and the humans, dwarves including Brann Bronzebeard, and a few night elves have gotten off the ship.

Meanwhile, both groups walk into the forest ahead of them, eventually each faction groups meets with each other. In the midst of it all the orc said,


Taylor said, Horde!

All of sudden, the roars of what might've been a Tauren were heard, along with the screeches of an unknown creature. Both groups ran off deeper into the forest to investigate. As the reach the location, they see what may look like a Tauren but the creature looked completed different, another creature jumped out with its blades at the Tauren-like figure.

The creature was a bipedal insect, it lunged at the much larger creature, they hadn't noticed who was watching. When they turned to face the Alliance and Horde they dropped their weapons and ran.

Captain Taylor yelled at the orc general, "Look you scared them away you, wretched orc!"

"No, it is you who frightened them! These natives will be formidable allies against YOU and the Queen!" the orc general yelled.

New Features

Both the Horde and the Alliance, will be able to now access the various Isles along the Great Sea and the large new continent known as Teterion. The large landmass of Teterion was also affected by the cataclysm, but did move close to the side of Azeroth that everyother race resides on.

Level Cap: Raised to 100. Six New Races are revealed. One new class has been discovered. Main Antagonist: Queen Azshara New Battlegrounds and Arenas! New Dungeons and Raids! New Scenarios! New Profession! Profession cap raised to 750; Grand Master Craftsman


These are the four large areas where four of the six new races will begin and level up to 15.

Frosty Tundra Alliance (1 - 15) The mighty Icehorn Mosen, have been living peacefully in the Frosty Tundra for thousands of years. Sure there's been threats over the years but nothing they could overcome. Just recently, they have been discovered by Queen Azshara's naga forces, and the naga have been attacking their capital city, and endangering the lives of the Mosen on their snowy region. As a Mosen of the Icehorn Tribe, you are tasked to wipeout the invading naga forces. Towards the end Alliance forces ally themselves with the Mosen to help the Mosen against their invaders.

Mo'Daren Grasslands Alliance (1 - 15) In the region of Mo'Daren, is a large region of grasslands. The natives here that inhabit this region are known as Bokenswine. The Bokenswine have been under constant attack by their enemies the Tigron. As a Bokenswine, you must help your people and defeat the clan of attacking Tigron and slay their commander. The Alliance arrive in the grasslands and the Worgen come in to help the Bokenswine in their war against the Tigron.

Teterion Gardens Horde (1 - 15) The Teterion Gardens, is a large region with large vegetation. This is due to four magical pools of water, that have affected the land years ago after the Sundering. The magic within the pools had caused the vegetation to vastly grow to large proportions. The Waspnid live in the gardens, as a Waspnid there have been other insectnoids called Arak'nids whom are your peoples ancient enemies and seek to corrupt the pools with their magic only to corrupt the land and the inhabitants within it to transform to horrific monstrosities. The Blood Elves and the Orcs come to the aid of the Waspnid, in hopes of maybe making new allies.

Zin'Balah Jungle Horde (1 - 15) The Zin'Balah Jungle, is home to two races that have always been at war with eachother the Zin'Balah Tigron and the Zin'Balah Elves. The Elven people of Zin'Balah have since been in the jungle for thousands of years. After the Sundering the magics within the Well of Eternity had blessed the tigers that lived in the jungle and transformed them to bipedal tiger humanoids. As a Tigron, you must once and for all defeat your ancient enemies and reclaim the jungle for your people. Horde forces arrive to find the Tigron amidst in battle against these jungle elves. Seeing the Tigron as mighty foes, they decide to help the Tigron and soon ally themselves with them.

Great Sea Isles

These are the various zones that a level 95, will journey through on their quest to level 100. Two of these zones is where the two of the six races will start in, but the zones will phased.

