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Twilight of Dalaran
Dalaran City.jpg
Twilight of Dalaran
End boss

The Fallen Prince

Instance info

94 Raid

Advised level


Player limit


Dalaran vs Malykriss.


Xarosan engineered his rise to the head of the Twilight Cult after the fall of the Lich King, eliminating rivals one by one through treachery, guile, manipulation, and outright murder. His first act as master of the Twilight Cult was to capture the necropolis Malykriss, the hidden secret weapon of the Lich King that had been completed only moments before his fall. The Lich King had intended Malykriss to be the vessel of his new Scourge, made up of the champions of the Ashen Verdict, but with his demise Malykriss found new purpose as the stronghold of Xarosan.

Using Malykriss' great power, Xarosan traveled the Spider Kingdom and secured alliances with the nerubian Newbreed and the arach'layn, bolstering his cult's already considerable force. Xarosan brought the remnants of the Scourge who won free of the new Lich King's control under his banner, increasing his power further and adding armies of undead monsters to his ranks. However, he discovered that without the Lich King, the dark energies fueling Malykriss were beginning to dim, and the floating fortress required a new source of power to realize its full potential.

To this end, Xarosaon painstakingly assembled the artifact known as the Eye of Nerub, a crystal ball of great age and dark magic. With the eye complete, Malykriss is fully powered, an unstoppable floating fortress made of invincible metal. Xarosan has now set his sights upon the magical city of Dalaran, and intends to use all of his forces to capture it. With the magical power of Dalaran at his disposal, Xarosan will proceed with the next phase of his master plan.

Dungeon Journal

Xarosan, the Master of the Twilight Cult, has gathered an army from all of his allies in Northrend, welding them together into a force with which to attack Dalaran. Xarosan seeks to capture the magical city as a source of power to carry out his plans. Spearheading the assault is Malykriss, the saronite necropolis and secret weapon of the Scourge. Within its dark metal walls Xarosan commands his forces, believing himself to be impervious to all attack.


Twilight Lichlord Urizen

The undying spirit of one of the Twilight Cult's lieutenants, returned to the mortal plane as a lich. Drawing upon the powers of undeath as well as the Old Gods, Urizen is an utter abomination.

Nargul Sinscale

The naga are rivals with the Twilight Cult for the benediction of the Old Gods. Their spell-casters have taken advantage of the attack on Dalaran to teleport their mightiest warrior, Nargul Sinscale, into Dalaran's Underbelly.

Knights of Twilight

Two of the most deadly death knights of the Scourge have thrown their lot in with the Twilight Cult. Morg Doomhorn and Norrun Ra'ad have bound several champions of the Alliance and the Horde to their will, and are using them to attack the forces defending Dalaran.

Zurg, the Hound of Chaos

A colossal demon sealed deep within the maximum security cell in the Violet Hold. The ravages of the Twilight Cult have released the fiend, and it is attempting to break out of the Hold and wreak further havoc upon Dalaran.

Malebolgios, Twilight Duskwyrm

Xarosan's fascination with necromancy has borne vile fruit, resulting in the resurrection of this ancient red dragon as a terrifying undead abomination. Infused with the malefic energies of Twilight, Malebolgios is the first of the duskwyrm, the Twilight Cult's own legion of undead dragons, replacements for the extinct twilight dragonflight.

The Gates of Malykriss

Heroic Mode Only - Malykriss itself will move to halt the advance of the mightiest of foes.

The Fallen Prince

Within Malykriss, Xarosan has prepared a blasphemous ritual, one that will unleash an unspeakable threat upon all of Azeroth.

Raid Synopsis

Players will be alerted to the Twilight Cult's assault on Dalaran, and will queue for the raid at the Violet Pavilion in Crystalsong Forest.

After defeating Zurg, players will mount on dragonhawks and fly to their faction's airship circling the city. From there they will engage Malebolgios, then proceed to Malykriss itself.

In Heroic Mode, players must defeat the Gates of Malykriss before proceeding.

Within Malykriss itself, Xarosan and several Newbreed spell-casters are in the midst of a ritual involving the casket of black ice the Twilight cult stole from Icecrown Citadel. With the ritual complete, the casket shatters, revealing the body of Arthas Menethil, the former Lich King. Arthas' body is reanimated by the ritual as the Fallen Prince, the final boss encounter of the raid.

The Fallen Prince runs wild, destroying the Eye of Nerub powering Malykriss.

After defeating the Fallen Prince, players will escape from Malykriss through a portal, leaving behind Arthas' body and Xarosan. The damaged Malykriss falls out of the sky and crashes into the Storm Peaks, punching a massive chasm in the mountains leading into new regions of Azeroth's underworld.