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Page last modified: 2018-04-28

AllianceNinth Circle
Server Hellscream US
Guild Leader Brannoc
Levels 10–80
Type PvE
Accounts ~40
Armory Ninth Circle Armory

Ninth Circle is a social and leveling guild. The active members range from beginners to seasoned veterans. While the guild does not actively recruit new members, anyone who gets to know current members in game would probably be welcome

For more information you can contact the guild leader or any officer (see below) in game.

Guild progress

While the guild now has many level 80 members (about one third of the member characters), we have not changed focus to the highest end-game content; preferring to help those members that still need catching up.

A number of guild members also have Horde characters in Hellscream's Birkana guild (Armory).


Ninth Circle was founded by a group of players that have worked together online since their days in the Star Wars Galaxies guild Pride of Lowca. Some of the founders had known each other for over a decade before that.

The guild name is both a play of words on the server "Ninth Circle of Hell", and inspired by the nine ringbearers of The Lord of the Rings. The latter is the reason the guild's original coat of arms was Vert, a Ring Or before it changed to Sable, a Fu Lion face affronté Argent, and the current Azure, a holy glyph Or.

Since many of the players knew each other before WoW—and have continued to recruit friends into the game—a majority of players are from northern Vermont, upstate New York, greater Montréal, and Virginia's DC suburbs.

Weekly raid schedule

  • Tuesday, 7:00 PM Server - Primary night, usually one or two ten-man groups.

Guild rules

As this is primarily a social guild for characters of varied levels, please be helpful, but most important have fun.

We use Ventrilo for group coordination during raids and socializing during the play of other content (leveling, events, etc.)


Anyone below could be contacted in game with any questions about the guild.

Character Race Class
Alataraiel Human Warlock
Baltazarus Human Mage
Brannoc Human Paladin
Cybre Night Elf Druid
Jinxa Night Elf Druid
Efreem Draenei Mage
Galipso Night Elf Hunter
Giuseppe Dwarf Hunter
Gradon Human Rogue
Maajor Night Elf Druid
Mereak Dwarf Paladin
Smallen Gnome Rogue
Teddy Night Elf Hunter
Tipplar Human Mage