Scintal Reef Alliance (Instanced) (1 - 15)

The Scintal Reef is the homeland of the Makrura race and the location of their capital city, Mak'aru, constructed into the coral walls of the reef. For as long as anyone can remember the Makrura have fought against the Naga. Makrura and Naga, have always been enemies for many years. Your leader, has requested you that you fend off the invading Naga. But what the Naga have brought will surprise the Makrura, the Naga possess an orb made from Queen Azshara, the orb possesses the power to enslave the Makrura.

You must foil the plans of the Naga before its too late, at the very end of your starting zone experience, you destroy the orb and receive whispers from the Old God. Though the Old God has no intentions of enslaving your kind just yet, he let's you know that you and the Old God will meet again. Alliance forces, have set a base of operations of above land just above the Scintal Reef. Your leader tells you to meet with these 'Alliance' and make negotiations with them.

The Rift Horde (Instanced) (1 - 15)

The Rift is home is the Nagas' and their capital city of Nazjatar, along with their beloved Queen Azshara. You a new soldier of the Naga is working for the queen herself. As she gains trust in you she begins to reveal her plans against the land dwellers. You and various other Naga have seen these 'plans', are disturbed and sickened of what your queen thinks. Agreeing with her though, to get her off your back. You decide to rally up against the queen and lead an assault against your own city. Continuing your quest on invading your own capital and attempting to dethrone the Queen, you fail to do so, and you and your rebel forces flee to Crestfall. From that point on you're known as the Crestfall Naga, and you appoint a leader for your clan. Soon Forsaken forces find you, and you share your history with them, seeing as the Horde needs new allies they decide accept you into their faction with open arms.

Kul Tiras (95 - 96)

The kingdom of Kul Tiras has seen much turmoil in its past, though all of that pales in comparison to recent developments. Ever since Queen Azshara has led assaults on the nations of the world. Kul Tiras is nearby her underwater kingdom. Azshara, had sent a group of nagas to capture the isle of Kul Tiras under her banner. Even though they did capture certain parts of the island nation, Kul Tiras, vast armies were able to stop the nagas from taking the entire nation. Kul Tiras, had asked for aid from the Alliance of which they belong to, seeking aid. Even though the Alliance has not yet arrived in days, and Kul Tiras has been trying their best to hold off the naga. Alliance had finally arrived, forces of humans and new soldiers had arrived to aid them in their campaign.

The Horde, had gotten reports about the Alliance trying to help take over Kul Tiras from the attacking Naga, and decided to send their own soldiers to defeat the naga and Alliance. Sylvanas' Forsaken, had found Crestfall and slaughtered any inhabitants. Doing so, they had found new allies while capturing Crestfall for the Horde. There they had met a clan of naga who have broken free from the will of Queen Azshara.

Getting rid of Azshara's naga, they had a new enemy to defeat, the Forsaken and their newfound allies the Crestfall Naga, as they have calling themselves.

Tel Abim (95 - 96)

The small, pristine isle of Tel Abim has long been a quiet sanctuary in the chaotic world of Azeroth, its shores relatively untouched. Home of the famous Tel'Abim Banana, that the people of the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor sometimes like to enjoy as a meal. The Alliance and Horde have set a foothold on the opposite ends of the island, as the island itself is a strategic point in the campaign against Queen Azshara's naga. The mighty Mosen of the Alliance, know of mysterious tales of the island of Tel'Abim and why it is so peaceful.

Soon when the opposing factions, have set foot on the islands they had upset the spirits that hold the island dear. The natives are mere creatures but there is something evil on the island that causes every native of the island want to attack the Horde and Alliance. Its up to the Tauren of the Horde, and the Mosen of the Alliance to discover what is going on and what to do to show the spirits they're on their side.

Zandalar (96 - 97)

The large isle of Zandalar has long been a Troll paradise, generally avoided (for good reason) by other races. As the largest island in the South Seas, however, Zandalar became an intolerable threat to Queen Azshara's naga and they launched a massive assault to sweep the jungles clear of the Trolls and secure its shores. The Zandalar Trolls were losing the island to the Naga, calling upon aid to their brothers and sisters across the world, many came to the aid, including the Darkspear trolls, and along with them they've brought the Horde.

