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World of Warcraft: Fall of the Pantheon.
Sargeras and the Legion.jpg
Sargeras sends his Demonic minions to charge upon Azeroth.

This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

UNDER CONSTRUCTION (This "main" page is in theory done yet all the "Red" marked under articles will be created.)


After being imprisoned for year thousands within the Twisting Nether by his fellow Titan brethren of the Pantheon, Sargeras now seeks to set himself free and complete his only task: lay the Great Dark under his control. Despite being greatly weakened, Sargeras has managed to gather enough strength over the years to make for his escape. Using his mind control powers, he forces his nephew Golganneth into lowering the power of the chains which he had been held by for almost an eternity. During his escape he nearly kills his nephew and shatters the Shargahn so as to diminish his powers. Not willing to be set-back once again, Sargeras also invades the throne room of the holy chamber and destroys the remaining Titans of light's major power source: The "Globe of Worlds". Leaving his brethren in a weakened state, the Destroyer of Worlds takes the first step toward total chaos and calls upon all the forces of the Burning Legion and revives old, fallen members such as Mannoroth, Archimonde and Kil'jaeden. With the full strength of the Legion back, Sargeras now watches as they invade Azeroth; the last planet in the Great Dark of which the Legion is not yet in control of. Only waiting for his powers to grow back so that he can break his bonds to the Twisting Nether and step into the mortal realm to end it personally, he now watches as the first steps is taken towards Azeroth's final moment of life.

Despite being weakened, the Titan; Aman'thul seeks out a hero of strength on Azeroth, one which he tells to unite the Alliance and the Horde, to gather new factions that will fight together and bring the Legion to its end. Reaching out with success, the prophet Medivh return's after mysteriously disappearing when the Legion lost the Third War. Having heard the call of the High Father, the prophet now seeks out to gather new adventurers of strength that will stand as a line between the Horde and the Alliance in this war. Still trying to help the world as they may, the Titans keep using what powers they have left to grant back the power to old heroes, including the Awakening of the Aspects.

As time goes and Sargeras enjoys the scenery of the prophets work to unite new factions and make the Alliance and the Horde side in these dark tides, he makes his second move: Argus, once the old home planet of the Draenei now works as the Legions major planet of command, to set the fear into the citizen of Azeroth, the Destroyer of Worlds moves the entire planet itself through space and destroys half of it in the process. Placing it over the skies of Azeroth for all mortal eyes to see it's now locked for a full scale battle as the Legion invades Kalimdor, the Eastern Kingdoms, Northrend and Outland and the Heroes of Azeroth charges upon Argus.

With war ongoing on each planet, the brave Heroes of Azeroth now fight against not only the Legion but time itself as if they can’t claim victory soon enough; Sargeras will step into their realm and undo everything himself. No longer needing to fear for his brethren to stop him again, the Destroyer waits and watches till the moment of his release finally comes.

Overview with expansion changes

  • Player level cap increased from 90 - 100.
  • New continent: Argus. Including eight new zones: Flatland Highlands, Swamp of Misery, Rek'hilan Mountains, The Shroud-Spire, Legion lands: East, Legion Lands, West, Lushocin, Sargeria.
  • New races: The Timbermaw Furbolg of the Timbermaw Hold for the Alliance and the last "living" Nerubians for the Horde.
  • New Faction: The Neutrals, including Ethereal, High Elf's, Ogre's and the Tuskarr.
  • Re-forging of the old lands, Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms, Outland and Northrend being completely changed by the Legion's invasion.
  • New Dungeons and Raids.
  • New PvP content, including regular and a new outdoor Battleground.
  • New Hero Class: Demon Hunter.
  • Class re design (Recently changed): Revamping each class, returning the old Talent system with new talents and granting each class new abilities.
  • Last Stand Talents: Unlocked at level 100, this is used to unleash the destructive fury for any hero that has been granted the power.
  • Revamping of gear and stats (Recently changed)): Returning old stats which was removed with the Cataclysm.
  • New Profession: Craftsman.
  • Cap of all professions increased to 675 and introducing all new patterns and recipes for each profession.
  • All new unique mount skill introduced.
  • Guild leveling system revamped (Recently changed): Guild levels, achievements and perk's removed.
  • New major cities: Established upon Argus.
  • New unique quest story lines: Live into old lore and experience a whole new way to live into the quests around the world.

Argus and the new zones

With Argus floating as a platform, bearing similarities to Outland over the skies of Azeroth, the Draenei is offering their recovered technology to transport Alliance, Horde and Neutral member’s trough space in order to reach this planet and start the counter attack against the Legion. Stationing their ships outside Stormwind, Orgrimmar, Shattrath City and Dalaran: Adventurers that has reached level 88 can use these to venture to Argus and join the battle in the lands that has been re-taken and the lands that not yet have been.

