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World of Warcraft: Council of One
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When the shadows fall, will we survive?


Garrosh has broken free, avoiding justice and escaping his sentence. He disrupted the very fabric of time itself by throwing himself back into the past and giving birth to an alternate timeline with immediate consequential implications on our home. We forged onward unto a world the likes of which no one had ever seen before, creating bonds with new friends and challenging new enemies every step of the way. We fought the freshly formed Iron Horde, a well oiled war machine hellbent on wanton destruction across multiple worlds and times, and ultimately attracted the attention of the dark lord Archimonde. We defeated him in the moment, but the conflict didn't stop there.

Enraged by the fall of their demon king, the Burning Legion has launched an all out trans-dimensional war on mortals, vowing to lay waste to anyone and anything caught in their way. With Azeroth's heroes now back on their home world and in the correct timeline, they must now prepare for the dreaded and long awaited demon invasion, thought to have been in the works ever since the Third War and foretold in prophetic visions by scholars and crazed men alike. In this desperate and dark time of need the faces of Azeroth look upon an old, forgotten ally for hope - the Council of Tirisfal.

Disbanded long ago with the death of their leader, Medivh, the Council of Tirisfal was once an alliance of the greatest mages Azeroth had ever known, who appointed a single leader - the Guardian - and infused them with power nearly incomprehensible to mortals by giving their life in turn. Unfortunately the order has since been lost to the throes of time, but our new friend Khadgar intends to change that. Backed by legendary figures like the king of Stormwind and the chieftain of the Horde, Khadgar has, in this time of desperation, forged a new council - the Council of One.


  • Level Cap Raised to 105 - While players only gain five new physical levels, they'll experience character progression than ever before, especially with...
  • Hero Specializations - The infamous "fourth spec" for every class, but with a twist; at maximum level players will begin to ascend into a higher form of power than ever before, essentially unlocking the powers of a hero class throughout their time in the expansion
  • Slayer Class - A unique take on the popular and highly lauded demon hunter trope, the slayer is a high impact battlefield monstrosity, combining the cunning, wit, and brute strength of the faces of Azeroth, while drawing power from the great and mysterious Twisting Nether itself
  • Post-game World Changes - While maybe not the focus of the entire expansion, players at maximum level will be treated to worldwide changes to old world Azeroth, including visual environmental updates, and new quests to explore and complete, that will be sure to have a lasting effect on players
  • Discover Never-before-seen Zones - As you chase the Burning Legion through the nefarious Twisting Nether, fighting the demons across fields of fire and plains of broken reality, you'll find realms of chaos near indecipherable by mortal man

Hero Specializations

For the full article, see Hero Specializations

Hero specializations are a brand new feature in World of Warcraft introduced in the Council of One expansion. Upon reaching maximum level, players will embark on a legendary quest chain that will span multiple worlds across multiple patches. Fear not, however; players will have long since mastered their hero specialization well before the final patch culminates with the ultimate raid for the expansion.

Back in the height of the Council of Tirisfal, powerful magi from across the world came together in the name of Azeroth and developed a system where members of the council would appoint one amongst them to be their Guardian. Once a leader was chosen, remaining members would then channel their knowledge and power into the Guardian, essentially elevating them into a new entity at the costs of their lives. Today's council, however, isn't so lucky as to being able to freely give themselves in the name of their Guardian, lacking both the numbers and the knowledge to be successful in the ways the council of old was. Instead, the fanatic group has elected to adopt an idea brought for by a warlock representative of the Alliance.

Across the Twisting Nether there exists an uncountable, incomprehensible amount of planets, planes of existence, and broken up fragments of reality. And across these planets and planes are theorized to be an even larger amount of intelligent beings the likes of which have never been seen by us, beyond our understanding in scope, knowledge, and power, to the nth degree. However, with advanced civilization comes greatness, and with greatness come prized possessions such as powerful artifacts, magical instruments, tools of war, some of which could be quite literally beyond our comprehension due to how advanced they might be.

Our goal? Our goal is simple. Track down the Burning Legion across the hellscape that is the Twisting Nether while also searching the vast universe for anything steeped in enough overwhelming magical power in order to elevate the greatest heroes of Azeroth into a greater form of being altogether.

The Council




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