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The Hanging Tower of Naz'Zuraq

The Hanging Tower, Shadow Web Caverns



End boss

Prince Luth'rahn

Instance info


Advised level

91 (Heroic Mode - 93)

Player limit


UNDER CONSTRUCTION related to Spider Kingdom Expansion Concept

The Hanging Tower of Naz'Zuraq


High above the blighted marshlands of the Spidermire is the imposing Hanging Tower of Naz'Zuraq, a triumph of nerubian architecture. The tower itself is not actually founded on the swampy ground of the Spidermire, but hangs down from the cavern ceiling, an immense salactice that has been hollowed, carved, and embellished by nerubian artisans. Hanging spires and exterior balconies surround the mighty central spire of the tower, overlooking the boglands far below. An intricate walkway spun from crystalized webbing allows entry to the tip of the tower from the surface.

The Tower of Naz'Zuraq was an ancient center of learning for nerubian mystics, who traveled from all over the Spider Kingdom to meet with the elder sages there. The tower was ravaged by the Scourge and its necromancers, and in the years since the fall of Azjol-Nerub has been occupied by the arach'layn. Their mighty mage-lord, Prince Luth'rahn of the Darkholt, holds court here - he is a powerful spell-caster who has walked the world since the War of the Ancients, over 10,000 years ago.


The Hanging Tower lies at the heart of Shadow Web Forest, in south-western Shadow Web Caverns.


The bosses of the Hanging Tower of Naz'Zuraq.
IconSmall BloodElfDeathKnight Male.gif General Griever
Leader of the arach'layn military forces at the Hanging Tower.
IconSmall VoidLord.gif Abyssor
Abyssor is a powerful shadow eidolon that was trapped in the Hanging Tower and enslaved by the arach'layn.
IconSmall NerubianFlyer.gif Krik'Zan the Sky-Darkener
A titanic flying nerubian beast. The favored pet of the leader of the arach'layn.
IconSmall NightElfDeathKnight Male.gif Luth'rahn, Prince of the Darkholt
Leader of the arach'layn.

Heroic Mode Only

IconSmall ObsidianDestroyer.gif Zuhn (Heroic mode only)
An obsidian destroyer, built by the nerubians in ancient times, now a slave of the arach'layn.


  • The Hanging Gate
  • The Shadow Terrace
  • The Howling Terrace
  • The Ruined Terrace
  • The Darkened Terrace
  • Luth'rahn's Sanctum


  • The Hanging Tower - Complete the Hanging Tower by defeating Luth'rahn, Prince of the Darkholt.
  • Heroic: The Hanging Tower - Defeat all of the bosses in the Hanging Tower on Heroic Difficulty.
    • A [90] Nowhere to Hide - Kill ten Twilight Hammer forces while they are affected by Abyssor's Cloak of Darkness.
    • Shut It, Damocles - Defeat General Griever with less than 5 seconds left before the Sword of Damocles triggers.
    • Darter Drop - Defeat Krik'Zan the Sky-Darkener after causing 6 Zuraqim forces to be dropped to their death by nerubian Darters.
    • Slimeless in the Sanctum - Defeat Prince Luth'rahn without being struck by Unstable Nightmare Ooze explosions or Glowing Nightmare Ooze explosions.
    • Avatar of Ynnilith - Defeat the Avatar of Ynnilith during the Prince Luth'rahn encounter in Heroic Mode.
    • Zuhn, the Destroyer - Defeat Zuhn.
    • The Orb Whisperer 2 - Defeat Zuhn without any player dealing damage to Arcane or Blight orbs.


Heroic Mode for the Hanging Tower of Naz'Zuraq can be activated by players at level 93 after they've completed normal mode.