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NeutralThe Upper Kingdom
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Beneath Northrend

UNDER CONSTRUCTION related to Spider Kingdom Expansion Concept

The Upper Kingdom is a zone of the Spider Kingdom located beneath the surface of Northrend. The entrance to the underworld region is the Pit of Narjun in western Dragonblight. This portion of the Spider Kingdom was devastated by the Scourge in their war years ago, and still lies in ruin. The fortress of Doorward is one of the few sanctuaries of light against the encroaching darkness of the underworld.


The Spider Kingdom is vast, stretching across several regions. The portion that lies closest to the surface is the Upper Kingdom. This city complex is built into the stone and ice of the underworld, and is thousands of years old. Dark caves give way to nerubian architecture, stretching out far across the underworld and becoming lost in the distance. The Upper Kingdom was ravaged by the Scourge and many portions of it lie is disrepair. The new generation of living nerubians have barely begun to reclaim it, and their allies in Twilight cult have arrived in force to secure it.

Located in the Upper Kingdom is the fortress of Doorward, built by Baelgun Flamebeard and his dwarven explorers. The original expedition has been joined by members of all of Azeroth's races to form a new army, the Warders of the Dark, who have vowed to stand against the evil rising from the depths of the underworld.


The Upper Kingdom of Azjol-Nerub

The outer regions of the zone are dark and cavernous, filled with twisting natural tunnels. Groves of giant mushrooms sprout along the banks of icy underground rivers, and walls of solid ice have sealed off many passages. The underground wilderness gradually gives way to the underground temple cities of Azjol-Nerub, which fill the western regions.


A more detailed overview of the Upper Kingdom's subzones can be read here.

Rare Mobs

  • Lady Antipode - A conglomerate elemental of frost and flame who occasionally manifests in either the Shadowfrost Cavern or the Burning Pit.
  • Indragos the Mad - A blue dragon driven insane by the Malevolence haunting Azeroth's ley lines. Can be found flying above the Ley Line Fracture.
  • Sumpthing - A swamp beast who dwells in the Cindermire, it sets aflame all those who fear it.
  • The Fisherman - An enormous spider that prowls the City of Webs, he gets his name from his habit of snaring the unwary from above with strands of webbing.
  • Yamix Makael - This solitary nerubian warrior can be found wandering the upper ruins of the Shattered Precinct.


Instance portal purple.png - Doorward Underhalls - The lower reaches of Doorward are still infested with dreadful horrors from the depths of Azeroth.

Level Range Group Size Approximate Run Time
Max 5 45 min - 1 hour

Instance portal purple.png - Vault of the Titans - The Vault of Archavon still holds many secrets.

Level Range Group Size Approximate Run Time
Max 5 45 min - 1 hour

Instance portal purple.png - Naz'Amun, the Crawling City - The Crawling City is the dark heart of the Nerubian Newbreed presence in the Upper Kingdom.

Level Range Group Size Approximate Run Time
Max 5 1 hour - 1 1/2 hours

Instance portal green.png - Degaton's Vault - The true, dark purpose of Archavon's Vault is revealed.

Level Range Group Size Approximate Run Time
Max 10-25 1 hour - 1 1/2 hours

Degaton's Vault is currently closed. It will be unlocked at a future time.

Quests and Storylines

The Upper Kingdom is the first zone players will encounter upon entering the Upper Kingdom. Like all zones in the Spider Kingdom, there is no generalized level of content to be found - players can find challenges anywhere from level 90 to 93.

The Upper Kingdom at Level 90

  • Entering the Spider Kingdom - Join forces with your faction's elite Northrend troops at either Lotharlar Lodge or Agmar's Hammer in Dragonblight. The Nerubian Newbreed' are attacking from the Pit of Narjun, and you must drive them off so you can make a counter-attack.
  • Gateway to the Underworld - After entering the Spider Kingdom proper, you must support your faction as they establish a beachhead. The Alliance will build Flamebeard Reach, while the Horde will construct Webwrecker Outpost.
  • The Ruins of Icemist - The taunka capital plummeted into the underworld when the Pit of Narjun yawned open. There may be something worth salvaging, if the restless undead don't prove too grave a threat.
  • The City of Webs - The Newbreed are massing for a new assault in the City of Webs, but the Alliance and the Horde don't seem to be their target. Could there be an unexpected ally in the underworld?
  • The Doorward Expedition - The legendary Baelgun Flamebeard and his brave followers have survived the horrors of the Spider Kingdom for years, and have built the fortress of Doorward into a sanctuary to all who stand opposed to the darkness of the deep places. The journey to this sanctuary, however, will not be easy...
  • Malevolence Rising - The damage to Azeroth's ley line network worsens, and stretches far below the surface. The ley line fracture in the heart of the underworld has drawn the attention of blue dragons and the Kirin Tor, but can they maintain their sanity as the influence of the Malevolence grows?
  • Forbidden Knowledge - The Spider Kingdom boasted powerful and learned mages thousands of years before humans or elves. Though much of their lore was lost, repositories and libraries still remain hidden throughout the Upper Kingdom. The Library of Ancient Weavers is one such hidden treasure trove, but it was recently unearthed by the Twilight Scourge. And the lure of forbidden knowledge may prove too great a temptation ever for supposed allies...
  • Doorward - Sanctuary against Insanity - The Doorward Expedition has vowed to protect the kingdoms of the surface from the horrors of Azeroth's dark underworld. Baelgun Flamebeard has opened the doors of Doorward to any who will join them in their crusade. From Doorward, an army will be raised to strike back at the Newbreed and their dark masters. But the agents of Doorward must gather more allies before they can hope to attack Ahn'Saron, the heart of the Spider Kingdom.

The Upper Kingdom at Level 92

At level 92, players will return to the Upper Kingdom and venture in regions such as the Scourgewall, the Cinderbog, the Fallen Temple of Ahn'Kahet, the Silent Temple of Ahn'Dirac, and many others.

The Upper Kingdom at Level 93

At level 93, players will be up to challenge of exploring regions such as the Burning Pit, the Wintergrasp Undervault, and the dreaded Crawling City of Naz'Amun. The deadliest dungeons of the Upper Kingdom will also be available for exploration.

World PvP Regions

While flagged for PvP, the following regions will be phased into alternate, PvP related versions. Each region has different PvP objectives that periodically become available. Players in the Upper Kingdom can also queue for World PvP, which will teleport them randomly to any region where PvP activity is underway.

  • Shadowgrasp Cavern - Secure the three Stategic Locations in Shadowfrost Cavern - Shadowfrost Hill, the Wreckage Field, and a cavern called the Revenant's Rest.
  • The Scourgewall - Push through the enemy lines at the opposite end of the Scourge Wall and destroy the enemy's Supply Caches with fire bombs. Destroy all three to attain victory.
  • Ruins of Icemist Village - Secure the three strategic objectives in the Ruins of Icemist - the Totem of Roanauk Icemist, the Husk of Anub'et'kan, and the Grave of Tundra Coldhoof.
  • Library of Ancient Weavers - Nerubian Relic Caches will be periodically uncovered throughout the area. Players must defend their finds from the enemy while preventing the enemy from finding ancient lore.
  • The Ley Line Fracture - Cap Ley Line Geysers to siphon arcane energy back to your faction's base camp. Prevent the enemy from doing the same by assaulting their positions.
  • The Shattered Precinct - Nerubian Relic Caches will be periodically uncovered throughout the area. Players must defend their finds from the enemy while preventing the enemy from finding ancient lore.