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Title <The Terrible Thunder Lizard>
Race Unknown (Beast)
Level ?? Boss
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Zandalar
Status Killable

Tenspan - the Terrible Thunder Lizard is a colossal undead Thundersaurus on the island of Zandalar.


The mighty Thundersaurus are beasts native to Zandalar. Tenspan is a particularly large specimen. After it perished in the sinking of the island, the dark magicks of the stygians have caused the beast to come back to life. Trained to be a beast of war, Tenspan is clad in zandalari-forged armor that focuses a natural powers of the Thundersaurus to control thunder and lightning.


  • Ability warrior focusedrage.png  Field of Focus — Tenpsan is only able to focus on the target immediately in his narrow field of vision, his Field of Focus. Tenpsan will fixate on whoever stands in the 10 yard diameter circle that initially spawns 20 yards directly in front of him. The Field of Focus will follow the target standing in it, but moves very slowly. Tenpsan will slowly orient himself to face the Field of Focus.
    • Spell nature lightning.png  Focused Shock — Players within Tenspan's Field of Focus suffer periodic nature damage, which increases over time.
    • Spell shaman earthquake.png  Thunderous Quake — Whenever a target leaves Tenpsan's Field of Focus and there are no other targets within it, it will trigger this ability. The Field of Focus circle will despawn and Tenspan deals periodic nature damage to all targets for 5 seconds. Each Thunderous Quake will increase the damage of the next Thunderous Quake by 10%. After a Thunderous Quake, Tenspan will take 6 seconds to acquire a new Field of Focus.
  • Ability thunderking balllightning.png  Thunder Zone — If Tenspan spends longer than 6 seconds without acquiring a target in his Field of Focus, he will begin channeling Thunder Zone, which deals extremely high nature damage to all nearby players periodically. Tenspan will stop casting when he acquires a new target in his Field of Focus.
  • Spell nature wispheal.png  Storm Orb — Tenspan launches orbs of electricity into his Field of Focus. Storm Orbs deal massive nature damage to anyone they strike, and remain on the field after impacting. They will begin dealing nature damage in 10 yard aura around them. After a time Storm Orbs disperse, spawning a Storm Field that deals damage to all players standing in them.
  • Ability thunderking lightningwhip.png  Storm Lance — After suffering 10% health damage, Tenspawn will cast Storm Lance, firing a bolt at the location of his Field of Focus. This bolt deals lethal nature damage to anyone hit by it and heavy nature damage to all players. Any Storm Orbs that are within 20 yards of this ability will detonate, dealing nature damage to all players and spawning a Charged Storm Field. Charged Storm Fields deal heavy damage to any players standing in them and trigger other Storm Orbs to detonate in the same way. After this ability is used, the Field of Focus will despawn, triggering Thunderous Quake.
  • Spell shaman ancestralawakening.png  Lightning Arc — Arcs of lightning will periodically fire from Tenspan's head, following random targets on the ground and dealing periodic nature damage to anyone they strike. The lightning will chain from any targets it strikes to another target within 10 yards, up to an unlimited number of targets.
  • Spell nature unrelentingstorm.png  Thunderous Sweep — Tenspan will periodically sweep his tail across the ground behind him, striking all players in a 90-degree cone. This deals massive damage and hurls them into the air, where lightning strikes deal additional nature damage over time.
  • Inv misc bone humanskull 01.png  Crush — Any players that get underneath Tenspan will be crushed flat, instantly killing them.
  • Spell fire incinerate.png  Enrage — After 6 minutes, Tenspan enrages, annihilating his enemies.

Zandalari Juggernaut

  • Heavy Crash — Deals massive damage to the target.
  • Heavy Stomp — Knocks back all nearby targets.

Zandalari Dino-Rider

  • Deadly Arrows — Repeatedly fires arrows at a random target for several seconds, before selecting another target.


Tenspan spawns in the southern region of the Zandalar. He will use all of his abilities throughout the encounter. Tenspan has no threat and cannot be tanked - his primary target is determined by his Field of Focus ability, and he will turn to face them. His hit radius is large enough for melee to approach safely, but if players get too close to his feet they will instantly be killed.

Tenspan will also periodically spawn Zandalari Juggernauts and Zandalari Dino-Riders. Zandalari Juggernauts must be tanked or they will rapidly destroy non-tank players.



Upon Spawning
Zandalari Scout yells: Da beast rises! What 'ave de walking dead wrought?!
Zandalari Scout yells: Don't make 'im angry! You won't be likin' 'im when he's angry!
Killing a Player
Zandalari Scout yells: I warned ya, mon!
Zandalari Scout yells: Ouch! Dat had ta hurt!
Zandalari Scout yells: I'll try ta find ya spirit later, mon!!
Zandalari Scout yells: De outsiders have failed! Mebbe we made a mistake bringin' dem 'ere...
Zandalari Scout yells: You've done it! Incredible!