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MobVidar Ymironson
Image of Vidar Ymironson
Gender Male
Race Vrykul (Humanoid)
Level 85
Location Howling Fjord
Relative(s) King Ymiron (father), Queen Angerboda (mother)

UNDER CONSTRUCTION related to Spider Kingdom Expansion Concept

Vidar Ymironson is the son of King Ymiron and Queen Angerboda, the prince of the vrykul people. He rejected his parents devotion to the Lich King and sought to free his people from the Scourge's control. Driven into hiding by the Scourge, Vidar has slowly recruited many other vrykul who share his ideals, and returned to Northrend in the wake of the Lich King's demise to lead his people into a new era.

The Awakening

Like all of the vrykul people, Vidar entered into the long sleep at the command of his king and father, Ymiron. Awakening many centuries later, Vidar was horrified to find his people had fallen under the thrall of the Lich King and the undead Scourge. Believing that the vrykul needed to return to honoring their ancient gods, and that true immortality was not to be found in the mockery of undeath, Vidar opposed joining the Scourge and worshipping the Lich King as a new 'death god'.

Father and Son

Vidar found few willing to support him, and when he confronted Angerboda, she banished him from the vrykul's ancestral homeland. Angerboda would lose her life only a short time later when she attempted to rouse her husband Ymiron from his slumber. After Ymiron was awoken and taken to Utgarde Pinnacle by the Lich King, Vidar secretly returned there and challenged his father for the throne of the vrykul people. Ymiron could not be swayed from the new path he had chosen for his people, and he and his son crossed blades in combat. In the end, Vidar defeated and killed Ymiron.

Before Vidar could recover from his brutal battle, the Lich King appeared in Utgarde Pinnacle. Before Vidar's horrified eyes, the Lich King raised Ymiron as an undead.

  • The Lich King yells: Your father is too valuable for me to abandon just yet, young prince. Alive or dead, he will deliver the treasure beneath this fortress to me.

In undeath, Ymiron was too powerful for his weary son to overcome. Vidar fled from Utgarde Pinnacle, vowing to halt the Lich King's unholy plans for his people. Vidar traveled Northrend in secret, visiting the scattered vrykul settlements that had sworn fealty to the Lich King, searching for others who shared his values. Slowly, he gathered a following, but never a strong enough force to oppose the Lich King openly. Even after King Ymiron was destroyed by adventurers in Utgarde Pinnacle, Vidar continued to bide his time. When the Lich King was finally defeated by the Alliance and the Horde, Vidar revealed himself and his allies to the now leaderless vrykul people.

Against the Queen's Wrath

Before long, Vidar learned that his mother Angerboda had also risen from the dead, and now commanded the remaining vrykul still loyal to the Lich King's dark ideals. Vidar has vowed to destroy the abomination his mother has become and finally free the vrykul from the shadow of the Scourge.

Quests and Storylines

Players will find Vidar Ymironson in the Howling Fjord, where he is seeking allies to battle against Angerboda and her faction of Scourge Remnants.

Later, he can be found in Grizzly Hills, rallying more support for his cause from the vrykul settlements there and fighting against other factions of Scourge Remnants.

Vidar can be found again in Storm Peaks, seeking to bring the hyldnir into his army. The prideful all-female tribe will take some convincing before they will follow the young vrykul and lend him their proto-drakes.

After marshaling all the forces he can, Vidar will march on Icecrown. Players can join him in his campaign to finally defeat Angerboda as he leads his army across the war torn crown of the world. Vidar will finally confront his insane mother at Ymirheim, where he will pay a heavy price for standing against her.

Utgarde Pinnacle

At the climax of Vidar's assault on Ymirheim, Angerboda attempted to strike down the players aiding Vidar with dark magic, but the heroic vrykul put himself between his allies and harm's way. Angerboda teleported to Utgarde Pinnacle with her son, and has taken control of his body using her dark magics. Players will be forced to face Vidar in combat as the final boss encounter of Utgarde Pinnacle. The only way to stop him is to slay him. Angerboda will retreat with her son's body when he falls.