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NeutralBorean Tundra
Level: 68-72
The Borean Tundra coast

UNDER CONSTRUCTION related to Spider Kingdom Expansion Concept

Life returns to Northrend in the wake of the Lich King's demise.

The Borean Tundra is located in the far western edge of Northrend. Coldarra is an island just off the coast.

With the death of the Lich King, most of the Horde and Alliance forces in the zone have returned to their respective capitals, leaving behind token forces to protect their holdings. While the majority of Scourge forces have vanished from the tundra, the kvaldir have increased their presence in the region, and the naga have returned in force, supported by agents of the Twilight Hammer. Several factions of Scourge remnants still cling to their holdings, seeking a way to bolster their forces.

The Cataclysm has wrought several important changes in the region. The shore side Tuskarr capital of Kaskala was washed away, forcing the Tuskarr to evacuate, although several of them remain to attempt salvage operations. The ley lines of Coldara that were realigned by Malygos during the Nexus War were further damaged by the Cataclysm, and the Kirin Tor have joined forces with the newly peaceful blue dragonflight to halt the damage. The devastation of the Cataclysm and the chaos wrought by the ley line realignment have resulted in heavy damage to the blue dragon fortress of Nexus, forcing many of the blue dragons to withdraw.


Wrath of the Lich King

The Horde established the settlement of Warsong Hold under the command of the son of Grom, Garrosh Hellscream. The Horde created a pact with the local and culturally similar tuskarr, who are under siege from the Kvaldir, a clan of Vrykul. Garrosh and his forces also discovered the enigmatic taunka, an ancient offshoot of the tauren race thought to be lost forever.


Cataclysm This section concerns content related to Cataclysm.

The Borean Tundra has been twice afflicted with catastrophe. Not only did Deathwing's cataclysm affect the region, but in the wake of the Nexus War, the ley lines that were realigned my Malygos have begun to further destabilize. Without an Aspect of Magic, repairing the damage has been slow and dangerous.

Areas affected:

  • Warsong Hold is down to a skeleton crew, and they are beseiged by kvaldir, who have entrenched themselves in Mightstone Quarry.
  • The Plains of Nasam have become the Nasam Mire, a blighted swamp filled with Scourge ruins and mindless undead.
  • At Riplash Strand, the kvaldir have moved inland, but the naga are back and up to no good.
  • Naga are laying siege to Valiance Keep, with support from the Twilight Hammer. Farshire has become a Twilight Hammer camp.
  • Kaskala was destroyed by the Cataclysm. Tuskarr there are salvaging what they can and attempting to hold off hostile naga and murlocs. Submerged quests are accessed similar to quests in Vashj'ir. Faceless Ones can be found in the deepest areas.
  • The Wailing Ziggurat has become an Alliance stronghold with flight path and more quests.
  • The Temple-City of En'kilah has partially sunk underground due to the Cataclysm. The Scourge have withdrawn, and the nerubians have moved in. San'layn and the Cult of the Damned retain control of Naxxanar and seek to repel them. Something is stirring underneath the city...
  • The Geyser Fields near Fizzcrank Airstrip and Taunka'le Village have collapsed, exposing a massive sinkhole called the Pit of Zothma and releasing nerubians and other horrors.
  • Talramas is still a Scourge stronghold, ruled by Lichlord Chillwinter. But the Twilight Hammer seem to have a presence here as well...
  • The Nexus War is over - blue dragons and the Kirin Tor have an uneasy alliance, and are seeking to repair the damage done by Malygos' realignment of the world's ley lines. The Cataclysm has caused them further damage, which threatens all of Northrend.
  • Amber Ledge is under attack by the Twilight's Hammer, who are trying to worsen the damage to Azeroth's ley lines.
  • Coldarra is menaced by hostile blue dragons driven insane by the Cataclysm, as well as enraged elementals. Transitus Shield has been expanded into a stronghold, Cobalt Hold.
  • The blue dragonflight has retreated from the Nexus. The Oculus is no longer an instance and has become an outdoor quest area. The Eye of Eternity raid has been removed.
  • Something is rotten in Azeroth's ley lines. What is the Malevolence that seeks to control the blue dragons now? The battle-mage Madra has vowed to find out and put an end to it.
  • The Riplash Ruins were pushed furthur above the surface by the Cataclysm, exposing the lower regions, where nerubian architecture can be seen. The naga have retaken the ruins with the aid of Faceless Ones. The inner ruins form a high level dungeon instance, the Riplash Ruins. Naga there seek to awaken an evil power deep within.


The Borean Tundra is wide, flat, and cold. The landscape varies greatly. Hard but farmable soil in the south lead to nourishing steam pools in the middle. Along the west edge, nasty cliffs rise up and then shear off into the Westrift. The north is home to grasslands and an area of steep hills. The east is snow-covered and the most brutal this area has to offer.

