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My Characters

Oscurit the Dragonrider

Bald, smart, a voice surrounded by a deep arcane echo and a quite muscular corpse for an undead mage, this undead is has an aura of mistery all around him. Forsaken refers to him as a powerful noble, leading the house of the Faramos, famous in the human kingdom of lordaeron for having loads of hired thugs. In truth the Faramos died with his father. He's now something new: a loyal servant of the Blue Dragonflight.

NeutralOscurit Faramos (Marcus Ryan)
Image of Oscurit Faramos (Marcus Ryan)
Title Lord, the Dragonrider
Gender Male
Race Forsaken
Class Mage, Mage hunter, Conjurer, Arcanist,
Affiliation(s) Blue Dragonflight
Occupation Dragonsworn, Arcane Guide of the Arcane Sanctum
Location Unknown
Status Undead
Relative(s) Lord Ashmur Faramos (Father), Lady Kylia Faramos (Mother), Lady Shyna Sunwalker (Deceased)
Mentor(s) Ralgos
Alignment Lawful evil


Oscurit, once, was known as Rayan Marcus Faramos, a very important noble and an old arcanister of the Kirin Tor[1]. After the many problems he had with his family, he suceed in marrying with an elf named Shyna. Skilled and intelligent, was always ready to help. At Dalaran invasion he fought with all his abilities...but he died by the hand of some wicked ghouls. Even death didn't save the poor mage and he has been turned into a ferocious undead from the hand of a dreadlord, without mercy for anyone. Starting to go into a incredible madness...

Oscurit and the Blue Dragon Aspect. Added by Malygos Helper Renamed himself Oscurit (from osbscurus; darkness) he starts to fight against every opposer of the Burning Legion. When, at the Battle of Mount Hyjal, the Legion lost the war, Oscurit became free and ran away, scared of both factions. He then went in the only place he may find safe: the frozen wastes of Northrend. The cursed undead at the dragonblight found a young blue drake fighting against a Frost Wyrm. He aided the blue one as he could, and, at the end, the duo won. The drake was injured and not able to fight, so Oscurit aided him as he was able to. The blue dragon found in Oscurit an helper and, after the mage told the drake his story and showing his powers, the last one agreed in help the mage. Once the drake was able to fly again,he flew away for a week, when he came back, he was in meaning to aid Oscurit joining the Blue Dragonflight. After only some months of service with the dragonspawns, Oscurit became istantly a well known member of the flight and his skills reached even the Blue Dragon Aspect's ears that agreed not to slaughter him and keep him as a new dragonsworn. Because of his skills, he has also been introduced in the ways of conjuring, where he proven to be a very skilled mage.

Classic WoW

Lord Faramos, after some time, has been sent to look over the Plaguelands and, before, even in the Battle for Ahn'quiraj. He, in the disguise of a Forsaken, aided in the fight against the Scourge in the dark time known as "Shadow of the Necropolis", also he rebuilt his noble house, the Faramos, hiring thugs, guards ad farmers. He lefted from the Undercity and returned to the Blue Dragons's lair, giving to Malygos himself the information gained about the Qiraji defeat and Kel'thuzad's demise. After this, he not only obtained a gift for his efforts, but he received a master, Ralgos who began to train him.

The Burning Crusade

In the burning crusade, Oscurit never took any real actions into Outland but a few assaults over the Netherstorm and Shadowmoon Valley. At the starting Ralgos kept training the mage, later the dragonsworn focused in a frequent political hostility against Silvermoon and the Magisterial Guard without any great success. Later Oscurit has been sent into the Isle of Quel'danas under the will of the Ralgos, a powerful wyrm of the Azure Dragonflight. There he fed his hatred against the demons until Madrigosa, the blue dragon that was sent with Faramos, got killed by an aged pit lord in the middle of the assault over the Sunwell. He then fled back and, claiming to be a member of the Horde, went to Silvermoon where, looking at the terrible fel corruption in the area, the mage had some contrasts with a warlock and his order with plans that were against the dragonsworn's mind. Not much time after this series of events an orc came to Silvermoon. The orc wished to travel to Quel'danas and fight, so, Oscurit the dragonrider returned there, disguised as a servant of the Horde he fought in Quel'danas, never getting near the Sunwell with the fear of sharing the same fate of Madrigosa, that, renamed Felmyst, was the terror of the skies. At the end, Quel'danas was conquered and Oscurit returned to Ralgos, reporting what happened in the Sunwell.