New level 90 - 100 zones

  • Neutral Flatland Highlands: Level 88-90. Located in central/south-eastern Argus, these green grasslands with its majestic hills and valleys have already been mostly ridden of the Legion's forces and are being renewed and works as the united nations major land of operation on Argus with new cities already raised and the landing field for the incoming ships of reinforcements from Azeroth.
  • Neutral Swamp of Misery: Level 90-92. Just north-east of Flatland Highlands; this swamp of its moist climate is also mostly ridden of the Legion's members but serves as the home land for The Command A united force of old enemies of both the Horde and the Alliance that sided with the Legion in order to save them self from death and aid the Legion in taking control over the Great Dark.
  • Neutral Rek'hilan Mountains: Level 92-93. North east of the Swamps lies these dry mountain land's which is inhabited by a unique faction of Legion following Ogre’s that seeks to maintain their hold on their lands. There is also rumored that hostile enemies of both the Horde and the Alliance have been able to sneak aboard the transporting ships and between the valleys and canyons: The Cult of the Damned has set new roots.
  • Neutral The Shroud-Spire: Level 93-95. Located north-west of Rek'hilan. These lands is where the ongoing battle to force back the Legion goes as well with that some members of the Alliance and Horde has opened war against one and other to keep control of a place called The Floating Temple. Additionally old neutral factions have moved this far into the lands and made new home basses, among these are: The Sha'tar, Knights of the Ebon Blade, Wyrmrest Accord, Argent Crusade and the Kirin Tor.
  • Neutral Legion Lands: East: Level 95-97. Placed of-coast to the west of The Shroud-Spire; these lands are still fully controlled by the Legion and the Alliance has barely started their charge upon these lands, being nothing but a husk of brunt ground and destroyed environments, the only thing of value in these lands is to drive the Demons back and get to the "Exodar's Last Stand".
  • Neutral Legion Lands: West: Level 97-99. Just west of the eastern Legion lands lies this nearby decollate area, having almost all forces focused within the eastern lands, the faction of the Neutrals along with some members of the Alliance and the Horde has made their way in and fights the Legion from the back, deep within the lands also lies The Demon Gate The structure that hold a back-way into the Twisting Nether which even mortals can step trough.
  • Neutral Lushocin: Level 99-100. Placed so far south-west on Argus that the isle itself is on the brink of falling of the planet; this jungle-seeming lands happens to be not touched by the Legion, inhabited by ancient creatures and treasures, Brann Bronzebeard, Hemet Nesingwary and the D.E.H.T.A has set sail and found their way into these lands. Just of-coast to the north of this isle to lies an island shrouded within the fog called Skeleton Isle.
  • Neutral Sargeria: Level 100. An isle located in the eye of Argus itself, this small island holds the Gate of the Destroyer which is the doorway Sargeras must use in order to leave the Twisting nether. Leading into the part of the nether called Toombs of Nightmare: this is where Sargeras currently spends his time watching the ongoing battle until the time and power is right for him to make his escape.

New Starting zones

  • Alliance Timbermaw Stronghold: Level 1-12, this expanded version of Timbermaw Hold which has been expanded over the years servers as the place where the Furbolg's that recently was freed from their corruption can start their training to join into war. After escaping the Timbermaw Hold which is destroyed, the Furbolg's seeks out the Alliance and settles themself within Darnassus
  • Horde Azjol'Nerub Undergrounds: Level 1-12. As the Legion cracks open the ground beneath Azjol'Nerub. The remaining Living Nerubian's sees their possibility to escape and fight’s their way out and gathers what they got before seeking out Sylvanas and the Forsaken to join the Horde.
  • Neutral Southern Northrend Shores: Level 1-12. A phased zone of the shores along the south costal line of Northrend, where the Tuskarr fights against Demons, something they never have seen before. Understanding that their lands are lost they gather what they can and makes for their escape to other lands.
  • Neutral Auchindoun: Level 1-12. While Outland falls, piece by piece, Auchindoun is no exception. Struggling as the Legion surrounds the walls, this phased zone but be fought through before the Ethereal that joins The Neutrals can make their way to the Nagrand borders where a teleportation device brings them to Azeroth.
  • Neutral Ruins of Dustwallow Marsh. Level 1-12. Because of Thargs decision to lead his Ogre members into "The Neutrals" he and his tribe was abandoned as the phased marsh was invaded by the Legion, fighting their way out is the only chance to venture on in this world.
  • Neutral Crystalsong Forest. Level 1-12. Having decided to join "The Neutrals" the previous Alliance High Elf members and surviving neutral members gathers in the phased Crystalsong to train and prepare for the battle at hand before being forced to leave as the land got flooded by lava.

Dungeons and Raids


(To be noted is that these plans have been around for years and I got a tad MANNY Dungeons and (MAJORLY) Raid's planed, yet later I will show how many PATCHES I got in mind so it might make up for it. There will be almost as many raids and Dungeons during "End-Game" but this is majorly to keep the challenge alive.)

As patches is released through this expansion, each old raid and heroic dungeon in kicked up in difficulty to keep things at a hard level.

These dungeons are out during the game release. Each one possible to do in Heroic mode to.

The following Dungeons are added after later patches. (Mostly raid's is only added with patches, the Dungeons above are about 80% of all dungeons that will appear in the game.)


Fall of the Pantheon comes with four starter dungeons and adds one-two new raids per patch, as mentioned earlier; each old raid and Heroic is kicked up in difficulty per patch but not surpassing the new content.

