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Halls of Reflection
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Halls of Reflection loading screen
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UNDER CONSTRUCTION related to Spider Kingdom Expansion Concept

The Halls of Reflection is the third and last wing of the Icecrown Citadel instances. Once the private inner sanctum of the former Lich King, it has been almost completely abandoned by the new lord of the Scourge. Velius and the Twilight's Hammer of Northrend have infiltrated this area, in search of the great saronite necropolis, Malykriss, the Vile Hold..


When the Knights of the Ebon Blade rebelled against the Lich King, they took with them the mighty necropolis Acherus, the Ebon Hold. In response to the loss of this most potent weapon, the Lich King devised an even more powerful fortress to replace it - Malykriss, the Vile Hold. Constructed completely of the dark metal saronite, the solidified blood of Yogg-Saron himself, Malykriss was to be the ultimate weapon of the Lich King, a mobile engine of destruction that would carry his will to all the corners of Azeroth.

The Lich King was defeated before he could unleash the power of Malykriss, but the dark structure was actually completed prior to his fall. It has lain dormant within the depths of Icecrown, waiting. Visions of the powerful fortress have filled Velius' mind since he bonded saronite armor to his own flesh. The whispers of the Old Gods demand that he seize the vessel for the forces of Twilight. And so he shall.

Nearly all of Velius' lieutenants have been sacrificed in order for him to reach the Halls of Reflection. All that stands between the heroes of the Alliance and the Horde is Twilight Lord Xarosan, the last of Velius' subordinates.

Dungeon denizens


IconSmall Highborne Male.gifTwilight Lord Xarosan
The last of the Twilight's Hammer sub-commanders. He is a night elf highborne who has been gathering power and knowledge since the Great Sundering.
IconSmall Thorim.gifTwilight Master Velius
The leader of the Twilight's Hammer. He has thrown the balance of power in Northrend into utter chaos, all for the opportunity to seize the greatest weapon of the Lich King. Who knows what dark plans he will bring to fruition if the mighty Malykriss falls into his hands? For the sake of Northrend, and all of Azeroth, he must be stopped.


Mob Abilities
IconSmall HighElf Male.gif Twilight Haruspex Blood elf shadow priest. Shadow Word: Pain: 1,200 shadow/2 for 8 sec. Circle of Destruction: 1369-1631 shadow AoE + knockback. Psychic Scream: 4 second fear. Dark Mending: Heal for 32-37k
IconSmall Human Female.gif Twilight Pyromaniac Human mage. Twilight Flameblast: 5,225-5,775 fire. Twilight Flamestrike: 3,700-4,300 fire + 6k over 8 sec. Burn Flesh: 4,750-5,250 fire, reduces movement speed. Cage of Flame: 6 sec root. Blazing Mirrior: Summons in a Mirror Image with same health as the Twilight Pyromaniac. Mirror Image has fire armor, dealing flame damage to any melee attackers. The image cannot use Burn Flesh or Cage of Flame.
IconSmall Human Male.gif Twilight Assailant Human rogue. Deadly Poison: 465 nature/3 sec for 12. Shadowstep: 3,000 damage. Envenomed Dagger Throw: 465 nature/3 sec, -15% movement speed for 12 sec. Kidney Shot. 3 sec stun
IconSmall Human Male.gif Twilight Sentinel Human warrior. Twilight Strike: 100% weapon damage, ignores armor. Shield Bash: 10% weapon damage, 4 second interrupt. Chaotic Fervor: +100% melee attack speed for 8 sec.
IconSmall DarkIron Male.gif Twilight Rimeweaver Dwarf frost shaman. Black Ice Lance: 2775-3225 damage. Soul Rime: +50% incoming magical damage for 15 sec. Freezing Darkness: 4275-4725 damage, 2 sec stun. Frost Trap.

The trash waves of Falric and Marwyn have been removed, and are replaced with several packs of Twilight's Hammer forces. The hallways leading to Xarosan's chamber and the Shadow Throne are gauntlets of sorts, with four trash mob packs spawning within 30 seconds of each other at the far end of the hall and running towards the players.