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Thorns (Warbringers) and novellas differences

  • "The Horde shouldn't waste its armies on a desert the Alliance has no intention of invading."
    • Alliance is already there.
  • Zoram'gar Outpost is said to be a ruin.
    • It is ok in the Thorns and BfA missions
  • Silverwind Refuge
    • is recaptured by the Alliance in Elegy; still Horde in BfA missions.
  • It's implied that Sylvanas wasn't telling Varok everything (25) + "The kaldorei knew they were outnumbered. They knew their homeland was lost. Maybe a few of them knew in their hearts—just as she knew—that Darnassus would one day burn to ashes." possibility of the Burning plan before Sylvanas got pitied by Delaryn.
  • Map of Stormwind vs map of an icy land.
  • the “Sword in the Sand” debacle

Retcons and inconsistencies

Check Nefarian's death in chronicle and ttota. Dranosh death.

  • Shadow Wing moved after the Sunwell event. (Previously at the beginning of TBC; living Illidan mentioned there which may mean it's still not after the Sunwell)
  • ICC dungeons appearances by women.
  • Chronicle vaguely says that Arthas Menethil burned his own ships in Northrend. In Warcraft III, he hired mercenaries to do it.
  • Thrall demo missions switched / Medivh warning people.
  • Anasterian being on Quel'Danas[citation needed]  (hinted by BotH when Dar'Khan wondered where the king had run off to); Anasterian and the remaining elves retreating to Quel'Danas (p. 96)
    • Was in Silvermoon, went to Quel'Danas, to Sunwell and returned to the icy path?
  • Volume 3 says that there were three magical barriers in Quel'Thalas, two elfgates in addition to a third barrier called Ban'dinoriel,[1] while there were supposed to be two barriers, the inner and the outer elfgate, with Ban'dinoriel being a component of the inner elfgate.
    • Each temple was constructed on an intersection of ley lines, similar to the Sunwell itself, the traitorous elf had told him, gleeful to be betraying his people so. The ley lines were like blood vessels of the earth, carrying magic instead of scarlet fluid. Thus interconnected, the crystals created a field of energy known as Ban’dinoriel—the Gatekeeper. All he needed to do was find these sites at An’telas, An’daroth, and An’owyn, slay the guards, and find the mooncrystals.
    • Charged by the ley lines, the three crystals fed the earths aracne energies into the magical web that protected Silvermoon. This dome of energy was knon by the elves as bandinoriel, the gatekeeper. A defensive barrier of immeasurable force, dwarfing even the might of the Runestones that powered the outer dampenign field, a field that restricted the use of magic to that wielded by the elves themselves
    • In W3, Arthas needed the crystals to destroy a gate.
    • The gates being called barriers seem to be new / wrong.
  • Stonetalon vs Ashenvale
    • Jaina trekked toward Stonetalon Peak
    • The Alliance reached Ashenvale
    • Jaina reached the foothills of the Stonetalon Mountains, Warsongs emerged from the forest undergrowth.
    • Warsongs had been in Barrens for many days before finding Jaina in Ashenvale.
    • Expedition reppeled the orcs, and Jaina led the refugees up to the slopes of the Stonetalon Mountains. Some of them remained.
    • Thrall and co arrived to the foothills. He ordered to ignore the Alliance but many orcs refused because of "something" since they arrived in Ashenvale.
    • Thrall sent the Warsongs deeper into Ashenvale.
  • Upon awakening, Malfurion and Tyrande trekked across Hyjal to get to Winterspring and get the druids.
  • Arthas scaring dreadlords before Kil'jaeden made contact with Illidan?
  • Azjol-Nerub - city pg. 98
  • Merge with Arthas in order not to fade from existence.
  • pg. 100 - new kingdom (also in Dark Mirror), instead of the former kingdom (Timeline (Ultimate Visual Guide)) ; and the Undercity (became known, previously, the Undercity was always named)
  • pg. 102 - Balnazzar

Events of UVG's Year 22 are detailed under Year 21 (although everything till Y25 is under Y21; timeskip maybe?)