Start game raids:

Other Changes

Nations and new Factions

A bunch of new Factions is introduced in this expansion, most of them being factions that gets an promotion from their previous state or which sides with the united nations to fight back the burning Legion. (To tell at the beginning, any sentence called "united nations" which most likely will be and that have already been mentioned is not an official faction but the short sentence for the Alliance, Horde and The Neutrals in one word.)

New neutral factions

New factions for Players


This expansion includes not only new Battlegrounds and Arena maps but also the old Battlegrounds have gone through a revamp the old ones, returning them to how they (almost) was during their first launch.

  • Isle of Aman'thul. A island floating with its own chip of environment to the south of Argus, there is believed to be a Titan relic on it which the Alliance and Horde wants in a hope to use it against the Legion. The battle is split into ten separate pieces, each piece being affected in some "otherworldly" way and the goal is to hold as many pieces for as long time as possible, the Isle will defend itself in time and suddenly destroy certain parts and continuous to do this till only the center of the isle remains, leaving the Alliance and Horde members to battle each other until the relic descends and there is a race to the finish.
  • Chip of Madness. It's discovered heavy amounts of resources in different materials and minerals on the backside of the mountain on Sargeria which holds the gate into the Toombs of Nightmare. Seeking to claim these material's for them self’s, the Alliance and Horde enters a vast battle where the goal is to maintain control of oil platforms, mines and woodland machine units until enough resources is gathered to open Siege Workshops that allows the use of heavy machine units to fight one and other and dig into what the mountain got to offer of minerals, the battle is won by the faction that in the end has the highest score divided on resources and the amount of slain members of the opposing faction.
  • Throne of the Legion. A unknown force pulls Adventurers into a square shaped box within the Twisting Nether. The Demons surrounding have pulled them inside to watch the slaughter and it's locked for a scale battle between Alliance and Horde members where they have limited time to gain the most kills. The cube they are locked within will tricks at times and remove groundings, level up some points and start moving parts of the floor around. Once the timer reaches 0 the victory goes to the faction with the most kills.
  • The Floating Temple. The new outdoor battle ground that takes split purpose between Air combat and land combat. Starting on the backs of Hippogryphs and Wyverns: The Alliance and Horde members must joust each other down as other members of the group attempts to take control of the 10 beacons surrounding the main Temple which is protected. When once faction gains control on 75% of the remaining beacons or the major Temple, the battle is won.

New Arena maps

  • Chambers of the Aspects. Is five new Arena maps which change's looks randomly per battle. Having different ways to work and behave pending on what aspect that is taken into use per battle.
  • The Coliseum floor. The Coliseum stationed on Sargeria will in time become a plain flat arena floor without any kinds of obstacles to players upon engaging in Arena fight.

(I'm still on the planning stage about more Battlegrounds and Arena maps, if I figure something else up I will add it.)

Notable characters with promoted roles during this expansion

New added to Fall of the Pantheon

  • IconSmall Sargeras.gif Sargeras: The Destroyer of Worlds and lord of the Burning Legion, seeking out to put the entire Great Dark under his control.
  • IconSmall Aesir Male.gif Aman'thul: The described "head" of the remaining Titans of good and Sargeras's brother, using what force he can to awaken fallen heroes and unite factions to hold back the Legion's return.
  • IconSmall Aesir Male.gif Golganneth: The nephew of Sargeras. Imprisoned by his own uncle after his escape. It's unknown if he will survive to see the end of this war as Sargeras drains his powers.

Already existing characters with promoted roles

(Some of this was newly changed due to how Cataclysm and Mist of Pandaria has affected my original plans.)


  • IconSmall ThrallShaman.gif Thrall: As Warchief of the Horde he now carries out and stands in front of the Horde armies as they charge upon the lands of Argus.
  • IconSmall Grom.gif Grom Hellscream: With the Legion's return did not only high-ranked members of the Legion return, Sargeras even awakened the mighty Grom and put him under his mental influence.
  • IconSmall Baine.gif Baine Bloodhoof: Standing next to Thrall in battle and representing the pride of his people in battle, carrying on with the burdens that his father Cairne Bloodhoof left to him.
  • IconSmall Vol'jin.gif Vol'jin: With the Darkspear Tribe back on the Hordes side for fully, Vol'jin now stands tall and leads his fellow Troll brethren into battle.
  • IconSmall SylvanasHE.gif Sylvanas: Having recently accepted the Nerubians as part of the Horde, the Banshee Queen travels to Argus and joins the remaining Horde out in the field.
  • IconSmall Lor'themar.gif Lor'themar Theron: Leaving the lands of Eversong and Ghostlands to be watched over by Halduron Brightwing, he prepares for battle and brings it with his fellow Blood Elf's to Argus.
  • IconSmall Rommath.gif Grand Magister Rommath: Gathering all the Elven Mage's he can and venturing away, he too seems to be joining in the fields of Argus.
  • IconSmall Goblin Female.gif Mida Silvertongue: With Gallywix dead, it's Mida who shares the control of the Bilgewater Cartel with Uncle Bedlam as where she travels to Argus and Bedlam stay on Azeroth.
  • IconSmall Pandaren Male.gif Ji Firepaw: As the representing leader Pandaren that joined the Horde, he takes the bold ones with him to Argus to fight by the Hordes side.
  • IconSmall Valeera.gif Valeera Sanguinar: As for being unknown in her acts since The Battle for the Undercity, Valeera now appears on Argus to assist in the war.
  • IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: Holding ground within Outland, the Champion of the Horde eventually commands Leoroxx to stay and watch over their bases in Blades Edge Mountains as Rexxar himself is traveling back to Azeroth and presumably joins the battle on Argus.