The Wrath of the Lich King

In the Nexus War, Oscurit has been forced to return to Norhrend, for the critical situation there. After the fall of Malygos, he ran away, hating everyone. But, first of all, he hates the Black Dragonflight, thinking that, if the Black Ones never betrayed the other flights, Malygos wasn't going to call the Nexus War and reach such a terrible demise. Oscurit is now travelling land to land, trying to keep the artifacts he can get. People start to see the mage venturing many times into the region named Azshara, it is still not known why, but rumors says that Oscurit is still a dragonsworn. To confirm this, Oscurit is now secretly serving Ralgos, the ancient blue wyrm. He also, following Ralgos instructions, created Vexagos, a drake who should serve Oscurit without question... After long time, to increase his political influence, Oscurit has entered the guild known as Shadows of Lordaeron, under the vessel of Mailann Shadowwalker. Hoping to give useful information to the blue dragonflight, wich is now in peace with the other flights. The mage is now a perfect spy among the mortals's lines. Thanks to his skills, he has already become an officer of the Shadows. He has been working on an interesting project since Andorhal was taken by the Forsaken, involving the gift he received by Malygos long time ago. What will the Soul of the Frozen Death bring is unknown, but he has required every deathcaster to channel his energies inside the Soul. While increasing the energy of the Soul, he killed Meverel A'chard a warlock of the Shadows. While, for unknown reasons Faramos the dragonrider has hidden the Soul, he has claimed he will create a new weapon. To see what kind of weapon he would have made, is time to return a few months back, during the Nexus War.

Oscurit with the Arcane Storm. Added by Malygos Helper After the end of the Nexus War a few ethereums stole a powerful artifact from the Nexus, wich was said to be the incarnation of Arcane itself, "the Arcane Storm". Oscurit came to know what happened and, bringing his noblehouse in Outland, he fought the Ethereum. When they hoped that the house of the Faramos was defetead due to an ambush, Oscurit asked the aid of the Shadows of Lordaeron, grabbing so the weapon. After months of inactivity where no words were heard from Oscurit the mage betrayed the Horde, building a Mana Bomb with the clear intent to destroy the Beastmaw Clan, the Suncrown Order and the Shadows of Lordaeron during a meeting at the center of Orgrimmar. The plan was stopped thanks to the intervent of Rin Kalmore that realized the betrayal of Oscurit. The mage, irritated, reached Ashenvale where the guild of Torakk was preparing to battle the night elves. Bringing his entire noblehouse there, he declared a cold war, often almost becomming a real war, filled of ambushes aginst the Beastmaw or the mage and his house itself. At the same time, the master of Oscurit arrived. Ralgos fought against the entire Horde in Ashenvale that moved against the Dragon as soon as Kalmore came to know about the wyrm's presence. The battle was hard as there was not only a mind controlled Hirgma and Faramos noblehouse, but the the wyrm himself, who, later, showed up, almost slaughtering every attacker. The battle was hard and more than once Ralgos was about to prevail. Only at the end, when everyone was now weak, supported by the magic of two paladins, a druid and Ronto, Thorrim suceeded in dealing the last killing blow to the enormous wyrm and he collapsed on the ground lying dead in Azshara. Ralgos, master of Lord Faramos, died that day. The leader of the rebels of the Blue Dragonflight died that day. Nyttja Gello, looking at the losses from both sides, asked to make peace and Oscurit, in a drammatic situation, had to acept. Not long time passed before some forsaken, not acepting Oscurit re-integration, moved to kill him. The mage was weak as he transfered all his energies in the Soul of the Frozen Death, already knowing that his actions would have made his story end that day. Thus, unable to defend himself with magic and not having Vexagos on his side, the deathstalkers managed to kill him under misterious circumstances. Altrough, he seems to have known of his death as he had already written a testment, indicating that he left all his artifacts and titles to an undead that, in life, has been his vassal. The vassal was also the one who made him meet with Shyna, in his life as human, and he never repaid his follower for this. Pre-Cataclysm

