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User:GoldenYak/World's Heart Expansion Concept

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World of Warcraft: World's Heart
World's Heart

The malevolence of the Void reaches into the very heart and soul of Azeroth. The last war is about to begin...

World of Warcraft - World's Heart

World's Heart



World's Heart Features

  • Azeroth's Underworld: New content zones have been added - Venture into Azeroth's underworld and combat the growing darkness in her heart.
  • New Hero Class - The Accursed: Emerging from the dark corners of the world, the Accursed bring their dark powers to bear on the enemies of the world.
  • New Playable Races: The vrykul and the arakkoa come to aid the Alliance, while the furbolg and the ogres join the Horde.
  • New Dungeons - Battle the insectile horrors of the aqir, the malevolent servants of the Old Gods, wicked vrykul vampyrs, and many other horrors through ten new dungeons.
  • New Raids - The nerubians grow in power within their stronghold, the Palace of the Spider-Queen, while Angerboda and her vampyr servants seek the legendary Stoneforge.
  • Path of the Titans - New levelling system for players to advance with.
  • Class Hall Campaigns - New class campaigns.


There are two major and one minor content patches for World's Heart. X.1 will contain quest and dungeon content. X.2 and X.3 will contain raid tier content.

  • Patch X.1 - Power of the Shadowlands
  • Patch X.2 - The Defiler of Time
  • Patch X.3 - Wrath of the Titans

World's Heart Story

The heroes of Azeroth have returned from far-off realms and cosmic dimensions to stand united once again in defense of their world. The malevolent Old Gods burrow deep beneath Azeroth's surface, seeking the slumbering goddess at her core. The champions of the Alliance and the Horde must unite with all the allies and resources they can bring to bear and delve deep into the heart of their world to burn out the corrupting darkness of the Old Gods. If they fail, their world will be lost, and a new dark god will be born into the cosmos to enslave it forever.

Path of the Titans - Unique New Levelling System

Players will no longer grow by simply by acquiring experience points to advance one level at a time. Players will be able to customize their character progression using the Path of the Titans.

Titanforged Equipment and the Path of the Titans

Armor and weapons that receive the Titanforged bonus no longer improve in power by a set amount. Instead, the degree to which a piece of Titanforged equipment improves is tied to a player's progress along the Path of the Titans. The more power a player has unlocked through Path of the Titans, the more powerful a piece of Titanforged equipment will be.

New Zones - The Underworld and Other Regions

Starting Zones

  • Neutral Freljord Isle - Tyrisgard Vrykul starting zone.
  • Neutral Veil Solaxxis - Sunseeker Arakkoa starting zone.
  • Neutral Ursol's Holt - Redpaw Furbolg starting zone.
  • Neutral Ogri'la Summit - Voidmaw Ogre starting zone.

New Continent - Azeroth's Underworld

  • Neutral Ulduar Approach - Small-scale zone in the vein of the Broken Shore, containing scenario content that leads into the Underworld zones.
  • Neutral Upper Kingdom - Small-scale zone containing the capital city of Doorward.
  • Neutral Naz'Zurak Weald - Fungal swamp, growing close to the city of Ahn'Kahet. The sinister arach'layn, allies to the Spider Kingdom, conduct dark magical experiments here.
  • Neutral Bloodstone Chasm - Underground chasm of bloodstone shards, infested with ancient vrykul vampyr. The power of the Stoneforge and the Curse of Flesh are at war here.
  • Neutral Saron Defile - The twisted forested depths of Vordrassil, soaked in the black blood of Yogg-Saron. The life-forms in this area have become corrupted by the Old God's undying influence.
  • Neutral Fire Sea - Volcanic region beneath Ulduar, where great Titan machines feed the power of Ulduar's world-forges into the heart of Azeroth. The servants of the Old Gods twist the elemental energies in the area towards destruction.
  • Neutral Azjol-Nerub: The Inner Kingdom - The Spider Kingdom. The black heart of the newly resurgent nerubian empire.
  • Neutral Azj'Aqir: The Forgotten Kingdom - The long-last homeland of the azj'aqiri, unearthed by the events taking place in the Underworld.
  • Neutral Malgoth: The Black Empire - A terrible new land growing out of the waters beyond Northrend like some vile cancer. The Black Empire, reborn.

Dungeons and Raids

Below are some of the new dungeon and raid instances to be found in the Voidlands:

Instanced content

New dungeons Raids
  • Doorward Undervaults
  • The Hanging Tower
  • Ahn'Kahet, the Writhing Depths
  • Castle Draugarde
  • Riplash Ruins
  • Dreadstorm Bastion
  • Terrormaw Hold
  • Halls of Fire
  • Halls of Horror
  • Altar of the Old Gods
  • Palace of the Spider Queen
  • The Stoneforge
  • World Bosses




World's Heart Tier 01 Raids

World's Heart Tier 02 Raids

World's Heart Tier 03 Raids

World Bosses

World's Heart Tier 01 World Bosses


Featured Characters

Many new heroes and villains stand poised to clash with familiar champions in the darkness beneath the world.