  • IconSmall Varian.gif King Varian Wrynn: The King of The Alliance ventures to Argus along with his child; Anduin in order to lead the Alliance into victory against the Legions forces.
  • IconSmall Jaina.gif Jaina Proudmoore: With Theramore Isle destroyed and her anger finally let out, Jaina is returning to her old senses and brings the remaining members of Theramore to Argus to help and defend Azeroth.
  • IconSmall Tyrande.gif Tyrande Whisperwind: With the Night Elf's knowledge to the Legion and their arts of war, Tyrande and her fellow Elf's is among the first ones into combat upon arriving at Argus.
  • IconSmall Malfurion.gif Malfurion Stormrage: As a Night Elf that has seen most of what the Legion has to give, Malfurion felt it as his duty to join the Alliance upon Argus to hold the Legion back.
  • IconSmall Muradin.gif Muradin Bronzebeard: With the Dark Iron tribe driven out and mostly defeated, Muradin puts Falstad Wildhammer in charge until he returns from the field of battle on Argus.
  • IconSmall Mekkatorque.gif Gelbin Mekkatorque: After finally driving Sicco Thermaplugg and the other Leper gnomes out of Gnomeregan, he takes his instant leave adventures of Argus.
  • IconSmall Velen.gif Velen: With his home planet in the center of attention and his peoples technology used to travel back and forth; Veleen was among the first to set foot on Argus after that Sargeras placed it above Azeroth, he remains there now to participate in the war.
  • IconSmall Nobundo.gif Nobundo: Teaming with Velen, the old Shaman is back on his old home planet but does not seek to enter the battle in the same way the other leaders dose, wandering off: Nobundor swore to find allies upon Argus to help in the final showdown versus the Legion.
  • IconSmall Genn.gif Genn Greymane: Standing by Varian's side since he was welcomed into the Alliance with his fellow Worgens, he keeps his place and brings his pack to Argus.
  • IconSmall Pandaren2 Female.gif Aysa Cloudsinger: Seeking to maintain life on Azeroth, she joins into the battle with the rest of the Alliance on Argus along with the Pandaren that followed her.
  • IconSmall Broll.gif Broll Bearmantle: With unknown whereabouts for the latest time, Broll joins Malfurion to Argus in order to take on the fight against the Legion.

Other promoted characters that is going up and against the Legion or plays an important role in other matters

