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Forsaken Priest.png

Hello! I'm Kandooww, I'm from Madrid, Spain. I'm an infant teacher, but I have time for play WoW. I'm fascinated by the WoW's lore and I hope to contribute something.

My characters

Server: ColinasPardas
  • IconSmall Orc Female.gifWarrior Axa
  • IconSmall Undead Male.gifHunter Mortifago
  • IconSmall TaurenDeathKnight Male.gifDeath Knight Azhagg
  • IconSmall Troll Male.gifMonk Broh
  • IconSmall BloodElfDemonHunter Male.gifDemon Hunter Kaotiko
  • IconSmall Goblin Male.gifPriest Tzewak
  • IconSmall Pandaren Female.gifMage Xylema
  • IconSmall Highmountain Male.gifShaman Teslo
  • IconSmall Nightborne Male.gifWarlock Matisse
  • IconSmall OrcBrown Male.gifRogue Veneno
Server: Tyrande (EU)
  • IconSmall Human Female.gifWarrior Rosa
  • IconSmall Dwarf Male.gifShaman Amstel
  • IconSmall NightElfDemonHunter Male.gifDemon Hunter Shanvil
  • IconSmall Gnome Male.gifHunter Meñique
  • IconSmall DraeneiDeathKnight Male.gifDeath Knight Zaryo
  • IconSmall Worgen Male.gifDruid Scheytt
  • IconSmall Pandaren Female.gifPriest Leela
  • IconSmall Lightforged Male.gifPaladin Licht
  • IconSmall VoidElf Male.gifRogue Dunkel
  • IconSmall DarkIron Male.gifWarlock Ferreon


Inv misc book 07.png This user has a strong interest in articles on lore.
Inv sword 46.png This user plays as a DPS.
1 This user employs peasants to count his contributions.
This user plays both Alliance and Horde, but prefers Horde.
TBCLogo.png This user joined during the Burning Crusade.