Finding the corpse of Oscurit Faramos lying in Winterspring, Rukadare brought the cadaver to the graveyard of Deathknell, hoping the mage to be ressurrected and his grasp upon the Soul of the Frozen Death diminuished. The idea did not go well as Rukadare planned: once the Faramos has been ressurrected, he claimed the forsaken to have killed him and, after a short time, left Tirisfal Glades. Rukadare was later found dead. Oscurit, returned to life, found the blue dragons in an even worst state than before. And the black dragonflight was roaming free all around. But, in his mind, everything was now paling. He realized how all his ideals were useless... All the times he attempted to pursue anything, he kept failing. His father, Shyna, his mother in life had a terrible demise. And in his unlife, things weren't going better. At the starting, his idea was to protect the Blue Dragonflight and fight the Black Dragonflight. He was about to pursue his intent, but, he then realized how everything was useless. With his drake, he went away even more depressed.

Cataclysm: Oscurit was alone. His ideals and his flight's ideas were now dust: there were no longer the blue dragons. When he went to Mazthoril, one of the last blue dragons's bases, he found nothing but fallen comrades. Not finding any of his former allies, he went with Vexagos away. Not long time later, as the Aspect of Death returned and sent his minions to kill the blue dragonflight, the mage, not finding any of his flight, fled away. Some rumors suggest he went into the Dark Portal, being too weak to sustain any battles. There, he hoped to rest and find a place where to live. Since that day, along with his drake he has not returned to Azeroth. During the Embrace the Dragonsworn has finally returned into the world of Azeroth. After having a journey of peace and prosperity into the Outlands, Oscurit, with his renewed hopes in the heir of Malygos, Arygos, hopes to return a servant of the flight. That was so until his betrayal. However the status of things makes him fear the annihilation of the world and has chosen to aid the other dragonflights before they shall share the fate of Malygos.


Rayan Marcus was from a noble family, born in the mountains of Alterac, he always been able to cast enormous and incredible spells, making easier his way to the Kirin Tor. His relatives, now killed by the Scourge, never agreed about Marcus's will to marry Shyna, an high elf. Anyway, he decided to marry the young elf, and, togheter, they moved to Dalaran. Two years later a letter ordered to Shyna to back in Quel'thalas for defend her lands. Three weeks later a letter came to Oscurit, telling that her wife has died. His parents died not much time later by the hand of the Scourge, in Loarderon. After some time happened to him too.


Oscurit is much like many members of the blue flight, eccentric and innovative. Due to his dramatic life, his behavour is often paranoid. Open minded but cruel on his enemies, the dragonsworn has a formidable intellect. His love for deception and magic tricks makes of him a formidable opponent, even if alone. He has a very deep aristrocratic mind, following this way of thinking the knowledge should be gifted just to a circle of elites.


Oscurit is tall, bald and, unlike some other undeads has a mouth. The terrible smell undeads emanates is diminuished by an arcane aura he irradiates wich makes people sense his energies inside him. This aura does often affect his own voice, filling his words of an ancient echo.


Magic is art an and we can expect Oscurit not to use the same abilities every battle. While in a long battle he could cast powerful abilities of a long cast time, in duels and short fights he keeps magical defenses on him and, while using deceiving abilities, weakens the target with minor spells until the time to strike him with a most powerful ability has come.

Illusionism and Abjuration: Incredible. He has extremely excellent skills in arcane, tought by the Blue Dragonflight itself, his tricks are incredibly powerful and should not be understimated. Those two are typical of him and are to be taken very carefully.

Conjuration: Excellent (Frost)/Low (Fire). He has an excellent ability over frost: he learnt his tricks during his life, while living in Dalaran and later improved these arts while following the powerful Ralgos. Despite this his fire spells are often mocked by others high ranked mages, being them still practised at a low level.

Necromancy: High. During the campaign of the Shadows of Lordaeron in the Plaguelands, he was in charge of overseeing the books stolen from the Scourge. Thus he learned much about Scourge's actions and their ways... Eventually this led into his exile from the Blue Dragonflight.

