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Title <Loremaster>
Gender Male
Race Blood elf (Humanoid)
Class Demon hunter
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Quel'Thalas
Occupation Rogue
Location In the wind[citation needed] 
Status Alive


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User:Mordecay/War Campaign followers

  • Orgrimmar Grunt - pull the ids coz once the event is removed, they won't show in elinks-search
  • Wisp - pull the ids
  • Demolisher - 135749
  • Goblin sapper - 132073, 137592, 138173, 138175
  • Dark Ranger - 125097, 133385, 136698, 143540
  • Darnassian Archer
  • Darnassian Huntress - 143708
  • Darnassus Sentinel
  • H [110] Clearing Them Out - Darnassian Huntress, Trees of Life, and Lor'danel Sentinel not part of the q
  • Glaive Thrower
  • Goblin Shredder
  • Druid of the Claw
  • Hippogryph Archer - 130721
  • Tree of Life
  • Horde Grunt
  • H [110WQ] Staying Power


User:Mordecay/Class Orders




User:Mordecay/Warcraft III

==User:Mordecay/Invasion of Gnomeregan==[1] (referred to as the fall of Gnomeregan[2] and the Gnomeregan incident)

User:Mordecay/Invasion of Pandaria

User:Mordecay/Teldrassil original quests


The Great Lore Corner

  • The Fall of Rezan (Dazar'alor preview)
  • Varok Saurfang has fought in ten wars as of Battle for Azeroth.
  • Light's Hope Chapel was attacked four times.
  • Scarlet Monastery was attacked 3 times in Summertide, WoW / Ashbringer, Cata, MoP, Legion, making it total 7 or 8 assaults.
  • Lordaeron was attacked 5 times + 1 attack at gates.
  • Angrathar the Wrathgate was done on Sylvanas orders. [8] Or not [9]
  • Kaz the Shrieker was to end Beastly Beastmaster.
    • Defeat the Iron Beastmaster.
    • This clefthoof is beaten and dejected, mourning over its fallen mate. It refuses to heed the thrashes from its Beastmaster nearby.
    • Speak with Kaz the Shrieker in Laughing Skull of Gorgrond.
    • Maybe.
Tides of Darkness
  • Turalyon and Alleria went to Quel'Thalas for two weeks, going through valleys. He, however asked a Wildhammer dwarf to go to Alterac to Daelin. Daelin ordered his ships, stationed near Darrowmere Lake, down the river. They caught Turalyon and his army below Stromgarde.
  • Below Stromgarde??? Despite being in the Hinterlands.
  • It mentions a river past the mountains the Horde used and that goes into Quel'Thalas and to (near) Stratholme.
    • In WoW's geography, it matches the Thondroril River going through northern Lordaeron.
    • In Warcraft III manual maps, a river goes into Quel'Thalas dividing it with Zul'Aman but from different side than WoW's Thondroril (which technically doesn't exist in W3, or could be intended to be Thondroril).
  • Journey to Quel'Thalas not covered by Chronicle 2.

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