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Halls of Horror

Halls of Horror, Ahn'Saron, the Inner Kingdom

End boss

Irrul'Bek, Grand Vizier of Narjun

Instance info


Advised level

93 (Heroic Mode - 93)

Player limit


UNDER CONSTRUCTION related to Spider Kingdom Expansion Concept

The Halls of Horror


When the titans went to war with the Old Gods, they were forced to deal with the servants of the Old Gods first. Legions of elemental beings were sent to do battle with the titans and their servants, and after their defeat the elementals were locked away in various prisons, the elemental plane and numerous prison obelisks. Once their elemental slaves had been defeated, the Old Gods unleashed their most powerful servants and children upon the titans - the Faceless Ones, the Voiceless Ones, the Azj'Aqir, the Shapeless, the Cold Ones, and many other horrors. All of them fell to the might of the titans, and even the Old Gods themselves were defeated in the end.

The titans, respectful of life in all its forms, no matter how corrupt, sought to preserve as many living beings as possible in the aftermath of the war. Many servants of the Old Gods were imprisoned like the elementals - some in pocket dimensions, others in facilities like Ulduar. The Halls of Horror are one of these prison facilities, and locked within are numerous horrors from the pre-history of Azeroth. The Twilight Scourge seeks to release these beasts, and turn them lose upon the people of the surface world.


The Halls of Horror are located in the Ulduar Substructure, across the Fire Sea.


IconSmall UnboundEarth.gif Bohl'Dahr the Earth Eater
A powerful earth eidolon that was deemed too dangerous to confine to the elemental plane.
IconSmall Yogg-Saron.gif Nul'Yash, Catechism of the Unspoken
One of the deadly Voiceless Ones. It has been entombed here since the titans defeated the Old Gods.
IconSmall FacelessOne.gif Great Cthul, Hound of the Old Gods
A horrific abomination regarded as a favored pet by the Old Gods.
IconSmall FacelessShadoweaver.gif Irrul'Bek, Grand Vizier of Narjun
A Faceless One, leader of the Twilight Scourge forces, and servant of the Forgotten One Narjun.

Heroic Mode Only

IconSmall FacelessoftheDeep.gifMa'uk the Recreant (Heroic mode only)
An Unbroken One.


  • The Bridge of Vigilance
  • Elemental Containment
  • Outsider Containment
  • Aberration Containment
  • The Recreant's Cell
  • Tribunal of Restriction



Heroic Mode for the Halls of Horror can be activated by players at level 93 after they've completed normal mode.