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Title Queen of the Sea
Gender Male
Race Aqir (Humanoid)
Class Chieftain
Affiliation(s) Azj'Aqir
Occupation Chieftain of the CDMe Clan
Location Unknown
Status Alive 4ever!
Relative(s) Sketh'lon, Tsun-ami
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I am Lon-ami... and I must edit this page xD

My things... O.O

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"Look at that thing... it'd take a gnome to come up with something like that. I can't understand why you'd cut off an arm, and replace it with that, when you could just keep both arms and add a third!" - Ziz Fizziks

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Druid Druid TAoN TAoN Yes Cata TAoN TAoN Yes Cata
Hunter Hunter FoT TBC Yes Cata TAoN Yes Cata EotT MoP TAoN TBC FoT Cata Yes Yes Yes Cata
Mage Mage FoT TBC Cata Yes Yes TAoN Cata Cata EotT MoP TAoN TBC FoT Cata Cata Yes Yes
Paladin Paladin TBC Yes Yes EotT TAoN TBC Cata
Priest Priest TBC Yes Cata Yes TAoN Yes Cata EotT MoP TAoN TBC Cata Cata Yes Yes
Rogue Rogue FoT Yes Yes Yes Yes Cata EotT MoP TAoN TBC FoT Cata Yes Yes Yes
Shaman Shaman FoT TBC Cata TAoN MoP Cata Yes Yes Yes
Warlock Warlock FoT Cata Yes Yes TAoN Cata EotT TBC FoT Cata Yes Cata Yes
Warrior Warrior FoT TBC Yes Yes Yes TAoN Yes Cata EotT MoP TAoN Cata FoT Cata Yes Yes Yes Yes
Death knight Death kn. WotLK WotLK WotLK WotLK WotLK Cata WotLK Cata WotLK WotLK WotLK WotLK
Monk Monk MoP MoP MoP MoP MoP MoP MoP MoP MoP MoP MoP
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