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Terrormaw Hold

Terrormaw Hold, Shadow Web Caverns

End boss

Ursol the Mad

Instance info


Advised level

93 (Heroic Mode - 93)

Player limit


UNDER CONSTRUCTION related to Spider Kingdom Expansion Concept

Terrormaw Hold


The furbolg of Northrend were lured into the depths of the underworld and fell under the dark influence of Yogg-Saron. Living within the roots of the corrupted world tree, Vordrassil, they have transformed into monstrous creatures barely recognizable as the beings they once were. Liquid saronite has infested their bodies, granting them twisted metallic hide, fangs, and claws. In the depths of the Shadow Web Caverns, these furbolg have crafted a stronghold known as Terrormaw Hold.

Deep within the curling, crudely carved tunnels of their underground fortress, the corrupted furbolg have gathered together in great numbers to undertake a dark and terrible ritual. They seek to resurrect the bear god Ursol, as the furbolg of the Grizzly Hills did to the bear god's twin brother, Ursoc. This time, however, the furbolg are knowingly attempting to revive the Ancient as an evil, twisted version of himself, a dark reflection of his former glory. This abomination will then lead the corrupted furbolg to the surface, making war upon all those who dwell in the light.


Terrormaw Hold is located in the eastern region of the Shadow Web Caverns. It is situated directly below the failed world tree Vordrassil.


The bosses of Terrormaw Hold.
Yogg-Nur, the Howling Maw

IconSmall Furbolg.gif Kurnog the Godtouched
Champion of the Terrormaw furbolg tribe that dwell within Terrormaw Hold.
IconSmall Orc Male.gif Twilight Caller Vangron
An elementalist of the Twilight Scourge - a dark shaman who bends the elements to his will.
IconSmall Ooze.gif Szklurk the Slimelord
An enormous slime, this revolting creature is the result of centuries of fermenting liquid saronite mixed with the rotting remains of countless sacrificial victims.
IconSmall Bear.gif Ursol the Mad
The bear ancient, brother to Ursoc. Like his brother, he was revived as an abomination by the power of the corrupted world tree.
Ursol the Mad, the corrupted Bear Ancient.

Heroic Mode Only

IconSmall Yogg-Saron.gif Yogg-Nur, the Howling Maw (Heroic mode only)
One of the Thousand Maws of Yogg-Saron.


  • Ursol's Maw
  • Chamber of Poisoned Earth
  • The Doom Pits
  • Ursol's Lair
  • The Saronite Flow
  • The Howling Abyss


  • Terrormaw Hold - Complete Terrormaw Hold by defeating Ursol the Mad.
  • Heroic: Terrormaw Hold - Defeat all of the bosses in Terrormaw Hold on Heroic Difficulty.
    • Don't Touch Me, I'm Evil - Defeat Kurnog the Godtouched without letting him come into contact with a Dark Earth Elemental.
    • Storm, Earth, and Fire 2 - Defeat Twilight Caller Vangron's Storm, Earth, and Fire forms within 10 seconds of each other and then defeat Vangron.
    • I Feel So Funky - Defeat Szklurk the Slimelord without ever having a Slime Spawn attached to a character for more than 8 seconds.
    • Actual Physical Contact - During the Szklurk the Slimelord encounter, defeat a Slimeslave duplicate of every class.
    • Ursol the Horror - Prevent Ursol from gaining any extra health from Flesh of the Bear God creatures.
    • Ursol the Undying - Overcome Ursol the Mad's final form.
    • The Howling Maw - Slay Yogg-Nur, the Howling Maw.


Heroic Mode for Terrormaw Hold can be activated by players at level 93 after they've completed normal mode.