Alliance forces, have learned about this and have also landed their forces on the large isle, the Alliance want to wipe out the leaders of each of the Troll Tribes to weaken the Troll Empire. But what the Alliance and the Horde do not is there an evil force within the empire that is mind controlling some of the trolls there. Its up to the Alliance and Horde to discover who is behind this and end it. One of the Old Gods' has manifested an Avatar and the Avatar is responsible for the mind controlling. Upon defeating the Avatar, they receive whispers from the Old God. (Leads to a future raid.)

Boiling Terrace (96 - 97)

The Boiling Terrace is a geologic hotspot on the ocean floor. Volcanic vents belch steam plumes and the water is hot and turbulent. Despite the intense thermal activity the Naga have recently made the Boiling Terrace a major base of operations. Massive underwater mining operations are taking place, carried out by Makrura slaves, which were remaining survivors that the Naga have captured (When the Makrura Questchain in their starting zone, some of the Naga captured Makrura with the use of the orb, though breaking the orb did break them from their trance they still enslaved the Makrura).

They have also found some rebel groups of the Crestfall Naga, and enslaved them as well. The Horde must break these Crestfall Naga free. With Azshara's Naga doing her work for her, the water elementals have gone insane. With the presence of the Queen nearby, she has been able to corrupt these elementals. Placing someone in command, this Naga commander has been running the operations here. Both forces eventually get to fight the commander of the operations going on, but he escapes into what is known as the Abyssal Maw raid. (Yes, its coming back!)

Broken Isles (97 - 98)

The ruin-covered Broken Isles have become a major Naga stronghold since the events of the Third War. As the group of islands closest to the underwater kingdom of the Naga, they are a highly tactical location for both the forces of Nazjatar and any who hope to launch an attack into the depths. The Horde and Alliance have recently descended upon the remote isles, fighting to secure a position at the Naga's doorstep. The battle will not be easy for not only are the islands heavily defended but the nearby shallows hold an expansive network of coral reefs, an ideal location for the Naga to strike at vulnerable surface fleets.

Scintal Reef (97 - 98)

As a Makrura you have saved your homeland from the invading Naga forces, now since your departure, everything has been peaceful but the same Old God has enslaved a tribe of murlocs. These murlocs are known as Azsharlocs, corrupted transformed monstrosities who have taken over the Scintal Reef. And have even captured half of Mak'aru, the Makrura and the Alliance, must defeat the heavily defended Scintal Reef and Mak'aru and help the Makrura take back their city.

The Horde, have also arrived and plan to defeat the Azsharlocs, slay the Makrura people and their leader, and claim Mak'aru for the Horde. As Mak'aru will be a great advantage point in their war against Queen Azshara.

Gishan Caverns (98 - 99)

The enormous Gishan Caverns were created within the sea floor ages ago by volcanic activity. Massive chambers filled with air exist, connected by a virtual labyrinth of watery tunnels. The caverns vary greatly from one to another; one may be a cool, damp cave filled with bioluminescent plants while the next is a searing oven riddled with lava pools rising through fissures in the cavern floor. Very few surface dwellers have ever ventured here and the depths of the caverns remain a mystery. Forward forces of the Horde and Alliance have recently begun exploring the network of caves. The Naga avoid the Gishan Caverns and their proximity makes them a desireable base of operations. Caution is to be advised, exploring these unknown caverns may anger whatever dwells inside of them. The Naga believe, that the inhabitable creatures within are gargantuan beasts, and warlock cult has also moved in and tamed these beasts, corrupting them with fel magic, transforming them to demon-beasts.

