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NeutralAzj'Aqir, the Shattered Empire
Level: 90 - 93
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Beneath Northrend

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Ahzj'Aqir, the Shattered Empire is a zone located somewhere in Azeroth's Underworld. The precise location is a mystery, as the region can only be accessed through the Worldgate in Shadow Web Caverns.


Azj'Aqir was the central province of the ancient aqir empire, which had existed since the time of the Old Gods. When the troll empires tested the might of Azj'Aqir and found it wanting, the aqir turned to desperate measures to preserve their rule. In the end, their last bid to maintain power was thwarted by the dragonflights, and Azj'Aqir fell to the armies of the trolls, its people scattering to the four corners of the world. Much of it was swallowed by seismic activity unleashed by Neltharion, and further buried in the Sundering.

Azj'Aqir might have remained lost forever, but the Newbreed re-activated the Worldgate at the city of Ahn'Vekir. Their motives for doing so remain a mystery, but Brann Bronzebeard sabotaged the control mechanism for the Worldgate, causing it to pull all of the Newbreed, as well as Brann himself, through the portal to an unknown destination.

After examining the portal, the forces of Doorward were able to reactivate it, and send forces through to the other side in search of Brann Bronzebeard. The Explorer's League has vowed to find their missing leader, and they are joined by agents of the Reliquary. The Reliquary commander, the blood elf Nuidala Sendivha'me, is committed to finding Brann, having grown to respect him during their alliance. However, she has another agenda in exploring the lost depths of the underworld, for legends speak of a long lost machine that can change destiny iself...

The heroes of the Alliance and the Horde emerge from the Worldgate into what they soon realized is Azj'Aqir, the ancient heart of the insect races' first and greatest empire.


The kingdom of Azj'Aqir encompasses a vast region of Azeroth's underworld, and has been shaped and re-shaped by millennia of upheaval. There are three distinct climates to be found - the glacial caves and towering cliffs of the Ur'Leng Plateau, the verdant underground jungle landscape of the Lost Realm of Azj, where the central nexus-city of the aqir now lies in ruin, and the bizarre wasteland of the Black Sands of Zhun, a region that has been twisted in unnatural ways by an ancient and dangerous power.

Azj'Aqir's Sub-Regions

  • Plateau of Ur'Leng - A frozen cavern plateau of dark stone and glacier caves. Ancient ruins in this region predate the founding of Azjol-Nerub itself.
  • The Lost Realm of Azj - A verdant subterranean jungle, hidden in the underworld since ancient times. The capitol of Azj'Aqir can be found within this lost land.
  • Black Sands of Zhun - This underground desert is blasted mercilessly by a magical black sun overhead. The laws of nature are twisted and bent by the hideous ancient ruins scattered about the landscape.

A more detailed overview of Azj'Aqir's sub-regions and sub-zones can be found here.


Instance portal purple.png - The Sunken City of Zul'Ur - One of the lost cities of the trolls, swallowed by the earth during the Sundering. Remnants of an ancient tribe of trolls still endure here.

Level Range Group Size Approximate Run Time
92 5 1 hour - 1 1/2 hours

Instance portal purple.png - Azj'Naggai, the Dead City - Once the center of the Azj'Aqir empire, it is now an empty tomb. Clues to the true fate of the aqir can be found here.

Level Range Group Size Approximate Run Time
93 5 1 hour - 1 1/2 hours

Instance portal purple.png - The Nameless Citadel: Halls of Shattered Time - The Nameless Citadel was once the stronghold of the Old God, C'Thun. His servants still plot evil within its twisting, non-euclidean halls...

Level Range Group Size Approximate Run Time
93 5 45 min - 1 hour

Instance portal green.png - The Nameless Citadel: The Orrery of C'Thun - In C'Thun's ancient citadel, a diabolical machine designed and built by the Old God grinds to life...

Level Range Group Size Approximate Run Time
93 10-25 1 hour - 1 1/2 hours

Quests and Storylines

Azj'Aqir, the Shattered Empire provides a wide range of quests for players to complete, and contains level 93-94 content. Players are likely to have reached level 93 before arriving, or will be very close to it.

Quests in the Ur'Leng Plateau

  • The Search for Brann Bronzebeard II - Brann Bronzebeard was lost through the Worldgate at Ahn'Vekir, and wound up somewhere in the Ur'Leng Plateau. The forces of Doorward have vowed to locate the hero and bring him safely home.
  • Terror of the Underworld - The Newbreed who opened the Worldgate plot to awaken ancient creatures created by the Old Gods. Only Brann Bronzebeard has the knowledge to stop them.
  • The Primal Trolls - Within the buried lands dwell an ancient race of trolls, degenerate offshoots of the Zandalari. Primitive but ferociously powerful, these Under-Trolls have built themselves a kingdom under the light of the magical suns of Azj'Aqir. The Under-Trolls have been driven into a frenzy as of late by the re-appearance of some of their oldest enemies.

Quests in the Lost Realm of Azj

  • The Qiraji Resurgence - The remnants of the defeated qiraji kingdom have returned to the home of their ancestors in search of power. If they are not opposed, they may well find it...
  • The Dead City of Azj'Naggai - The shattered empire's capitol, the former aqir city of Azj'Naggai. This tomb contains the records of the last days of the ancient empire of Azj'Aqir, as well as clues to their dark design involving the Newbreed and the aqir's return to power.
  • The Cold Ones - Ancient servants of the Old Gods are on the move in the Shattered Empire. The Cold Ones are awake, and they have begun to fulfill their master's millennia old plan.

Quests in the Black Sands of Zhun

  • The Land of the Black Sun - Within the depths of the underworld lies a nightmare realm, where the bleak citadel of C'Thun stands. Within it, a diabolical machine grinds to life...
  • Those who Forget History... - Brann Bronzebeard and his Reliquary counter-part Nuidala Sendivha'me join forces to uncover the secrets of the ancient ruins in the Land of the Black Sun. However, Nuidala is hiding a secret that will spell tragedy for Azeroth.
  • Doomed to Repeat - Within the Nameless Citadel, Nuidala reveals her true nature - she is the bronze dragon, Soridormi. She seeks the power of the Orrery of C'Thun to change the fate of her beloved. Instead, her actions may seal the terrible destiny of the bronze dragonflight, and give rise to their destroyers - the Infinite Dragonflight.