At its northeast edge the tundra runs into the mountain range of Wintergrasp, a vast frozen region that effectively shields it from the Dragonblight and Icecrown. The only way to reach these areas overland is across the mountains bordering the Dragonblight or through the Sholazar Basin, neither which are easy. An army would be suicidal to attempt either. Not many plants can survive up here. Without any cover the wind is fierce enough to tear flesh, and people can barely hear themselves when they shout. A few trees manage to hang on, evergreens, but the small twisted kind rather than the tall proud ones out east. Wolves and rabbits and foxes and even bears, roam this area. However, most of the life is in the water. The zone is separated from the Dragonblight by an unnamed river.

To the northwest, one can see the high plateau of Coldarra. It is high enough to be blanketed in snow year round. Lately, rumblings have shaken the earth around the lone island. Geologists are concerned with the appearance of rifts in the crust and worry that a massive earthquake could tear Coldarra apart. This would have massive repercussions on the stability of Borean Tundra and possibly Northrend itself.

Warsong Hold has a zeppelin tower connecting it to Durotar, and Valiance Keep has a dock connecting it to Stormwind City.


Borean Tundra, Post-Cataclysm

Quests and Storylines

The Scourge's defeat has ended their assault on the Horde and Alliance strongholds in this region. Instead, Warsong Hold is now under heavy assault from kvaldir raiders, while Valiance Keep has come under attack from naga supported by Twilight's Hammer elementals. The Plains of Nasam near Warsong Hold have become a blighted swamp, the Nasam Mire, after the Scourge plague-spreaders crashed into it. Goblins will send troops in via a hovercraft vehicle to rescue Horde forces and combat the vargul necromancer who is trying to raise the Scourge remnants from the mire and attack Warsong Hold.

The Nexus War has ended and the blue dragonflight have reconciled with the Kirion Tor in the area. The death of Malygos caused the blue dragons to lose control over their efforts to realign Azeroth's ley lines, and in the wake of the Cataclysm, circumstances have grown worse. Without the power of the Aspect of Magic, the ley lines growing increasingly unstable in their realignment, resutling in the Nexus becoming heavily damaged, and causing the Oculus rings to collapse, and closing off the Oculus dungeon and Eye of Eternity raid. Quests from Amber Ledge will involve repairing the magical damage in the region.

In Coldarra, the blue dragonflight and the Kirin Tor have constructed the fort of Cobalt Hold as a staging ground. The battle-mage Madra is the commanding officer at Cobalt Hold, directing the efforts of both dragons and magi, as well as any agents of the Alliance or the Horde that have come to lend their aid. Coldarra and the Nexus have become overrun with rampaging mana elementals and insane blue dragons. Blue dragons slain by the collapse of the Nexus are coming back to life as wychwyrms, undead dragons saturated with dangerous amounts of arcane energy. One wyrm in particular, the former Ley-Guardian Eregos, launches repeated attacks against Cobalt Hold. All of these threats appear to be under the influence of an evil force somehow connected with Azeroth's ley lines, which Eregos refers to as The Malevolence. After pushing forwards into Coldarra, agents of the Twilight's Hammer can be found experimenting with the arcane energy in the region, seeking to uncover what is causing the creation of wychwyrms. Twilight Arcanist Zin'fanel is the leader of the Hammer's agents in the region.

Scourge remnants still occupy Necropolis Naxxanar, but the Temple City of En'Kilah has partially collapsed underground due to the Cataclysm. Nerubians and Undying Tendrils have infested the ruins and are currently engaged in combat with the remaining Scourge. Quest phasing will involve fighting off both factions before sending Naxxanar crashing down.

Other quests in the region involve dealing with the massive sinkhole that has opened in the geyser fields, releasing nerubians onto the surface, and aiding the tuskarr in their salvage operations after Kaskala was sunk by the Cataclysm. The ruins are infested with naga, and they've brought a few Faceless Ones with them.

The Cataclysm caused the Riplash Ruins to be thrust high above the surface of the ocean, exposing more of the mysterious structure. Deep beneath the night elf portion of the ruins, nerubian architecture can be found. The naga are currently fighting the kvaldir to retake this area. Level 70-80 questing involves the lower portions of the ruins, while the upper portions contain an entrance to the high-level Riplash Ruins dungeon. Once players have reached the appropriate level, a starter quest can be found in any capital city that will teleport them first to Valiance Keep or Warsong Hold, and then fly them over to the dungeon entrance for easy access.

Madra of the blue dragonflight.

Changes to Instances in Borean Tundra

  • References to the Scourge and the Lich King have now been changed to involve the San'layn and their faction of Scourge Remnants.
  • References to Malygos and the Nexus War have been changed to involve the Twilight's Hammer affecting the region's ley lines and the damage done to the blue dragonflight's Nexus due to the Cataclysm.
  • In the Nexus, Azure dragonkin have become Malevolent Dragonkin.
  • All Crystalline monsters in the Singing Grove have become Darkshard monsters.
  • Keristrasza has been changed to the Shade of Keristrasza, a ghost dragon.
  • The Oculus dungeon has been removed.
  • The Eye of Eternity raid has been removed.


Instance Name Level Range Group Size Approximate Run Time
Instance portal The Nexus 71-73 5 45 min - 1 hour
Instance portal Riplash Ruins Max 5 45 min - 1 hour