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NeutralThe Storm Peaks
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Northeastern Northrend

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The Storm Peaks are a zone located in the northeast of Northrend. It is where a mysterious race of giants named the storm giants live. The titan city of Ulduar is also located here. The winds that rip through the mountains are extremely violent and dangerous.


The Storm Peaks have a mysterious history. Long ago, the Titans lived here. They created Ulduar as their city, and it is from here that they conducted their experiments. It is said that the Storm Peaks are the origin of the storm giants, and perhaps the dwarves and troggs as well. The tol'vir aided the Titans in the construction of the great city, but all members of the cat-like race vanished long ago.

The region was protected for centuries by the earthen, giants, and the Titanic Watchers left behind by the Titans. The supreme ruler of the Storm Peaks and the primary guardian of all of Azeroth, Loken, co-ordinated the efforts of the Titans' creations for centuries. In time, Loken fell to the corruption of the Old God buried beneath Ulduar, the vile Yogg-Saron. Loken captured the other watchers and schemed to release Yogg-Saron. He nearly succeeded, but heroes of the Alliance and the Horde infiltrated Ulduar and put an end to both Loken and his dark patron.


Cataclysm This section concerns content related to Cataclysm.

After the defeat of Yogg-Saron and his servants, the Iron Dwarves and the corrupted watcher Loken, the former earthen and giant residents of Ulduar were able to retake their home. In the wake of the Cataclysm, dark forces from beneath the surface have risen to assault the bastion of the Titans.

  • The elements of Storm Peaks have been driven into a frenzy. Revenants are found more frequently, and terrible snowstorms have engulfed several regions.
  • Valkyrion has been taken by Death Queen Angerboda and her Scourge remnants.
  • The mountains near Fjorn's Anvil have erupted into a volcano due to the Cataclysm. Undead magmawyrms and marauding fire elementals have begun to menace Dun Niffelem.
  • The earthen have retaken the Ulduar complex and it's substructures. The Twilight's Hammer have occupied the Iron Dwarf holdings and are reanimating them by infusing them with refined liquid saronite. Together they are assaulting the earthen fortifications.
  • The Grom'arsh Crash Site has been rebuilt into a Horde stronghold.
  • The gigantic Iron Colossus at Narvir's Cradle has been partially dismantled. It's interior is exposed and several quests involve venturing inside.
  • The Titanic Watchers Thorim and Hodir, along with Watcher Freya's avatar, are present throughout the region, aiding the Earthen in fighting back the Twilight's Hammer and their Faceless One allies.
  • Nerubians have infiltrated the lower Ulduar substructures. They've also infested Bouldercrag's Refuge.
  • Ulduar itself has become an un-instanced questing area. The Ulduar raid has been removed. Watcher Mimiron is located here with his Mechagnome servants, as well as Dalaran forces. The Twilight's Hammer are conducting dark rituals throughout Ulduar.
  • The Twilight's Hammer forces throughout all of Storm Peaks are being led by a vrykul woman called Sara.


The substructures of Ulduar are built throughout the Storm Peaks, and they weathered the devastation wrought by the Cataclysm surprisingly well. Some of the great machines left buried by the Titans and their servants have ceased to function, but the earthen tirelessly labor to restore them to working order. Nerubians have begun to infest the lower substructures, digging tunnels into the ancient machinery.

Map and subregions

Storm Peaks, post-Catacylsm


Instance name Level range Group size Approximate run time
Instance portal Halls of Stone 77-79 5 1 hour
Instance portal Halls of Lightning 80 5 1 hour

Quests and Storylines

Forgemaster Balehammer leads the forces of Twilight in Storm Peaks. He desires the secret of creating Iron Dwarves.

Death Queen Angerboda and her faction of Scourge remnants have traveled to the Storm Peaks in order to bolster their forces for their march upon Icecrown. Angerboda has occupied the vrykul village of Valkyrion, where she is using the pools of blight there to raise slain protodragons as undead steeds for her warriors. She has already created a host of these skeletal monsters and is using them to attack the dwarven fortress of Frosthold. In response to Angerboda's presence in the Storm Peaks, Vidar Ymironson has traveled there as well and is meeting with the hyldnir at Brunnhildar village. Vidar will require aid in securing the alliance of the fiercely independent hyldnir.

Watcher Mimiron returns to defend Ulduar, along with his newly rebuilt 'son,' XT-002-&-1/2..