  • IconSmall Medivh.gif Medivh: The returned Prophet which made the pacts that forged The Neutrals faction and stands as a middle point between all factions in this war, he seeks to hold peace until Sargeras is defeated.
  • IconSmall Ogre Male.gif Tharg: Leading the Stonemaul Exiles of the combined "The Neutrals" Faction into battle, he attempts to do more than he can at once, wanting to fight back the Legion as well as helping new Ogre recruits on Azeroth-
  • IconSmall Vereesa.gif Vereesa Windrunner: As leader of the High Elf's that joined "The Neutrals" she leaves Auric Sunchaser to train High Elf’s that are new to battle down on Azeroth while she travels up and enters the battlefield with the Alliance and the Horde.
  • IconSmall Tuskarr.gif Tusklord Hrak'kar: With his whereabouts unknown for years, it was the Tusklord himself that Medivh reached out to upon trying to get faction to unite force. As Northrend is ruined, the Tusklord abandons the shore of Northrend to fight on Argus with his people underneath "The Neutrals" banner.
  • IconSmall Ethereal.gif Nexus-Prince Haramad: Leading his fellow Ethereal into battle he also sought out to join "The Neutrals" as it opened for a whole new marked as Outland has been ravaged by the Legions return.
  • IconSmall Alex.gif IconSmall Kalec.gif IconSmall Nozdormu.gif IconSmall Ysera.gif IconSmall Wrathion.gif The Dragon Aspects: As their lost powers was returned to them by the Titans hands, they now bring most of their forces to Argus in order to defeat the Legion. Because of Deathwings defeat; Wrathion now represents a renewed Black Dragonflight.
  • IconSmall Naaru.gif A'dal: Knowing the Legion better than anyone else, he brings the Sha'tar into war and serves as a major leading role in the battle against the Legion on Argus.
  • IconSmall Darion.gif Highlord Darion Mograine: With the Lich King dead and the last few years in silence, the Highlord ventures with the entire Acherus to Argus along with returned members who previousely had left the Knights of the Ebon Blade, Thassarian and Koltira.
  • IconSmall Rhonin.gif Rhonin: As Northrend was invaded, Rhonin did the impossible and was able along with the remaining members of the Council of Six to create a mirror version of Dalaran, placing it on Argus. Rhonin along with the remaining council is currently recovering from this action and it’s still unsure if he will be joining in the field of battle.
  • IconSmall Tirion.gif Tirion: Having faced Undead trough all these years, it’s a rather new and unique challenge for the Argent Crusade as Tirion takes them to Argus in order to defend Azeroth from a total annihilation.
  • IconSmall DragonBronze.gif IconSmall Gnome Female.gif Chromie: Traveling through time to battle the Infinite Dragonflight, Chromie also assists the Heros of Azeroth in batteling the Legion.
  • IconSmall Akama.gif Akama: With his home of Outland destroyed, Akama now seeks to get back at the Legion for all they have put him through and has decided to not rest before Sargeras is defeated, taking his fellow Broken to Argus, he leads them into war with his full fury.
  • IconSmall Draenei Female.gif Ishanah: Now that Outland is close to nothing but Legion controlled wastelands, she takes what members of the Aldor that remains and scatters them around to Alliance hubs in Outland in an attempt to save what can be saved.
  • IconSmall Kurdran.gif Kurdran Wildhammer: With demons all over the Twilight Highlands, the Wildhammer tribe seeks to re-claim their lost lands and standing among them is still the chief of these Dwarves: Kurdan. Who declined the offer to join in battle on Argus and has rather decided to stay on Azeroth and hold the Legion at place.
  • IconSmall BloodElf Male.png Voren'thal the Seer: With A'dal on Argus and Shattrath City weakened he remains within the capital to defend it as he follows Ishanahs move and sends out members of the Scryers to help and defend Horde grounds in Outland.
  • IconSmall Illidan.gif Illidan: Among all the villains Sargeras revived to grant a new chance was The Betrayer himself, despite getting this offer Illidan turned it down and was thought to be dead as Kazzak left the Black Temple in ruin. Yet Illidan survived and are now seeking somehow protection from the Legion and is focused on returning the favor after all these years.
  • IconSmall Cenarian Male.gif IconSmall Aviana.gif IconSmall Malorne.gif IconSmall Boar.gif IconSmall Wisp.gif IconSmall Goldrinn.gif IconSmall TurtleAncient.gif IconSmall Bear.gif The Ancient Guardians: With the Legions flame spreading across Azeroth; the Demigods that earlier has defended this world now sets out to do it again. The Legion is closer now than ever to conquer the entire Great Dark but the Ancient Guardians won’t let them win.
  • IconSmall Ragnaros.gif IconSmall Therazane.gif IconSmall Al'Akir.gif IconSmall Neptulon.gif The Elemental Lords: As for different fates and outcomes after the years, the Elemental Lords seems to be on the move once again, yet in order to help or bring chaos is still unsure.
  • IconSmall Algalon.gif Algalon the Observer: After his set-back within Ulduar Algalon returns on Aman'thuls command but not to re-originate the world but to assist the Heros of Azeroth in forcing the Legion back.
  • IconSmall Gazlowe.gif Gazlowe: Always being counted as a "Neutral" part of the Alliance and the Horde, Gazlowe reacts negative to the Legions invasion but even more negative to competition on the black marked as the Ethereals makes their new home on Azeroth. Unsure of what to prioritize, Gazlowe remains within Ratchet at the moment to hold things under control.
  • IconSmall PandarenBrewmaster.gif Chen Stormstout: With the Pandaren spread between the Alliance and the Horde, Chen remains as an independent individual and roams the lands of Azeroth aiding both Horde and Alliance that he encounters in defeating minions of Sargeras when it reaches critical danger.
  • IconSmall Warden.gif Maiev Shadowsong: Knowing that Illidan has returned to life, Maiev and her Shadow Wardens periodically travels between Argus and Outland, hunting for nothing else but Illidan.