"peace for years" - did the bonus campaign replace Cycle of Hatred in the timeline?

  • Chronicle hints at a large gap between the establishment of Durotar and the Kul Tiras attack whereas previous sources state that it was when Orgrimmar was still being built (Cycle of Hatred, ch. 9)

Sunwell Trilogy chronology kinda not ok.

  • Hakkar killed by the Horde - previously stated to have been killed by Alliance and Horde, BfA also states both factions (it does not mention Alliance; re-check the BfA for wording).
  • Rend killed in vanilla, mentioned The Comic.
  • Dragon manga put at the end of the tbc instead of the beginning.
  • Illidan ordering blood elves to attack Shattrath did happen. Check illidan novel for any mentions.
  • Cairne makgoring Garrosh because he had sent the Horde into Ashenvale (Shattering's Twilight's Hammer retconned. Despite the wording, it may possibly be meant as an absent detail).
  • Genn's color changing.
  • Kael traveling from Outland to Sunwell through the Dark Portal instead of a portal in the Throne of Kil'jaden.

The Chronicle indicates that he throws his lot in with Kil'jaeden and leaves the Black Temple in response to the Scryers' defection to the naaru, yet it then states that when he leaves the Black Temple and goes to the Netherstorm it's before Tempest Keep arrives, meaning the naaru weren't in Outland yet.

  • The events of the novel Day of the Dragon, in which Alexstraza is rescued from Grim Batol, have been greatly changed. In the novel, Rhonin and Vereesa set off to Grim Batol, but are beset by many attacks along the way by Dragonmaw Orcs. Vereesa initially does not know of Rhonin's true mission, and the dwarf Falstad Wildhammer joins their party much later in the novel. Rhonin at one point is even captured by Deathwing and to be used as a pawn for negotiation. In Chronicle, Rhonin recruits Vereesa and Falstad Wildhammer at the start for his mission and the novel simply describes them as arriving at Grim Batol to find the battle under way.

Rhonin had been stunned to find that an orc clan still had this much power after the Second War, and he was determined to break its strength. He rallied a small group of friends--including the high elf ranger Vereesa Windrunner and the dwarf gryphon rider Falstad Wildhammer--and rushed to Grim Batol to free the red dragons.

  • In Arthas: Rise of the Lich King we learn that Arthas and Ner'zhul merged together when Ner'zhul called Arthas to him for aid after defying Kil'jaeden. Arthas is then drawn to the armor by his own volition, and the two beings fuse into one as the Lich King planned. As he travels to the glacier, he hears the warning voices of Uther and Muradin in his head as doubts. In Chronicle, he is commanded to merge by the Lich King, who believes Arthas will be easy to subdue. Before Arthas took up the helm, he has hesitations--but this time he is concerned about being used by his master or having his mind destroyed.

At his master's command, Arthas stepped before the Frozen Throne and shattered it with a single strike from Frostmourne.

    • Bulshit, Ner'zhul called him in ROTLK / W3 too.
  • Balnazzar's involvement in the Ashbringer weapon is clarified. Originally, Sylvanas ordered Varimathras, Balnazzar's brother, to kill him as a sign of loyalty--but his death was staged, as the two brothers worked together to undermine Sylvanas. Balnazzar then entered into a pact with Kel'Thuzad--Mograine would be eliminated, as he was unstoppable at defeating the Scourge with Ashbringer, and Balnazaar could continue to pursue the plans of the dreadlords. To this end, he then killed the Paladin Saidan Dathrohan and inhabited his body. Saidan then founded the zealous Scarlet Crusade and corrupted Renault Mograine to kill his father. The death of Mograine corrupted Ashbringer, which Kel'Thuzad claimed upon resurrecting Mograine as a Death Knight.
    • Check the comic for a pact (it is somewhat implied when Saidan goes to Mograine in the room, but not directly stated or confirmed).
  • In Chronicle, Balnazzar is attacked by Sylvanas' forces and flees into the Plaguelands. His motivation to kill Saidan came from a desire to protect himself through creating a new army--the Scarlet Crusade. He needed to kill Mograine, the example of piety and valor, to make it easier to turn the Paladins to the dark side. Kel'Thuzad does retrieve Alexandros's corpse and the Ashbringer eventually, but this is treated as an unrelated act.

