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Riplash Ruins
Riplash Ruins statue.jpg
Entrance to the Riplash Ruins

Riplash Ruins, Borean Tundra

End boss

Serpent Queen Veno'vyl

Instance info


Advised level

90 (Heroic Mode - 93)

Player limit


UNDER CONSTRUCTION related to Spider Kingdom Expansion Concept


The Time of the Kaldorei

Long ago, the night elf civilization flourished and stretched across the whole of ancient Kalimdor. Cities populated even the frozen crown of the world, the land that would one day be known as Northrend. But the nerubians had begun the construction of their great kingdom even before the night elves settled there. Though there were occasional clashes between the two races, the night elves never learned just how vast Azjol-Nerub truly was, or how many of their own cities were built across the nerubians' roof.

When contact between the two vastly different cultures led, inevitably, to war, the nerubians brought a fearsome weapon to bear against the night elves - a crystal orb of terrible magic known as the Eye of Nerub. The night elves were hard pressed to defend themselves against the Eye and its dark power, until the forging of a great sword, Blightsear, a weapon crafted to drive back the darkness of the deep earth. The power of Blightsear shattered the Eye, driving the nerubians back into the darkness of the underworld, and winning the day for the night elves.

The nerubians nurtured a great hatred of the night elves since their defeat, but feared venturing to the surface again. Their opportunity for vengeance did not come for centuries, but it did come.

The War of the Ancients

The Burning Legion invaded Azeroth and attacked the cities of the north. The nerubians, seeing the night elves sorely pressed by the demons, seized their opportunity - taking fragments of the broken Eye of Nerub, they placed them in a temple-cities built beneath the homes of the night elves. The dark power of the Eye unraveled the night elves magical defenses, leaving them helpless against the invading demons. The demons strode through the cities of the night elves, slaughtering all they found, forcing their peoples to flee into the frozen wilds of the north. Soon after, the Sundering brought further misfortune. Alone, cut off from their people, the night elves of Northrend became easy prey for the people of the Spider Kingdom...

Wrath of the Lich King

The city that once stood in the wilds of the Borean Tundra lies in ruin, crumbling on the edge of the Riplash Strand. It has been dubbed the Riplash Ruins by those who know of it. For a time, the naga ruled there, claiming it in the name of their queen, Azshara. They were driven from the ruins by the brutal kvaldir, at the behest of their master, the Tidehunter.

Recent history

The Cataclysm tore apart Azeroth, releasing the forces of the Old Gods to walk the surface world once again. The kvaldir that once occupied the Riplash Ruins have retreated, called to other battles by their lord and master, Neptulon. The ruins are abandoned... but the secrets of the ruins still lie unclaimed, deep beneath the surface. Within a nerubian city, far below the night elf ruins, a fragment of the Eye of Nerub still remains, it's dark power waiting to be exploited. The naga have returned to the ruins to claim the artifact, in the name of Azshara and for the glory of the Old Gods.


The bosses of Riplash Ruins
Yogg-Rul, the Wailing Maw, heroic mode only boss
IconSmall NagaLord.gif Deeplord Yaresh Sinscale
Commander of the naga forces who have invaded the Riplash Ruins. Yaresh Sinscale carries the mighty Hammer of Serpents, a weapon blessed by Azshara herself with power over the Abyssal Maw.
IconSmall Hydra.gif Charbidith
This titanic hydra has been brought from the deep sea by the naga. It's handlers have been slain by marauding kvaldir, and it is running wild.
IconSmall Kvaldir Male.gif Broggan'Hul - Weaver of the Mist
The kvaldir seek to foil the plans of the naga for their own purposes, but they will not welcome any aid from the surface races. They are led by Broggan'Hul, a skilled weaver of the kvaldir's dreaded cursed mist.
IconSmall NagaSeaWitch.gif Serpent Queen Veno'vyl
The naga seek to capture the Eye of Nerub for their mistress, Azshara. One of the naga queen's own handmaidens, the Serpent Queen Veno'vyl, has accompanied the naga to the Riplash Ruins in order to assure victory.

Heroic Mode Only

IconSmall Yogg-Saron.gif Yogg-Rul, the Wailing Maw (Heroic mode only)
One of the Thousand Maws of Yogg-Saron.



Heroic Mode for Riplash Ruins can be activated by players at level 93.