Transmutation: Advanced. This ability has been used frequently by the Azure Dragonsworn to create a portal in order to escape from a battle or to morph someone into a weak critter, or utilizing the blink spell to escape an incomming hit.

Demonologism: Despite a lesser knowledge that allows him to detect when a fel magic spell is casted, this school remains unknown to him.

Enchantement: High. He usually enchants his armor against phisycal attacks or empowers it with magical gems, containing arcane energies.

Divination: Medium. A close-minded noble is not really the person that fits for the divination - nor that may be much interested in this art. Altrough, when he had to side with the Blue Dragonflight, the dragons pretended him to learn how to detect magic from far and to find artifacts. For this reasons, he had to improve his low skills in this school.


  • Yes, once my name was Rayan Marcus Faramos, a noble name of a great family, but i lost my honor, and i must remember this forever, or until i wont redeem myself. That's why i call myself Oscurit. (To Tortus, while explaining the origins of his 'nickname'.)
  • That apothecary thinks to beat magic with science, it's laughable. Magic is an art, the most powerful art. I assure you, no potions can withdraw mana permanently, or, even if they are meant to, they will, in time, fail, as magic has no limits. The science, instead, is technic and has great limits. He'll never be able to go over a certain limit, as he is bounded to his short chains, unlike i, that have already fled away from my chains and can go everywhere.

The House of Faramos

The "Faramos" were a noblehouse of Lordaeron led by Ashmur Faramos. It later got destroyed when the Scourge arrived. Many of its members are now among the Forsaken ranks. Rebuilt by Oscurit, previously named Marcus Rayan Faramos, the Faramos are trying to regain their previous respect who was not only for their political influence, but for the incredible variety of military resources they had once. Inside the Forsaken ranks they greatly weakened but this doesn't mean they doesn't have any relevance inside the Dark Lady's ranks. During the Ashenvale campaign the Faramos betrayed the Horde and the noblehouse was about to shatter. It was thanks to the Faramos testment, where Oscurit left his house to an esponent of the minor nobility, Gulamir Rukadare, that the House still exists. The Leader has returned to be now Oscurit Faramos, altrough the House is not officially recognised as allied to the Horde.

Name Role Status
Mage-undead-m-80.gifLord Rayan Marcus Faramos Current leader. Undead
Mage-undead-m-60.gifDon Gulamir Rukadare Leader of the Noblehouse for a short period of time, killed by Marcus Faramos. Dead
Mage-bloodelf-f-70.gifTyrya Flamehand Apprentice of Oscurit, eye of the Faramos in Silvermoon, deceased during the War against the Ethereum. Deceased
Deathknight-bloodelf-f-70.gifShyna Sunwhisper In life was the wife of Oscurit Faramos, in undeath, she was a Dark Ranger. She had a short life, killed during an ambush (no longer played). Deceased
Undead male.gifJuar Majordomo of the Faramos, killed by an orc's blow while carrying the Mana Bomb. Deceased
Deathknight-bloodelf-m-70.gifIcor Sunwhisperer A client of the Faramos, he has been killed under unknown circumstances. Deceased
Undead male.gifRavanir Craven A trusted hired thug. Active
Undead male.gifChampion Murior Champion of the Faramos in both life and death, he has unquestionable loyalty towards his superior. Unknown
Undead female.gifEleyra Blackheart "The Gutter" Eleyra was a trusted member of the Faramos until she organized a betrayal against Oscurit during the Ashenvale campaign. Deceased
Undead male.gifGuards and Hired Thugs Those guards and hired thugs are (or were) forsaken combatants who immolated their life for the Faramos noblehouse in exchange of political protection. They often are called with creepy or funny nicknames, gave to them to evidence some of their qualities. Among them: Jaranu Crawn blackknife, Flae Thomas "darkcomplaint". Deceased - Active
Orc male.gifTauren male.gifHuman male.gifUndead male.gifFarmers Previously farmers were the ones who gave great profit and moneys to the Faramos, now it is unlikely to happen, as the Faramos lost all the territories and the farmers attempts to find other leaders able to give them a valuable profit. Inactive
Undead male.gifFile:Goblin male.gifClients The ones who vow their loyalty to the Faramos for obtaining protection or some way of payment. They come and leave the House at their will, not truly belonging to them. Independent
The Sigil of the House

The serpent, in the Houses Sigils, stands for the power and the eternity of the dinasty. Some others claim the serpent to represent the infection. Altrough such voices are seen as negative from the majority of the nobles as the sigils should have just positive means. The strange colour of the Blue serpent, says Oscurit Faramos, hints that his people were following the Blue Dragonflight from the origins of the Blue Dragons. Such claims may be wrong, terrible wrong. But the opposite may even be right...