  • IconSmall Archimonde.gif Archimonde: As one of Sargeras's most trusted lieutenants, Archimonde was granted a second chance and now randomly roams around in Azeroth, simply killing for the amusement of it and awaits his master's approach.
  • IconSmall Kil'jaeden.gif Kil'jaeden: Another of Sargeras's most trusted lieutenants, Kil'jadene now watches the united nations moves on Argus in order to counter them in the most effective way, walking around on Argus at times to do nothing more than analyzing and causing trouble.
  • IconSmall PitLord.gif Mannoroth: Returned to life, Mannoroth just like Archimonde was granted a new chance to serve and works as the Legions current field commander on Argus and is mostly located within the Legion Lands.
  • IconSmall Nathrezim.gif IconSmall Dreadlord.gif Council of the Dreadlords: Under control by Tichondrius and also includes; Anetheron, Mal'Ganis, Balnazzar, Varimathras and Detheroc. This council's whereabouts is unknown; all that is known is that they are confirmed to be alive as they have all been seen around on Argus along with the Shadow of Sargeras.
  • IconSmall PitLord.gif Azgalor: Returned from his state of death, Azgalor now wanders and at times protects The Demon Gate located within the Legion Lands: West.
  • IconSmall Doomlord.gif Kazzak: In charge of shattering Outland, the Doomlord now wanders the continent and commands his demons around while he mostly keeps his own stay at the Throne of Kil'jaeden which is among the only remaining zones that the Legion not has ravaged within Outland.
  • IconSmall PitLord.gif Magtheridon: After his defeat within Outland, he was brought back by Sargeras and his whereabouts is at the moment unknown but he has been confirmed alive by Danath Trollbane.
  • IconSmall Man'ari Male.gif Hakkar the Houndmaster: Wandering the lands of Argus, Hakkar is seemingly to not be under any special Legion command but will become hostile to anyone who gets to close of his path.
  • IconSmall KaelWretched.gif Kael'thas Sunstrider: After a set-back and a defeat, Kael'thas is once again back and guides the Elf's who once served him yet again as he accepted the offer to join Sargeras upon his revival.
  • IconSmall FelReaver.gif The Deconstructors: The name of a group of Fel Reavers that is among the Burning Legion's top constructions, these being Doomwalker, Negatron and Fel-con. These are set to watch and stand outside the gates of Toombs of Nightmare and force back any hostile target that gets to close.
  • IconSmall DragonBlack.gif Searinox: An old member of the Black Dragonflight that was slain long ago by Arthas. Why Sargeras has revived him is currently unknown but he has been seen soaring the skies of Argus, randomly attacking Alliance and Horde ports.
  • IconSmall Man'ari Male.gif Demaccaccus: The lord of all Daemons and a unknown member of the Burning Legion until he introduced himself for the united nations as they first landed upon Argus.
  • IconSmall ForestTroll Male.gif Rastakhan: As the Demons invaded Azeroth, Rastakhan asked to be spared in return of power, uniting his tribe of Trolls they now attempt to summon Hakkar the Soulflayer into the mortal world once again to use his powers for the Legion's advantage.
  • IconSmall QirajiEmperor.gif IconSmall Qiraji Male.gif IconSmall QirajiProphet.gif IconSmall Horusath.gif IconSmall OldGod.gif The Qiraji: Now that most of the remaining Qiraji empire has sided with Sargeras there is no doubt about that some of their strongest members will appear on Argus to defend C'thun which Sargeras controls trough this was to use as a weapon.
  • IconSmall Satyr.gif Lord Xavius: Returning from his stay within the Rift of Aln, Xavius has now sided with the Legion once again and attempts to complete a special mission Sargeras gave him: to destroy the Emerald Dream.
  • IconSmall EdwinVanCleef.gif IconSmall Human Female.gif IconSmall Human Male.gif The Command: A organization of different Human groups that has been put together to serve under the Legions command. Within the command are members of the Defias Brotherhood, Scarlet Crusade, Scarlet Onslaught, Syndicate and Bloodsail Buccaneers.

(There will be more characters joining this list with time as things envelop)

New Hero Class

Main article: Hero class

This expansion introduces the second Hero Class to be added to the game. Just like a Death Knight, the Demon Hunter gets it special advantages for being a Hero Class.

Demon Hunter

Main article: User:HighlordDarionMograine/Demon Hunter

World of Warcrafts second Hero class, this class is unlocked once you get a character to level 90, although a Demon Hunter starts in level 67 and you must Convert one of your characters into becoming one. They will quest trough a phased Shadowmoon Valley which will introduce them to Demon Hunter history and other dark secrets behind choosing the path of becoming the ultimate weapon to fight Demons as. There is only allowed to create one Demon Hunter per realm and the character you which to turn over must also be present at the current realm.

The Demon Hunters is mail wearing units that can serve as Caster and Melee DPS in addition to Tanking. Their resource system is split in two and starts out with Demonic Stones which they got five of (Each one with a 15 second cool down), these are used for opening attacks and generates their second resource which is called Fel-Force, this second resource is consumed to use the major attacks.

Detailed Expansion Changes


  • The old talent system which was removed with Cataclysm is returning, grating one talent point per level and no longer forcing a player to reach the bottom of their respective list in order to be able to grant talents in other lists.
  • Last Stand Talents: A new feature which is placed on the bottom of each talent list, this talent won’t be unlocked before a player hits level 100 and their last talent must be used on it.
  • New spaces for new glyphs is opened, these unlocks at level 100.

PvP and PvE

  • Heroic Mode removed. Instead each raid will be possible to do within 10, 25 and 40 man.
  • As each "pre-patch Raid and Heroic receives a difficulty upgrade per patch this also means that the item level on all contained loot is increased by a few numbers, so is each stat. (With a few exceptions)
  • Heroic dungeons no longer drop epic loot. (Not even the ones that is added by patches). Epic loot is now only obtainable by raids and badges.
  • The Badge system remains in the same order (four different types). But the PvE badges have been changed to Heroic Points and Ancient Points.
  • The weekly cap for both PvE and PvP badges have been increased.
  • Most "old" Dungeons have been affected by the Legions attack.


  • Attack Power, Spell Power, Block Value, Defense and Weapon Skills is being added back.
  • A new stat named Specialization is added. This is a rare and neutral stat found on certain types of gear, this stat changes pending on what you should need. (Example: Say your character aren’t Hit caped, then this stat will apply hit, yet say that the amount of Specialization gained is more than what you need to be hit caped; then the stat will split in two and grant the amount of hit you need and use the remaining amount on increasing another stat which you need)


Changed zones as for the Legions invasion

(Zones ranged alphabetically)

For more specific and detailed information about how each zone has been affected by the legions attack go to Patch 6.0 - World Changes.

