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GoldenYak/Patch X.2 - Malevolence Rising
“Malevolence Rising”
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Release date

Whenever I feel like it

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Highlights & notes
  • Level cap raised to 95 - The Path of War marches on...
  • New leveling zone unlocked - Shadowcrown Glacier
  • New dungeons and raids introduced for level 95.
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Patch X.2 - Malevolence Rising

Patch X.2 - Malevolence Rising

General Overview

Malevolence Rising Storylines

In the aftermath of Malykriss's failed assault on Dalaran, the Twilight Scourge have fled to regroup in Shadowcrown Glacier, the treacherous underground region that lies deep beneath the Storm Peaks. Taking advantage of the chaos, Death Queen Angerboda makes her move at last. And beneath the dark tower of Karazhan, the Malevolence is on the rise.

The Watcher in the Dark

The iron dwarves have returned, infused with saronite and reborn as the dread iron dwarves. The dread iron dwarves have come to the aid of Xarosan and the Twilight Scourge, recovering the wrecked Malykriss and moving it to their stronghold, Dreadstorm City. The dread iron dwarves set about repairing the fortress at the command of their master and creator - Tyr, the missing watcher of Ulduar.

Tyr's machinations will unleash a threat that will shake the very foundations of the world...

The Death Queen

Angerboda has resurrected a new vast army of vrykul from those slumbering beneath Utgarde Keep. With the Alliance and the Horde still regrouping after the attack on Dalaran, and the Knights of the Ebon Blade still recovering from the war with the Twilight's Hammer, Angerboda seizes the opportunity to assault Icecrown Citadel. Her newly forged army overpowers the death knight forces there, and Angerboda confronts Bolvar Fordragon, the new lich king himself.

Angerboda is able to do the unthinkable - she defeats Bolvar in single combat and captures the Crown of Domination from him. While Bolvar retains much of the lich king's power and is rescued by the Knights of the Ebon Blade, Angerboda departs with the crown to the catacombs of Utgarde Keep. With half the power of the lich king at her disposal, Angerboda plans to awaken the remaining sleeping vrykul and seize the ancient titan machine known as the Stoneforge hidden beneath Howling Fjord. With the power of creation and death at her disposal, Angerboda will be unstoppable.

Malevolence Rising

The blue dragonflight and their allies in the Kirin Tor stand ready to purge the Malevolence from Azeroth's ley line network, exiling the entity to the Twisting Nether. However, rogue agents of the Twilight's Hammer disrupt the process, allowing the Malevolence to escape. With the ley line network restored, the Malevolence is able to travel to the true nexus point of all magic on Azeroth - the dark tower of Karazhan.

Deep beneath Karazhan, in the same tunnels where the sorcerer Medivh met his destiny, the Malevolence is attempting to incarnate itself into a physical form. If it is able to leave Azeroth's ley line network and spread its influence throughout the world, nothing will be able to stand before its fury. Deep within Karazhan, the true nature of the Malevolence will finally be revealed...

New Zones

  • Shadowcrown Glacier
    • The Vile Cascade - A region of glacier caves and underground seas, polluted by the fall of Malykriss.
    • The Sea of Saronite - A vast underground sea made of saronite, the black blood of Yogg-Saron.
    • Dreadstorm City - The revived iron dwarves have raised a terrible metal city from the Sea of Saronite. Here they plot the return of their lord and master...

New Creatures

A host of new creatures can be found in Shadowcrown Glacier.

  • Dread Iron Dwarf - An iron dwarf reanimated by being infused with rotting saronite from the carcass of Yogg-Saron.
  • Dread Iron Faceless One - One of the faceless ones who serve Yogg-Saron. Its body has been encased with dread iron armor, greatly increasing its power.
  • Dread Iron Oroch - A tauren-like giant built of dread iron. Arcane lightning and dark energy enable this monster to move, attack, and feel hatred.
  • Dread Iron War Machine - A dwarf-shaped war golem equipped with a variety of deadly weaponry.
  • Iron Bound Eidolon - An eidolon that has been encased in a dread iron exo-skeleton. Driven insane with rage at being shackled, the eidolon's elemental power fuels the machine.
  • Obsidian Tol'vir - Tol'vir who were captured by the nerubians and violently purged of the Curse of Flesh, becoming creatures with black stone hide. They loathe the Old Gods and all who serve them.
  • Dread Iron Mutant - A hideous abomination, twisting flesh infused with saronite and dread iron scrap. These monsters refuse to die.
  • Omnimental - An entity formed from many elementals and eidolons bound together into a single whole. Crackling with elemental power, Omnimentals are extremely dangerous and totally insane.


  • Fall of Malykriss
    • The secret weapon of the Twilight Scourge has fallen, crashing deep in the valleys of the Storm Peaks and exposing unexplored regions of Northrend's underworld. Join forces with the Kirin Tor and the other defenders of Dalaran and venture to the ruins of the twisted ruins of the fallen Malykriss to end Xarosan's wicked schemes once and for all.
  • The Storming of Icecrown Citadel
    • The knights of the Ebon Blade have come under siege at Icecrown Citadel. Angerboda and her legions of undead vrykul have begun assaulting the home of the Lich King, seeking to overthrow him. With Angerboda's undead proto-dragons controlling the skies, the knights and their allies must make their way through the lower levels of the citadel to reach the Frozen Throne. Bolvar must be guarded at all costs, or a new master of the undead will seize the crown of the Lich King.
  • Cleansing of the Nexus
    • Kalecgos and his allies have finally succeeded in halting the advancing influence of the Malevolence and purging it from the blue dragonflight's Nexus. Now they are preparing a final ritual that will draw the Malevolence out of Azeroth's ley line network and banish it from the world forever. At this critical moment, renegade members of the Twilight Cult led by Thaumatuge Fin'zanel assault the Nexus. If they disrupt Kalecgos' spell, the fury of the Malevolence will be unleashed upon all of Azeroth.

Dungeons and raids

New level 95 dungeon and raid zones have been unlocked. Players must advance to level 95 before they are able to enter these zones.

New Dungeons

  • Twilight City - A portion of Dreadstorm City given over to the forces of the Twilight Scourge.
  • Thunderfury Ramparts - A mighty fortress that protects the Dreadforge, the very seat of power in Dreadstorm City.
  • Karazhan: The Depths - Beneath Karazhan lies a bizarre, inverted reflection of the tower. The forces of the Malevolence have gathered here.

New Raids

  • Utgarde Catacombs - Angerboda seeks to unlock the ancient Stoneforge, the Titan artifact that created the first earthen and vrykul. With the power of life and death in her hands, she will be unstoppable.
  • The Dreadforge - The dread iron dwarves are laboring to repair Malykriss for the Twilight Scourge. Their leader is a former champion of Azeroth, turned to darkness by Yogg-Saron.
  • Karazhan: The Malevolence Rift - The Malevolence has fully awoken, and is preparing to rise from the depths of Karazhan to unmake the world.