Rumors About the Faramos Noblehouse

The Faramos's greatest members have made not only actions that brought them to be respected among the human lands of Lordaeron, but some of them have made incredible actions even noted in some books often for their incredible pathos.

  • Lord Finthiusaj Faramos, who discovered that his wife was betraying her, killed her and then poisoned her lips with a powerful venom, taken from the giant spiders. The lover, as soon as he realized the death of her beloved, gave her a kiss on the poisoned lips. Not long time later, the unfortunate man died.
  • Lord Gian Marivi Vinscia Faramos, he was famous for being among the most cruel nobles of his times. Surrounding himself of men for personal defense, he used loads of dogs against the enemies. His hatred for the life itself was without limits and is rumored that his wife, who died too soon to coinceve a child, did not gave any heir but it was given thanks to a common woman, maybe not even of noble origins. As soon as the son reached a mature age, he plotted to slay his father, realizing his terrible actions and thus poisoned his food.
  • Lord Arv'i Marcus Faramos was said to be one of the most generous members of the Faramos Noblehouse. Altrough his actions brought him to side against different noblehouses. He had to stop his work.
  • Lord Ashmur Faramos, the last of the living Faramos, was very disciplined and cold. Altrough not many notes of this, his great action was taken against the Scourge: after he heard of Dalaran's fall (and thus his child's death too) the old man protected his keep, sending every day scouts to see the Scourge movements. In the meantime, he kept a detailed diary of the undead's movements. When the Scourge arrived, he ordered to a flying bird to brought the written informations away, in the kingdom of Stormwind, altrough it never reached the southern lands. Where the diary is, as of yet, it's unknown. Altrough, Ashmur Faramos is said to have remained in his keep until the last, when the Scourge, after over a week, suceed in breaching the castle and found the man sat in his throne with the sigil of the Faramos Noblehouse, who burned himself instead of giving his tactical knowledge and his soul to the enemy and ordered his men to burn the entire region, preventing the Scourge to corrupt the Faramos lands any further.


Blood Elf Warlock - Demonology

An example of blood elf warlock from the other pages.


Xathiar Nightwhisper is the second child of an high elven family. Unhappy of his social position, he started to study the Highborne and their magic as soon as he was able to learn the ways of a spell-caster. While he did not shared enough importance among his people for being a magister, he started to being respected due to his knowledge over their ancient society. Many magisters started to hire him and promote his studies, sending him where Highborne magic was still trackable with the hope to find ancient artifacts or knowledge. What they didn't knew was that he was practising the demonic magic aswell during his long trips. During his adventures he found the Tome of the Night. That tome explained lot of interesting secrets related to the Highborne and aswell some legends Xathiar tought to be false... Until the elf himself did not wanted to try to verify a legend. He started to search a crimson crystal. Blinded by the legend of this crystal, he suceed in finding it and replaced his eyes with the red crystal. Able to see the shadows of the shadows, shocked by the secrets and the powers the Highborne had, he renamed himself in Nightwhisper from Sunwhisper. He went even more far from his homeland practising demonologism at an higher level. The Scourge then arrived and destroyed Quel'thalas. He did not returned to his lands but instead went into humans's lands as soon as the notice of Kalimdor's continent reached his ears. He continued to perform researches, sometimes having rapports with satyrs and nagas themselves. His life continued in this way for long time. When the Dark Portal was opened, curious to see what Illidan could have offered, he was in willing to join the army of the Illidari. But, while travelling trough he Dark Portal an Horde coalition approached him. Unable to be identified Xathiar went to Silvermoon. His demonic skills were welcomed during times of crisis. Respected by Silvermoon, he keeps researching artifacts of the Highborne society, in Northrend or Kalimdor.