Eastern Kingdoms


  • Ashenvale: The entire country is shrouded in flames and most Horde and Night Elf constructs is under siege, the burning legion also fights the elementals which roam the land, seems to be using much forces at guarding Demon Fall Canyon and forces of the Legion is attempting to break through at the Bough Shadow.
  • Azhara: All Naga activity is removed and the Goblin port of Bilgewater Harbor is under attack. The Timbermaw Furbolgs which now has sided as part of The Neutrals have managed to force back the legion at their northern front and have expanded their area.
  • Azuremyst Isle: The Exodar is once again alive and hoovers above the ground where it crash landed, as the legion besieged the entire isle, the guns of the Exodar was used resulting in a total landscape change of the entire isle.
  • The Barrens: The scar which split the land in two upon Deathwings cataclysm has been renewed and the split land has become one again. The Legion got forces scattered around yet the Horde seems to be holding them back.
  • Bloodmyst Isle: Affected the same way as Azuremyst due to how the Draenei responded to the legions invasion.
  • Darkshore: Most of the invading demons is held back by the Night Elf's of Dranassus yet the operation to restore Auberdine has provoked higher demon activity than the remaining of the land.
  • Desolace: The rift that gave life to the land has dose it's job and the entire land of Desolace now got a lush climate unlike before, yet the native Satyr's and Legion forces works to annihilate Alliance and Horde bases as well with ruining the newfound nature.
  • Durotar: Echo Isles have changed remotely as the Darkspear Tribe have kept on constructing and making their home at the isles. The gates at Orgrimmar has been completed and most of Legion invaders has been driven out.
  • Dustwallow Marsh: The Black Dragonflight is constantly striking at the demonic invaders and Mudsprocket has been destroyed.
  • Felwood: Under heavy attack by the Legion yet the Furbolg faction that joined The Neutrals is working to push out the legion.
  • Feralas: The Twin Colossals have been brought down and forces of the legion is pushing forward at Dream Bough and other demon forces is striking not only at Alliance and Horde settlements but also at the native Ogres and wildlife.
  • Mount Hyjal: Turned into a zone of mass chaos as the Legion is working their way up to the World Tree.
  • Mulgore: Under compete siege by the legion, the land has been charred to the ground and Thunder Bluff is under attack at all times as well.
  • Silithus: With most of the Qiraji empire on the burning legion's side, this already lost land has not changed much with the exception of that demons have ridden out the previous Twilight's Hammer members and are attacking Cenarion Hold.
  • Stonetalon Mountains: Half of the previous Alliance and Horde settlements is lost and the land itself has been destroyed in many ways as it was used as a test zone for a new demo-type of Legion created Fel Reaver.
  • Tanaris: The pathway to Uldum has been ruined and the deserts roam with demons.
  • Teldrassil: Under full scale attack by the Legion.
  • Thousand Needles: The gap that caused the sea to flow in during the Cataclysm was restored by the Legion and the water drained, now serving as a headquarter land for the Legion down on Azeroth, Alliance, Horde and Neutral forces tempt to turn main focus to this zone.
  • Uldum: The Tol'vir has taken back the Lost city and there is not much demon activity to be seen.
  • Un'Goro Crater: Changed into a underwater zone as this is where the Legion dumped the water which once filled thousand needles. And the Fizzle and Pozzik's Speedbarge ended up there somehow due to the Legions decision to move all the water.
  • Winterspring: Most of the land has changed climate and Blue Dragonflight members is aiding the local settlements in holding the Legion back.

Other sub-zones of Azeroth


  • Hellfire Peninsula: Totally ruined and now seeming more similar to Netherstorm, this land is filled with members of the Burning Legion and each Horde and Alliance base is slowly seeming to lose their hold, the Dark Portal is still held by the united nations while Kazzak sits on Throne of Kil'jaeden and now partway rules over Outland.
  • Zangarmarsh: Half of the zone has been removed due to how Sargeras moved Argus and crashed through this land. The entire Coilfang has been shut down and the Naga activity has been wiped out. Zabra'jin is also removed with this while the Cenarion Refuge and Telredor is holding out.
  • Terokkar Forest: Most of the land is untouched as all incoming legion forces is attempting to enter Shattrath City.
  • Nagrand: Northern parts of the land are removed due to the moving of Argus. Oshu'gun is re-activated and is patrolling the Nagrand skies under control of the legion. Aldor and Scryers members tend to bring down the ship somehow and re-take the land while the Sha'tar keeps most of the legion busy in Shattrath.
  • Blade's Edge Mountains: Not much has been changed due to how the Legion already had prior control yet attacks is launched on several settlements and Kazzak has made his mark by cutting a line through the land.
  • Netherstorm: As the Blood Elf's eventually were driven out the Goblins of Area 52 have taken use of the Mana Forges and have turned the technology: using the forgers to generate a protective barrier around the entire land to hold the invading demons outside.
  • Shadowmoon Valley: Lost majorly to the Legion: Illidan and his new league of Demon Hunters seek to start re-claiming these lands.


