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MobSpider Queen Nezar'Kali
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Race Nerubian
Level ?? Boss
Location Throne of the Spider Queen, Palace of the Spider Queen
Status Killable
Palace of the Spider Queen

Mistress of the Spider Kingdom. Mother of the Newbreed. Nezar'Kali has sold her soul and those of her people to the darkest of powers in order to secure their dominion of the world. Here she will make her final stand. Here she will carve out the dark empire she is destined for.

Dungeon Journal

Nezar'Kali, the Spider Queen. Daughter of the previous ruler of Azjol-Nerub, Nezar'Azret. The nerubians are capable of passing genetic memory from mother to daughter, and so Nezar'Kali has inherited all of the previous ruler's memories and experiences, which allowed her to ascend to the throne only a short time after being hatched. She quickly took steps to consolidate the remaining power of the nerubians in the remnants of their devastated kingdom.

Before long, Nezar'Kali began laying the eggs that would hatch into the Newbreed. Unlike any previous generation, the Newbreed were in some ways more limited than their predecessors, but matured much more rapidly and were more powerful and ferocious. Their strength has allowed a new nerubian empire to take shape in the wreckage of the old - an empire built on brute force and dark magic.

The source of the Newbreed and their twisted might is revealed - Nezar'Kali has forged anew her people's pact with the Old Gods. Their corruptive power fills the Palace of the Spider Queen, fueling the dark metamorphosis of the nerubian people into a force that will sweep the world clean, and usher in the everlasting rule of the Spider Kingdom.

Spells and Abilities

Nezar'Kali's Abilities

Phase One

  • Inv sword 2h mantid 01.png  Thrash — Nezar'Kali periodically makes multiple attacks against her primary target, striking three times in quick succession.
  • Inv misc web 01.png  Webline Snare — Nezar'Kali will snare several random targets in weblines and pulls them to one of three locations situated in front of her body. Interrupts spell-casting and slows movement speed for 2 seconds. Immediately followed by Poison Cobweb. Snares more targets as her health is lowered.
  • Spell nature web.png  Poison Cobweb — Nezar'Kali breathes a cloud of poisonous webbing, which strikes everything in its path for heavy nature damage. Nezar'Kali will cast this shortly after casting Webline Snare. The direction of the cloud will correspond to where the targets of Webline Snare are placed.
  • Spell nature earthbind.png  Cocoon — Nezar'Kali wraps a random target in a cocoon, causing them to take periodic physical damage. The cocoon must be destroyed to free the player.
  • Inv misc monsterspidercarapace 01.png  Newbreed Skitterlings — Nezar'Kali releases a swarm of Newbreed Skitterlings that attack random targets. They ignore all threat when they reach 50% health and will become immune to taunt.

Phase Transition (after Phase One and Phase Two)

  • Spell nature earthbind.png  Webspray — Nezar'Kali breathes out a cloud of rapidly solidifying webbing that rolls across the center of the chamber. Anyone standing in the webbing will lose movement speed and eventually become trapped in a cocoon. Cocoons must be destroyed to free the trapper player. The webbing forms ramps and a platform at the opposite end of the chamber that players can walk upon. Cast at the beginning of the phase.
  • Spell shadow soulleech 1.png  Poison Fog — Nezar'Kali fills the lower are of the chamber with a poisonous fog that deals massive amounts of nature damage every second to anyone standing in it. Cast immedialtey after using Webspray. Players can avoid the fog by running onto the webbing platform formed by Webspray.
  • Inv misc web 01.png  Poison Webline — Nezar'Kali fires a webline that ensnares random targets. The target will become rooted to the spot and will slowly be cocooned. The webline can be attacked and destroyed by players. If it is not destroyed in time, the player will become cocooned and will be pulled off the webbing platform into the center of the chamber.
  • Spell warlock demonicportal green.png  Fog Eruption — Nezar'Kali periodically causes the poison fog filling the lower chamber to erupt upwards, sending clouds of poisonous fog crashing up through the webbing platform. Players standing in the clouds will take a heavy amount of nature damage every second.
  • Ability hunter pet spider.png  Summon Newbreed Warrior — Nezar'Kali calls for Newbreed Warriors to crawl onto the webbing platform and engage the players..
  • Ability hunter pet spider.png  Summon Newbreed Throne-Tender — Nezar'Kali calls for Newbreed Throne-Tenders to crawl onto the webbing platform and engage the players. Only used after Phase Two.

Phase Two

Nezar'Kali retains Thrash, Webline Snare, and Poison Cobweb from Phase One.