A typical trait of the elf are his eyes that has been replaced with two dark crimson crystals allowing the warlock to see traces of magic or hidden creatures. His movement, aswell as his body, assemble the typical elven grace. On the other hand, his fingernails are so long that may even be mistaken for long claws. Two deep shadows under his eyes can be seen, possibly for the many rituals he keeps performing without closing an eye.


Like many corrupted Highborne, he strongly believes in the demons and their power. His mind has been altered and corrupted long ago so that the warlock does not distinguish the difference between a good action and an evil one. Due to his manipulatory personality, Xathiar rathers remain in the shadows while his minion or his plans grow and does hardly reveal himself.

Dethrak Blightspreader

Apothecary of the Forsaken. - Forsaken Rogue - Sublety

An apothecary practising upon his plagues

Physical Traits

Long oily dark hairs, a face without mouth and a rotten skin, Dethrak Carax Blightspreader isn't what could be defined an healthy person. Luckly his knowledge brought the undead to be a skilled Apothecary, for the time being, the only one in the Shadows of Lordaeron. As could be assumed, he wears a dark robe, the typical robe of apothecaries.


Dethrak is mainly a skilled apothecary, his greatest success was when he made a guild named the Inquisition that had great relevance among the Forsaken for a short period of time. The undead is incredibly loyal to Sylvanas and his loyalism ethics prevented the undead from betraying the forsaken.


Dethrak has a poor background; As a doctor and alchemist in life, he became a wicked scientist in death, when the Scourge raised him and later, after the Civil War in the Plaguelands, Sylvanas's Apothecary Society requested his skills.

Vheera Crimsonblood

Blood Elf Paladin - Holy

An example of female Blood Knight.


Born in a ranger family, Vheera Crimsonblood was hiding when the Scourge destroyed Quel'thalas. Her wish to take revenge upon the Scourge brought her to enter the Blood-Knight order, becomming an adept knight in short time. Her ability with sword was great and her light spells were valuable. When Kael'thas gave the notice of a new life in Outland she forgot the Scourge, hoping to find in Draenor a new home as the other elves. She, on the other hand, did not moved from Silvermoon, aiding the people there to rebuild their home. Sadly the fel elves attacked Silvermoon and took away the Naaru, preventing the paladins from manipulating the light. After this, an other shocking new came: the blood knight would have embraced the cult of the Light and would have assaulted the Sunwell. Hardly acepting all this, confused, the last of the Crimsonblood fled from Silvermoon becomming a deserter. In those days, thinking the Legion would have destroyed everything, the deserter joined different raids, attacking supplies of Horde and Alliance alike. Silvermoon was busy with the Sunwell and Kil'jaeden so no one took care of her, nor they tought she defected city. When the demonlord got defeated, realizing the impossible was possible, she returned to Silvermoon, being, on the other hand, often mocked for her great addiction to fel magic even with the Sunwell destroyed. Wrath of the Lich King It was a nightmare, for the elf, when the Scourge came in Orgrimmar. After the assault, Vheera embraced the cult of the Light and joined the assault against the Lich King in the Borean Tundra. After a month of two she fled back in Silvermoon when her battalion was ambushed by a Scourge's group, defeating the Horde combatants. Leaking her wounds, she remained in Silvermoon, offering her services to get rid of minor problems in Quel'thalas. Cataclysm: With the comming of the Cataclysm, Vheera, in need of a new faith, acepted the Holy Light, welcoming its virtues.


Her family has been executed by the Scourge and later risen as ghouls or skeletons. Amania, Vheera's mother, has been burned by the rangers of Quel'thalas, Yathius, the father, is possibly a ghoul in the Plaguelands. Her brother Meliso is instead a skeleton that almost strangulated Vheera herself long ago.


Vheera has an unusual behavour, her addiction to magic is always evident as she still hasn't abbandoned the fel crystals even with the Sunwell restored. She tends, as many elves, to distrust the Horde races, expecially the trolls. With the other elves and forsaken alike she's timid and quite unfriendly, but can get prove of a very innovative spirit and creative genius if known well.

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