Drowned Reaches (98 - 99)

The Drowned Reaches, are the dangerous deep waters the Makrura worry about. The depths of these waters contain various sunken ships of all types, what makes this place spooky is the lost souls of the ships that had sunk to the bottom. The dead roam the sea floor seeking revenge on land walkers, these souls are restless and need to be put to rest. Not only the souls of lost sailors are here, deeper within waters of the Drowned Reaches is an even greater threat you must stop.

The pirates above ground on Mirdin Island and Drak'maw Island, have warned you about what lurks underwater, but they too are not afraid these pirates only wish to discover what is down there and make history.

The Rift (99 - 100)

The Rift is a massive chasm deep in the sea floor, the remains of the ancient Well of Eternity. The Naga capital city of Nazjatar is found here along with Queen Azshara herself. The Naga who inhabit the Rift have grown in power, feeding off the raw, residual magical energy of the Well's remnants. The Naga have also used the energies to warp and mutate the local sea life, twisting them in to horrific beasts who serve their Naga masters. Both factions, have made new allies and with their new bases of operations in the Gishan Caverns and the Drowned Reaches, they need to prepare themselves to make an assault on the city of Nazjatar and slay Queen Azshara once and for all.

Plunder Isle (100) (PvP)

The Plunder Isle, is home to the two pirate factions, the Mirdin Raiders and the Drak'maw Buccaneers, who are at constant war with each other. The Alliance and Horde, found an interest in these pirates and hopefully in the future they wish to add pirates to their ranks. You must help out your faction's pirate clan, and reclaim Plunder Isle under your faction's name.

Quests will be available for level 100 players, the daily quests will require you to gather resources, make a dent in the local population of hostile natives, fend off the Naga invaders, hold advantage points, etc. On each shore side of the island lies the bases of each faction, Mirdin's Cove and Drak'maw Cavern. Occasionally, at times both pirate factions will wage war on the other and see who controls the island for awhile. In the middle of the island lies a large cave, when exploring within the cavern there seems nothing to be in it, other than gates made at out some strange metal. The gates cannot be open or broken for some strange reason, but the pirate's believe it is protected by some strange magic.

No one knows what lies behind those doors.


This expansion, brings you six new races which wish to aid both the Horde and Alliance alike. Click the hyperlink of the race to know more information about them.



Classes: Druid Druid, Hunter Hunter, Pirate, Shaman Shaman, Warrior Warrior


Classes: Death Knight Death knight, Hunter Hunter, Mage Mage, Pirate, Priest Priest, Rogue Rogue, Shaman Shaman, Warrior Warrior


Classes: Hunter Hunter, Mage Mage, Pirate, Priest Priest, Rogue Rogue, Shaman Shaman, Warlock Warlock, Warrior Warrior



Classes: Hunter Hunter, Mage Mage, Pirate, Priest Priest, Rogue Rogue, Warlock Warlock, Warrior Warrior


Classes: Death Knight Death knight, Hunter Hunter, Mage Mage, Pirate, Priest Priest, Rogue Rogue, Warlock Warlock, Warrior Warrior


Classes: Druid Druid, Hunter Hunter, Pirate, Rogue Rogue, Warlock Warlock, Warrior Warrior

New Class

New to the expansion, a lot of the Azerothian races, have piracy as profession. This expansion, introduces the new class Pirate! Click the hyperlink to learn more about the Pirate class!


Races: Arrakoa, Blood elfBlood elf Blood elf, Bokenswine, DwarfDwarf Dwarf, Ethereal, GoblinGoblin Goblin, GnomeGnome Gnome, HumanHuman Human, Makrura, Mosen, Naga, Night elfNight elf Night elf, OrcOrc Orc, TaurenTauren Tauren, Tigron, TrollTroll Troll, UndeadUndead Undead, Waspnid, WorgenWorgen Worgen

New Profession


This expansion, introduces a new profession called Fletching. Learning the Fletching profession, you will be allowed to craft bows, crossbows, arrows, charms, and staves. If you want to learn more about the profession of Fletching click on the link above.