  • Inv misc web 02.png  Festering Cobweb — After casting Poison Cobweb, patches of festering cobwebs are left behind in the affected area. Anyone standing in this cloud has their movement speed reduced and takes periodic nature damage.
  • Spell shadow plaguecloud.png  Plague Cocoon — Nezar'Kali wraps a random target in a Plague Cocoon. Cocooned targets deal nature damage to all players periodically. The cocoon must be destroyed to free the player and end this effect.
  • Ability hunter pet spider.png  Summon Newbreed Throne-Tender — Nezar'Kali calls for Newbreed Throne-Tenders to engage the players.

Phase Three

Nezar'Kali retains Thrash, Webline Snare, and Poison Cobweb from Phase One. She retains Plague Cocoon from Phase Two.

  • Spell shadow abominationexplosion.png  Festering Cloud — After casting Poison Cobweb, clouds of poisonous fog are left behind in the affected area. These clouds move randomly and will deal periodic nature damage to anyone who stands in them. Clouds dissipate over time.
  • Spell holy harmundeadaura.png  Plague Heart — Nezar'Kali conjures up a Plague Heart, a mutated nerubian egg, at a random target's location. When a Plague Heart manifests itself, it immediately links itself to several random players. Linked players take periodic shadow damage, which is increased when they are in close proximity. Moving away from the Plague Heart reduces this damage. If any player moves too far away from the Plague Heart, it will explode, dealing massive shadow damage to all players. Players linked to the Plague Heart suffer a portion of the damage done to it. When destroyed, spawns a Newbreed Plaguebearer.

Nezar'Kali's Minions

Newbreed Warrior

  • Ability ghoulfrenzy.png  Triple Slash — Deals three strikes in quick succession to the target.
  • Ability warrior cleave.png  Cleave — Inflicts a slashing attack on an enemy and up to three additional nearby targets.
  • Spell shadow unholyfrenzy.png  Enrage — At 50% health, the Warrior gains increased damage and attack speed.

Newbreed Throne-Tender

  • Ability creature poison 06.png  Venomous Mending — The Throne-Tender channels a stream of venom at Nezar'Kali, healing her wounds. Players can stand in the path of the stream to stop the healing, but they will take gradually increasing amounts of nature damage while doing so. Cannot cast when below 50% health.
  • Spell nature corrosivebreath.png  Venom Bolt — Deals nature damage to a random target.
  • Spell shadow unholyfrenzy.png  Enrage — At 50% health, the Warrior gains increased damage and attack speed.

Newbreed Plaguebearer

  • Spell holy harmundeadaura.png  Plague Heart — When a Plague Heart deals enough damage to a player, it gains a stacking buff. The Plaguebearer that hatches from a Plague Heart inherits this buff. Increases attack power and health of the Plaguebearer by 1%.
  • Spell shadow fingerofdeath.png  Touch of Rot — Deals periodic nature damage to everyone present and afflicts them with a stacking debuff that increases nature damage taken.


All Phases

Nezar'Kali remains stationary at the far end of her throne chamber, a colossal nerubian monarch who cannot move. As long as a target remains within melee range, she will attack them with Thrash and will only periodically cast Webline Snare on a few targets, followed by a Poison Cobweb that takes several seconds to cast. If there is no one in melee combat with her for greater than 3 seconds, she will auto-cast Webline Snare on all players, followed by immediately auto-casting Poison Cobweb. Her Poison Cobweb spell will cause her to cover 1/3rd of the room in a cloud of poisonous fog that deals nature damage - players will be able to tell which 1/3rd of the room she is targeting by seeing where her Webline Snare has placed the players it hits. Nezar'Kali uses all of the above attacks throughout the encounter's three primary phases.

Phase One

Throughout Phase One, she will also afflict players with Plague Cocoon, stunning them and causing them to inflict nature damage on all players until the cocoons are destroyed. Periodically she will release waves of Newbreed Skitterlings, small spider-like creatures that deal minor physical damage and ignore threat when their health is low.

First Transition

At 70% health, Nezar'Kali will enter a Transition Phase and cast Webspray. She sprays a cloud of webbing across the chamber, causing a platform and two ramps of webbing to form at the opposite end of the room. Anyone in the path of the webbing will lose movement speed and become cocooned - it is crucial that players do not allow themselves to become trapped, because immediately after Webspray is finished casting, Nezar'Kali will cast Poison Fog, which engulfs the entire chamber in fog that deals massive nature damage every second. The only way to avoid the fog is to run up the web ramps and onto the web platform created by Webspray. Here players will have to survive assaults from Newbreed Warriors, several of which will spawn throughout the phase. Players must also deal with Fog Eruptions by quickly moving away, and they must free themselves from Poison Weblines, or they will be pulled off the web platform and into the poison fog in the lower chamber.