  • Howling Fjord: Under hard attack by the Legion.
  • Borean Tundra: Besieged by the Legions demons and most Alliance and Horde settlements is having a rough time yet Coldarra has been sealed off by the Blue Dragonflight for current unknown reasons.
  • Dragonblight: Still worn out after Deathwings attack, the legion is pushing forces while the land itself is weak and have managed to take hold on some of the local settlements.
  • Grizzly Hills: Charred completely but still almost abandoned by demons: The Alliance and Horde atempts to push out what demon forces that still remain within the land.
  • Zul'Drak: Under attack from Dragonblight and Grizzly Hills borders: Yet the different representive animal gods are fighting against the Legion.
  • Crystalsong Forest: Removed as a zone as it has been flooded by flames due to a demonstration of what Sargeras can do despite his current bounds to the Twisting Nether.
  • Sholazar Basin: Half of the land changed due to what control the legion has established and two of the four standing pillars have been brought down.
  • The Storm Peaks: The siege of the Legion has left its mark yet, Sons of Hodir and a recovered Thorim have been able to drive out most of the demons.
  • Wintergrasp: Charged by the demons, Battleground goal changed. (Yet still an outdoor faction VS faction Battleground)
  • Icecrown: Full war between the Scourge and Burning Legion, the Alliance Gunship; The Skybreaker and the Horde one; Orgrim's Hammer has both been shot down and the Argent Crusade currently stands unsure of how to enter the current war in this land.

Changed level ranges

Zone Old New
Ashenvale 20-25 20-30
Azshara 10-20 10-20
Barrens ?? 10-25
Darkshore 10-20 10-20
Desolace 30-35 40-45
Durotar 1-10 1-10
Dustwallow Marsh 35-45 25-30
Felwood 45-50 1-12
Feralas 35-40 45-50
Moonglade 1-70 1-70
Mount Hyjal 80-82 80-82
Mulgore 1-10 1-10
Silithus 55-60 30-35
Stonetalon Mountains 25-30 35-40
Tanaris 45-50 40-45
Teldrassil 1-10 1-10
Thousand Needles 40-45 55-60
Uldum 83-84 82-84
Un'goro Crater 50-55 50-55
Winterspring 50-55 30-40
Eastern Kingdoms
Zone Old New
Arathi Highlands 25-30 35-40
Badlands 45-48 40-45
Blasted Lands 54-60 45-50
Burning Steppes 50-52 50-55
Cape of Stranglethorn 30-35 30-35
Deadwind Pass TBD 57-60
Dun Morogh 1-10 1-10
Duskwood 20-25 20-25
Eastern Plaguelands 40-45 50-55
Elwynn Forest 1-10 1-10
Gilneas 1-12 1-12
Hillsbrad Foothills 20-25 40-45
The Hinterlands 30-35 25-30
Loch Modan 10-20 10-20
Northern Stranglethorn 25-30 25-30
Redridge Mountains 15-20 55-60
Searing Gorge 48-50 45-50
Silverpine Forest 10-20 10-20
Swamp of Sorrows 52-54 35-40
Tirisfal Glades 1-10 1-10
Twilight Highlands 84-85 84-85
Western Plaguelands 35-40 20-25
Westfall 10-15 10-15
Wetlands 25-30 30-35
Great Sea
Zone Old New
Kezan 1-5 1-5
Lost Isles 5-12 5-12
Tol Barad 84-85 85
Zone Old New
Abyssal Depths 80-82 80-82
Kelp'thar Forest 80-82 80-82
Shimmering Expanse 80-82 81-83
Elemental Plane
Zone Old New
Deepholm 82-83 Removed
Zone Old New
Hellfire Peninsula 58-63 58-61
Zangarmarsh 60-64 Inactive
Terokkar Forest 62-65 61-63
Nagrand 64-67 68-70
Blade's Edge Mountains 65-68 63-65
Netherstorm 67-70 65-68
Shadowmoon Valley 67-70 68-70
Zone Old New
Howling Fjord 68-72 68-70
Borean Tundra 68-72 68-72
Dragonblight 71-74 75-78
Grizzly Hills 73-75 70-72
Zul'Drak 74-77 72-75
Sholazar Basin 76-78 72-75
Crystalsong Forest 77-80 Removed
The Storm Peaks 77-80 77-79
Icecrown 77-80 78-80

( The earlier mentioned zones that serves at each Neutral races starting zone is not incuded on this chart as each one of those zones is only phased for starting a new neutral character and wont be seen in that way again )


The following links will guide you to the patches that follow in this expansion. Each patch has certain points to it which is not mentioned earlier as most of the patch content is Raids which is exclusive to that patch only, this is in a attempt to get more of the "Story progress" feeling while still having the availability to do already added raids on the sideline

  • Easter Eggs Each patch note also includes changes to lore which is not earlier mentioned and happens during the named patch change. This can include currently anything from new factions joining The Neutrals to raids which only is open for that current patch period.



Other notable changes

  • The reduction of experience needed to go from level 58-80 is removed and you once again need as much experience as before. (This was changed somewhere within the Cataclysm).

( More to come )

Messages from the creator

  • Some things can seem a bit undetailed but trust me: In time this will be changed and clarified.