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Page last modified: 2018-04-28

General Information

Server: Server:Eldre'Thalas US <>

Faction: Horde


Invaders of the Pass is a Horde guild on the Eldre'Thalas server for World of Warcraft. We are a guild made primarily of adults who have real life responsibilities (jobs, families, etc.) who also enjoy playing WoW. We are one of the oldest Horde guilds on Eldre'Thalas, formed in March 2005 only weeks after the server's activation. We've done it all -- solo, instances, Heroics, PvP, Endgame -- we do it well, and we do it for fun.

Our mission is to create a friendly and fun drama-free environment, to help our members connect for quests and instance groups, and to give players a place to socialize and relax. Invaders run without drama, loot without fighting, and speak with maturity. We raid because raiding is fun, and PvP when we want for the same reason.

The main Invaders of the Pass site, including our Charter and Application, are at Additional information can also be found at our Wowmatcher site,

Ranking Structure


Once an applicant to the Invaders is approved, the new member begins as a Recruit. Your rank in the Invaders does not affect your participation in Guild events, but does limit your access to the Guild Bank.


Once an Recruit has been in the Invaders at least two (2) weeks, they become eligible to become a full Member. Recruits can become full Members with the approval of at least one Officer after thirty days, or sooner with recommendations from other Members.


In addition to the Guild Leader and Officers, there are Invaders who have been awarded the rank of Veteran. This is an honorary title bestowed by the Officers to Invaders who have provided exceptional service over time to the Guild and its Members. The individual reasons vary, but all have shown themselves to be exemplary Invaders.


The Officers perform the day to day tasks of running of the Guild, such as maintaining the membership lists and organizing the Guild Bank. They are also charged with enforcing the rules of the Charter and investigating any complaints against members. New Officers are chosen by the current Officers and Guild Leader.

Guild Leader

The current Guild Leader is Jarinduva. He is only the third Guild Leader in the Invaders' long history, succeeding Zugs in the post. The former Raid Officer, his dedication is unquestionable. He is still sometimes late for raids, though.


All Invaders are able to request and schedule whatever events they desire on the Event Calendar. Formal scheduled endgame raids are normally on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9 PM Server. The Invaders maintain a Ventrilo server for raiding, and schedule events using the Guild Event Manager addon.

A member of the now-defunct Federation of Guilds (which included Shadow Wolf Guard, Hell's Angus and Fate, among others), the Invaders still maintain some ties with other guilds on the server. We have a notable crossover in membership with the Alliance guild Defenders of the Pass, which is the Invaders' sister guild.