Phase Two

After 1 minute, the Transition Phase ends and Phase Two begins. The web platform will crumble and the poison fog cloud fades from the chamber. Nezar'Kali's Poison Cobweb will gain an additional effect - Festering Cobweb. The area of the chamber engulfed by her Poison Cobweb spell leaves behind festering cobwebs on the ground, which slow movement speed and deal nature damage to anyone walking over the area. This limits the amount of movement players will have while fighting. Festering Cobwebs will not clear until a few seconds before Nezar'Kali uses Poison Cobweb again, so players will seldom have the entire chamber to fight in safely.

Nezar'Kali will also summon Newbreed Throne-Tenders, spell-caster adds that spawn in pairs (only one will spawn in 10-man mode). They will take up positions on either side of the chamber and channel Venomous Mending, which restores Nezar'Kali's health. Throne-Tenders cannot be affected by stuns of silence, so their healing spell must be blocked by standing in the path of the beam. While the beam heals the Spider Queen, it will damage players, and grow increasingly more harmful over time, so players cannot absorb the beam for long. New players must be swapped in when the damage becomes too great. Throne-Tenders stop healing and will attack players when they reach 50% health.

Second Transition

At 35% health, a second Transition Phase begins. It is identical to the first, except that Nezar'Kali will summon both Newbreed Warriors and Throne-Tenders. Throne-Tenders behave just as they do in Phase Two, and their healing spell can reach Nezar'Kali even from the web platform.

Phase Three

After 1 minute, Phase Three begins. Nezar'Kali's Poison Cobweb now causes 4 Festering Clouds to spawn, which move randomly and deal nature damage to anyone standing in them. The clouds collectively cover roughly 1/3rd of the chamber, but will spread out as they move. They eventually dissipate shortly before Nezar'Kali casts Poison Cobweb again.

The Spider Queen also periodically casts Plague Heart, causing a nerubian Plaguebearer egg to spawn. The egg forms a link with several random targets, dealing damage to them which increases based on their proximity. If players move too far away, however, the egg will explode, dealing massive damage to everyone. The egg can be attacked and destroyed, but linked players will suffer a certain percentage of the damage dealt to the egg. Players must stand as far away as they can to minimize the damage they receive, but not so far that they cause the egg to explode. When destroyed, either through damage or exploding, a Newbreed Plaguebearer spawns, which has several dangerous abilities and must be slain rapidly. The longer the Plague Heart egg lives, the more powerful the Plaguebearer will be when it hatches.

Phase Three will continue until Nezar'Kali's health is reduced to 0.

Heroic Difficulty Heroic Mode

  • Newbreed Webslingers - In phase two and three, Newbreed Webslingers will random descend from the ceiling and grab players, stunning them and slowly hauling them up on weblines. The Webslingers must be attacked and slain to save players. If players are pulled into the ceiling, they are instantly slain.



Dialogue when entering the Throne of the Spider Queen
  • Nezar'Kali yells: O Faded Lord! We worship you!
  • Newbreed Worshiper yells: Dread master, we hear your words.
  • Nezar'Kali yells: We honor you and we obey!
  • Newbreed Worshiper yells: We tremble at your name. Praise the Faded Lord.
  • Nezar'Kali yells: Your blessings have made us strong again! You have given me many children!
  • Newbreed Worshiper yells: The blood of our brothers, we sacrifice to you.
  • Nezar'Kali yells: The invaders that come will die by our hands! Their deaths will be an offering!
  • Newbreed Worshiper yells: We offer you their souls, upon the altar of the world.
  • Nezar'Kali yells: Go now, and slaughter the intruders, as ever in his service!
  • Newbreed Worshiper yells: Praise the Faded Lord. And ever praise.
  • My children... there is not one who does not love me.
  • Soon my children will outnumber all. They will rise from our dark home.
  • They will cover the surface. I can see the future, beautiful and perfect.
  • Every land, every city, the whole world... murdered, suffocated, cocooned... beneath lovely silk.
  • Step into my parlor!
Casting Webspray
  • You will choke on my blessed breath, outsiders!
  • Breathe deeply, and surrender to your demise!
Phase Two Begins
  • Prove your devotion, children! Come to mother's aid!
Phase Three Begins
  • You will not thwart our destiny! The world will be ours!
Killing a Player
  • Nezar'Kali cackles.
  • A morsel for later...
  • Mmm, sweet meats...
  • My children! It is time for the feast!
  • Nnnoooo!
Death in Heroic Mode
  • Nezar'Kali yells: Maaaster! I seerrrve you! I seerrrvvvv-EEEYAAGHH!
  • Nezar'Kali convulses and dies. The vault behind her grinds slowly open.
  • Dark Whisper: You wish an audience?