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GoldenYak/Patch X.3 - The King of Darkness
“The King of Darkness”
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Whenever I feel like it

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Highlights & notes
  • Level cap raised to 95 Elite - The Path of War marches on...
  • New zone unlocked - Lunar Vale
  • New dungeons and raids introduced for level 95 Elite.
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Patch X.3 - The King of Darkness

Patch X.3 - The King of Darkness

General Overview

  • The Path of War marches on. Players can now unlock level 95 Elite status, awarding new bonuses to further empower their characters.
  • New high level quest-chains unlocked throughout Northrend and the Underworld. Battle the forces of the Twilight Scourge, the arach'layn, and the Azj'Aqir Resurgence. Explore the secrets of the universe hidden in Algalon's Observatory. Thwart the Infinite Dragonflight and their vile scheme to unravel time itself. Topple the King of Darkness, the ultimate champion of the Old Gods. Stop the Unspoken, the goddess of the Spider Kingdom, from returning to Azeroth to wreak havoc.
  • New zone unlocked - the Lunar Vale. It is a smaller zone, suitable to prepare players for the new dungeons and raids.
  • Several new scenarios have begun:
    • Echoes of the First War
    • The Rebuilding of the Sanctums
    • Dark Side of the Moon
  • Three new level 95 Elite dungeons have been found:
  • Three new level 95 Elite raids have been unlocked:

The King of Darkness Storylines

The final chapter will now unfold...

The King of Darkness is Crowned

The aqir are plotting to return to the world, and they intend to bring their goddess, the Unspoken, with them. To shatter the final barrier that lies between them and supremacy, they have wrought an unspeakable horror on the world - the King of Darkness. This unholy creation is the ultimate champion of chaos - the lynchpin of the aqir's millennia-spanning scheme.

The King of Darkness has risen, and he is Death. He will open the way for the aqir to return. He will cause silence to fall. Then the six mouths of the Unspoken will sing the songs that end the world. And all shall be extinguished.

The Observer is Called

With the ultimate plans of the Twilight cult and the Spider Kingdom revealed, the keepers of Ulduar have contacted Algalon, their mightiest brother, for assistance. Within Ulduar, the Watchers unlock a Titan waygate that allows passage to the moon, where Algalon resides in his sanctum. The Lunar Vale zone is now available for players to explore.

March of the Titans

Soridormi has become corrupted by the undying essence of the Old God C'Thun, transforming her into the first infinite dragon. She has traveled back to the very dawn of time, the era when the titans battled the Old Gods for supremacy over Azeroth. Soridormi is attempting to change the outcome of the great battle, something which would have ramifications not only for all of Azeroth's history, but possibly the entire universe as well...

New Zones

New Creatures

A host of new creatures can be encountered.

  • Mycost - A race of mushroom-like humanoids who dwell in the Lunar Vale. They exist in a variety of different forms, but are all one race.
  • Lunar Treant - Tree-folk formed from the unusual plant-life growing on the moon.
  • Nilbogs - Related to the goblin race, these beings are highly intelligent, cultured, altruistic, and generous. They maintain Algalon's Observatory.
  • Ophidian - Serpentine demons who serve the Burning Legion. They have only been encountered recently.
  • Aqir Vessel - Former Newbreed nerubians who have been mutated to serve as flesh for the disembodied spirit of an aqir.
  • Aqir Vermin Prince - Nightmarish aqir spell-casters who can summon vast swarms of insects and other vermin.
  • Aqir Relic Knight - Seemingly invincible insect-warriors covered in thick armor and wielding weapons that are thousands of years old.
  • Aqir Cleric of Dead Time - The holy priests of the aqir, who bend and shape time itself with prayers to the Old Gods.

Dungeons and raids

New level 95 dungeon and raid zones have been unlocked. Players must advance to level 95 before they are able to enter these zones.

New Dungeons

  • Malykriss, the Vile Hold - The floating fortress of the Twilight Scourge.
  • Algalon's Observatory - Algalon's sanctum, where he watches over Azeroth. The Twilight Scourge have invaded here, and Xarosan is attempting to assassinate Algalon.
  • Burning Nexus - A mystical conduit that leads from the Twisting Nether to Azeroth. The Burning Legion is preparing to come through it to invade again.

New Raids

  • Caverns of Time: March of the Titans - The Infinite Dragonflight is attempting to alter the earliest event in Azeroth's history - the war between the Old Gods and the titans.
  • The Shattered Sanctums - The eredar lord Sama'el has invaded Azeroth in the wake of the Malevolence's assault on the blue dragonflight.
  • The Undying God - The King of Darkness has risen, and his rise will herald the coming of an even greater power - the Unspoken.


  • Echoes of the First War - The infinite dragonflight have sent an agent to disrupt the timeline of the first war between the Alliance and the Horde. Time must unfold as it has been written...
  • The Rebuilding of the Sanctums - The shattered sanctums at Wyrmrest Temple need rebuilding, but disruptive forces threaten the endeavor. Put an end to them and aid the dragonflights.
  • Dark Side of the Moon - Strange and new creatures abound on the Lunar Vale. Hemet Nesingwary is not going to miss out on a chance to hunt them, though he may need some help...