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World of Warcraft: Empire of the Tides is a Great Sea / South Seas sixth expansion idea by Lon-ami.

New features

  • Player level cap increased from 95 to 100.
  • A new continent: South Seas.
  • Eight new high-level zones: Kezan, Seaspire Plateau, Zandalar, Broken Isles, Eye of the Maelstrom and Plunder Isle.
  • A new playable race, the ethereals, with their own new leveling zone: ????.

New playable race

The expansion introduces a new neutral playable race, with its own instanced starting zone.

Neutral Ethereal


New class

The expansion introduces a new class.



New zones


New level 95-100 zones

  • Alliance Kul Tiras: Home to the human nation of the same name, this island has suffered calamity after calamity. Their fleet, the largest and mightiest of the Seven Kingdoms, lost most of its ships to the Red dragonflight during the Second War, and lost the rest at the end of the Third War against the orcs in Kalimdor, together with their Lord Admiral Daelin Proudmoore, leaving his last son, Tandred Proudmoore, alone to handle the nation on his own. When the Tirassians were starting to recover, the Shattering devastated their coast, and the Naga empire started to attack them. Forming an alliance with Mishan Waycrest and her rebel naga, the Tirassians were able to stop the onslaught. Now, with the help of their new allies, the humans have rebuilt their once great fleet, and wait for the rest of the Alliance to spearhead the strikeback at the naga empire.
  • Horde Lost Isles: Used as an outpost by the goblins of the Bilgewater Cartel during the Shattering, the young isles became inhabitable after the volcano at their center erupted. Months later, the Horde, eager to find resources for the war against the Alliance, became interested on what remained of the isles, with all the minerals and metals the lava brought to the surface. The isles have since become the main shipyards of the Horde, where most of their boats are built, as well as an irreplaceable source of blacksmithing materials. The Naga empire knows this, and they'll try to take the isles to leave the Horde defenseless and out of the seas. However, the Horde defenses are nearly impregnable, and no army could break them... But if the naga are behind the recent tremors coming from the volcano and the resurgence of the native pygmy tribes, they may not need any army to send the isles back to the seafloor.
  • Neutral Kezan (95-96): The homeland of the goblins, it was ruled by the trade princes of the Trade Coalition for decades, until the Shattering struck. The dormant volcano of Mount Kajaro exploded, tearing entire sections of the island apart. The goblins who couldn't flee and survived the catastrophe were left amidst a civil war, of proportions unseen since the Trade Wars, with the trade princes who stayed fighting over the remains of the isle. To make everything worse, the capital city and seat of power of the goblins, Undermine, has become an urban battleground, leaving the entire island vulnerable to the Naga empire and the Zandalari trolls. There's rumors about one of the cartels allying itself with the enemy, and if Kezan falls, all the commercial routes of the South Seas will become unnavigable.
  • Neutral Seaspire Plateau (96-97): .
  • Neutral Zandalar (97-98): Standing proud at the heart of the South Seas, the isle of Zandalar was always admired as a land of peace between all trolls. Zuldazar, capital and seat of power of the Zandalari trolls, was place to meetings of all troll tribes. For millennia after the Sundering, brave scholars adventured across the Great Sea to meet the Zandalari and learn their secrets. Only a few selected were allowed to join the elder sages, and most of them did never return, marveled and captivated by their wonders. But as Azeroth nears it darkest hour, so does Zandalar. King Rastakhan has disappeared, and a mysterious warlord prophet, known by the name of "Zul", has taken control of the old armies of the Zandalari, which, together with other recruited troll tribes, march now as an empire once again.
  • Neutral Broken Isles (98-99): .
  • Neutral Eye of the Maelstrom (99-100): .
  • Neutral Plunder Isle (PvP): .

New starting zone

  • Neutral ???? (1-10) (instanced): .

New dungeons, raids and battlegrounds



First content patch

Second content patch

Third content patch

  • Instance portal purple.png . (99) (Eye of the Maelstrom): .
  • Instance portal purple.png . (99) (Eye of the Maelstrom): .
  • Instance portal purple.png . (99) (Eye of the Maelstrom): .
  • Instance portal green.png . (100) (Eye of the Maelstrom): .