Original Characters

  • Bolverk Flamebeard - Leader of Doorward. Brother to the fallen dwarf Baelgun Flamebeard. He has vowed to continue his brother's duty of defending Azeroth against the darkness rising from below.
  • Gytha Gloryhammer - Member of Doorward. A dwarven paladin who joined with her sister, Mudra Gloryhammer.
  • Turnip Snikkersnak - Member of Doorward. A decidedly blood-thirsty gnome rogue.
  • Nizza Shimmerbink - Member of Doorward. A gnome mage.
  • Wyl Bearclaw - Member of Doorward. Night elf warrior.
  • Valara Nightbrace - Member of Doorward. Night elf demon hunter. Visions of the future have shown her doom in Northrend. Wields one of the warglaives of Azzinoth.
  • Baron Wasteland - Member of Doorward. A former death knight of the Scourge, now devoted to crushing the dark powers that fueled the Lich King's war machine.
  • Samantha Blastspark - Member of Doorward. A human mage raised by a curiously sympathetic goblin. Has a worrying talent for pyrotechnic-based magicks, to her adoptive father's great pride.
  • Bel'samsara - Member of Doorward. A draenei mage.
  • William Blackfell - Member of Doorward. Worgen warrior. Happily married to Cecily Blackfell.
  • Cecily Blackfell - Member of Doorward. Worgen hunter. Happily married to William Blackfell.
  • Derpus McHerpaderp - Member of Doorward. Dwarven chef. Chief potato picker of Doorward's forager squad.


  • Kerchak Stormhowl - Member of Doorward. Orc shaman.
  • Aurek Goldenhoof - Member of Doorward. Tauren paladin.
  • Penna Frostmane - Member of Doorward. Taunka shaman.
  • Volka'jin - Member of Doorward. Troll priest, once of the drakkari tribe.
  • Mathias Coorhagen - Member of Doorward. Forsaken rogue and former member of the Royal Apothecary Society.
  • Funerella - Member of Doorward. Forsaken mage.
  • Nuidala Sendivha'me - A blood elf archaeologist that represents the Reliquary. She has entered into an uneasy alliance with the Explorer's League and Brann Bronzebeard to explore the Spider Kingdom.
  • Remiel Smoulderblood - A blood elf demon hunter. He attempted to seize both of the warglaives of Azzinoth, but was permanently disarmed in a battle with Valara Nightbrace and her allies. He still wields one of the warglaives, and desires to avenge his missing hand upon Valara, but is willing to wait until after the world has been saved.
  • Wizzit Blastpsark - Member of Doorward. Goblin engineer. Adoptive father of Samantha Blastspark.
  • Trinket Drubtoe - Member of Doorward. Goblin alchemist.

Other Characters

  • Jaina Proudmoore - Driven by dark impulses coming from somewhere beneath the world, Jaina Proudmoore has led her followers, the Vengeants of Theramoore, to Northrend. But what ultimate purpose has she come for...?
  • Mudra Gloryhammer - Member of the Vengeants of Theramoore. Sister of Gytha Gloryhammer and a priest of the Light, Mudra does not tolerate evil and wickedness. She has became a confidant of Jaina, aiding her in several endeavors.
  • Brann Bronzebeard - The renowned archaeologist, he's come to Northrend to study the history of the Spider Kingdom.
  • Kilix the Unraveler - A nerubian of the old kingdom who stands against the growing darkness. Lurking within the depths of the city of Doorward, Kilix spreads his web of intrigue and influence throughout the Spider Kingdom.
  • Bolvar Fordragon - The Lich King. Restless in his imprisonment upon the Frozen Throne, Bolvar's spirit walks the Shadowlands, seeking an ancient and mysterious city built there before mortal life existed...
  • Darkspeaker R'khem - Herald of Yogg-Saron.
  • Sara - A vrykul woman who appeared during the great battle with Yogg-Saron. She wanders Northrend still, and has been seen meeting with Jaina Proudmoore...

Factions and organizations

  • Forces of Doorward - An organization of mortal races who defend Azeroth from the dark horrors that lie beneath her surface.
  • Ironbreakers - Newly forged by Odyn himself, these living stone warriors seek to purge the corruption of Yogg-Saron from the Saron Defile.
  • Underlight Colony - A settlement of hahn'tan, bat-like humanoids who dwell in the Naz'Zurak Weald. Threatened by the arach'layn and their vile experiments, the hahn'tan fight for survival.
  • Vampyr Hunters - A band of hunters devoted to eliminating the dreaded vampyr from the world. Many among their number have lost loved ones to the vampyr curse, which they've tracked to its ancient source in the Bloodstone Chasm.
  • Ulduar Reclaimers - Living machines forged by the Titan Keeper Mimiron to retake Ulduar from the dark clutches of evil. They battle the forces of chaos in the Fire Sea.
  • The Sundered Monolith - Not all nerubians are slaves to the madness of the Old Gods... or so the nerubians of the Sundered Monolith would claim.
  • Obsidian Scythe - Stoneforged tol'vir, the ancient enemies of the nerubians. Devoted to vengeance, they have fought the darkness of the Spider Kingdom throughout the underworld for millennia.
  • Quartzclaw Tribe - A tribe of reclusive duggum who hide in the depths of the underworld. Though they typically avoid all other races, those who earn their trust can find them to be surprisingly helpful.




New Arenas

Many new arenas and locations to do battle in are available, some familiar, some never before seen.

New arenas include:

  • Ironforge Arena
  • Gadgetzan Arena
  • Blackrock Depths Stadium
  • Dire Maul Arena
  • The Outland Battle Rock
  • Azjol-Nerub Arachnodrome

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