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Nidhogg's Lair
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Nidhogg's Lair
End boss

Nidhogg the Devourer

Instance info

93 Raid Instance

Advised level


Player limit



Bolgavon and Craggaron - Heroic Mode Only Boss Heroic Difficulty
Nidhogg the Devourer

Nidhogg's Lair is a level 93 raid dungeon containing two bosses, one of which can only be encountered in heroic mode. Together with the Necropolis of Nerub and the Palace of the Spider Queen, it forms the first raid tier of the Spider Kingdom Expansion.


In ancient times, after the war of the ancients, night elves planted the great tree Vordrassil in Northrend, in an effort to increase their power. Intended as a World Tree to rival the legendary Nordrassil, Vordrassil grew quickly, it's branches shrouding the Grizzly Hills in a twilight pleasing to the night elves, and its strong roots burrowing deep into the underworld.

However, the roots of Vordrassil dug too deeply... before long, they pierced ancient caverns long hidden from the surface, where rivers of liquid saronite flowed - the black blood of Yogg-Saron, the Old God. Tainted by the corruption of the Old God, Vordrassil failed as a World Tree, and was destroyed. But it's twisted, poisoned roots lived on... growing throughout the caverns of Azeroth's underworld, feeding on the corruption there.

The roots give shelter to uncountable horrors, creatures that have ruled the darkness of Azeroth's underworld for millennia. The fiercest and most terrible fiend to lurk in the darkness is Nidhogg, a titanic proto-dragon, twisted by centuries of exposure to the evil of the Old Gods. As the power of the Old Gods continues to increase, this monstrous creature is roused from its lair, burrowing up through the caverns of mighty roots of fallen Vordrassil. Before long it will reach the surface, and rain untold destruction on the lands of Northrend.

Dungeon Journal

This immense cave-structure lies beneath fallen Vordrassil, a mighty tree that was corrupted by the Old God Yogg-Saron. Flowing rivers of saronite, the black blood of Yogg-Saron, fill the deepest regions of the cavern, and the roots of Vordrassil are stained with the stuff, glowing an unhealthy black-green. Corrupted stone giants and maddened elementals wander the twisting tunnels, and in the deepest reaches dwells Nidhogg, a colossal proto-dragon, who is slowly making his way to the surface.



  • Roots of Vordrassil
  • Nidhogg's Lair


Bosses Monsters
Roots of Vordrassil
  • IconSmall StoneGiant.gif Stone Giant Dragon Hunter
  • IconSmall RevenantEarth.gif Saronite Wracked Earth Eidolon
  • IconSmall Ooze.gif Saronite Soaked Slime
Nidhogg's Lair
  • IconSmall ProtoBronze.gif Spawn of Nidhogg

Stone Giant Brothers - Bolgavon and Caggaron

Heroic Mode Only

Two mighty stone giant brothers who have come to hunt Nidhogg. They won't allow anyone else to engage the dragon before they get their chance, and will attack any other prospective hunters on sight.

The Stone Giant Brothers will only spawn on Heroic difficulty. Nidhogg the Devourer will not spawn on Heroic difficulty until the Stone Giant Brothers have been defeated.

Nidhogg the Devourer

A colossal mutant proto-dragon, driven to madness by the corruption of the Old Gods.