The Watcher's Offensive

After the Alliance and the Horde drove the Twilight's Hammer out of Ulduar, the Titanic Watchers were able to reclaim it. The Earthen and the giant servants of the Watchers are now devoted to defending Ulduar from the servants of the Old Gods and finally driving the Twilight's Hammer out of the Storm Peaks completely. Thorim, Hodir, and the avatar of Freya have all convened at the Temple of Order, former seat of the missing Watcher, Tyr. Here they organize their forces into a cohesive army to battle the Twilight's Hammer and the encroaching threat of the nerubians.

The leader of the Twilight's Hammer in Northrend is the dark iron dwarf Forgemaster Balehammer, who is overseeing the taking of the former holdings of the Iron Dwarves. When Yogg-Saron was defeated, all of the Iron Dwarves went into stasis, leaving their cities unguarded and their technology free for the taking. The Twilight Hammer have begun experiments with re-awakening the Iron Dwarves. After extracting liquid saronite from the remains of Iron Colossus, Balehammer discovers that it can be used to reanimate the Iron Dwarves, as well as greatly increasing their power. Balehammer is finally confronted at the Temple of Wisdom, formerly the seat of the corrupted Watcher, Loken, where he is given the secret of creating Iron Dwarves by a vrykul woman called Sara. Balehammer escapes with the information before he can be slain, while Sara mocks the player and vanishes.


Watcher Mimiron is in charge of repairing the systems of Ulduar that were damaged in the Cataclysm. Nerubians have infiltrated the inner chambers of Ulduar through underground tunnels, and Mimrion requires aid in clearing them out. Mimiron will provide players with access to his new inventions and back-up in the form of his mechagnome and clockwork giant minions.

After liberating the four Watcher sanctums in Ulduar, Mimiron and players will confront Balehammer once again, in the Prison of Yogg-Saron. Balehammer and his forces are again joined by the vrykul Sara. The prison is infested with Undying Tendrils and faceless ones, as well as members of the Twilight's Hammer. The corpse of Yogg-Saron remains where the Old God had fallen, and has degraded into a massive lump of rotting, semi-liquid saronite. Balehammer extracts a dark crystal of pure saronite before retreating, leaving players and Mimiron to confront a Faceless General named Malefax summoned by Sara. Mimiron will call upon XT-002-&-1/2 to fight against Malefax by transforming into a clockwork giant.

Other Quests

The Frost Giants at Dun Niffelem have a new series of daily quests revolving around defending their home from marauding Deathflight frost wyrms.

The Twilight's Hammer have begun conducting rituals to take control of the revenants of the Storm Peaks. Several enslaved revenant forces are already assaulting Camp Tunka'lo.

Changes to Instances in Storm Peaks

  • The Ulduar raid has been removed. The Ulduar zone is now un-instanced and can be explored freely without being in a raid group.
  • Twilight's Hammer forces have infiltrated the Halls of Stone, and are reanimating the inactive Iron Dwarves there. References to Loken have been changed to reflect the new final boss of the Halls of Lightning.
  • The Twilight's Hammer have infiltrated the Halls of Lightning, and are attempting to activate the armies of Iron Vrykul that still slumber there.
  • The Iron Dwarf, Vrykul, and Giant mobs in the later parts of the Halls of Lightning have been replaced with stone creatures - Cursed Earthen, Cursed Stone Vrykul, Cursed Stone Giant, etc.
  • Loken has been replaced by Jotun, the Curse Bearer. He has sequestered himself in the Terrestrial Watchtower. His powers are earth-based, rather than lightning-based.

Jotun's Quotes

  • Loken was my brother. I know you hate him for what he did... but do not judge him too harshly. He understood what no one else could - that this world is beyond salvation.
  • The Observer did not carry out his function... re-origination. It... is for the best. To let Azeroth live, to face what is coming... would be the greatest crime of all.
  • Your deaths at my hand will be merciful compared to what is coming.
Dust Storm
  • You cannot hide from fate!
  • Come closer. I will make it quick.
75% health
  • Surrender now, while your minds are still your own!
50% health
  • Algalon should not have spared this world!
25% health
  • I know what is coming! That is the curse I bear!
Killing a player
  • I do this out of mercy.
  • You would thank me if you knew what I know...
  • Your survival would be too cruel!
  • Forgive me... I was not strong enough to grant you mercy...