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Listen man, I'm just trying to get all my old pages back



Individual Characters & Factions

Garbhan Brokenbreath & The Mak'thuun Rebellion

Toravaax Bloodsoul & The Bloodless Order

Borrox Venomblood

Nylaria of the Maelstrom & the rest of the Council of One universe

The Elderwood Fae

The Accord of Jade Thunder

The Primordialborne



Storm of Terror

Featuring Nylaria of the Maelstrom and Ciar Felwraith as they deal with the first waves of the Burning Legion invading from the Tomb of Sargeras on the Broken Shore located on the Broken Isles; takes place in the main universe as fan-fiction

Fire in the Stars

Fire in the Stars is a story about the draenei death knight Toravaax Bloodsoul and his fight against the Burning Legion.

Katherine Elle and the Black Empire

Katherine Elle and the Black Empire is a short about Katherine's quest back in time to the world of primordial Azeroth to uncover information about the ancient races brought forth by the coming of the Old Gods.


Council of One

  • Yeah

Eye of the Nightmare

  • Emerald Dream expansion

The Mordant Borderlands

  • Lawless, somewhat Wild West expansion taking place on the other side of Azeroth

Whispers of Madness

  • Underground, Old God, Northrend expansion