He kept to the shadows, fearful that the Scourge might one day discover his presence. In the paladins, Balnazzar saw a means to protect himself--a means to create a new army.

  • Balnazzar killed a venerated paladin named Saidan Dathrohan, and then he assumed his form. In the guise of such a respected holy warrior, the dreadlord was confident that he could twist most of the paladins into his service. Yet there was one he believed was beyond his reach: Alexandros Mograine. The wielder of the Ashbringer embodied piety and valor. The sooner he was gone, the sooner the other paladins would fall under Balnazzar's influence. (pg 103)

  • In Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, Rexxar reconnects with the Horde as the dying orc Mogrin asks Rexxar to deliver a message to Thrall. He also adventures frequently, meeting up with Chen Stormstout and Vol'jin. In the war against Kul Tiras, Rexxar organizes and rallies the troops. In Chronicle, Rexxar cautiously joins the Horde as it feels like a place of pride and honor. Chen and Vol'jin are not mentioned and Thrall rallies the troops instead. But in both stories, Rexxar has credit for slaying Daelin Proudmoore.

The settling of Durotar drew the attention of Rexxar, an old beastmaster who had invaded what it had become. For years, he had lived alone, learning how to survive and thrive in Azeroth's wilds. Thrall's Horde seemed like a force of pride and honor, and Rexar cautiously joined the orcs in their new home.

...Thrall rallied the orcs, the Darkspear Trolls, the Tauren, and even the nearby Stonemaul Ogre clan for battle.

    • Technically, he did and did not, he was there, but Rexxar was the one rallying them.

  • As Me'dan is not present in Chronicle, much of the story with Cho'gall from the comics is changed. In the comics, Cho'gall has Med'an kidnapped when Garona is mindcontrolled and forced to attack Varian during a peace meeting between the Alliance and Horde leading up to Wrath. Cho'gall brings Med'an to C'Thun's room, who is later rescued by Meryl and Valeera. Garona then sought to kill Cho'gall, who wanted to kill Med'an and use his energy to summon the Old God back to Azeroth. With the help of the Council, Meryl, Aegwynn, and Atiesh, Cho'gall is buried in a pile of rubble, only resurfacing in Cataclysm.
  • However in Chronicle, Cho'gall has a more interesting story. He sets out on a quest to awaken the Old Gods, which is sidetracked at first by Garona's successful attempts to assassinate many of his followers. After luring and entrapping Garona, Cho'gall once again focuses on his mission, making his way to Ahn'Qiraj and breaking C'Thun's chains through a powerful ritual. C'Thun was now free to awaken the dormant silithid and prepare for war, events which led to the Opening of the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj and the 40-player raid.

But Cho'gall did not need to physically pass it. Outside the wall, he and his cultists performed a great ritual. Their magic extended beyond the barrier, piercing into the prison chamber where C'Thun was chained. The influx of power shattered the Old God's bonds. C'Thun's liberation came at a price for Cho'gall's followers. The energies unleashed by the ritual destroyed most of the cultists who had taken part.

    • The Comic part starts after this chapter. Garona's story is indeed changed, tho, (she was in Duskwood when Med'an was first introduced; and only got enscrolled later.
    • No mention of Med'an and C'Thun's resurrection at all either.
  • In The Burning Crusade, we learn that blood elves such as Varedis (Varedis Must Be Stopped) were handpicked by Kael'thas and sent to Illidan for training (N [70] Illidan's Pupil). In Chronicle, Kael'thas doesn't really know what's going on and doesn't appear to have picked any for Illidan.
    • Check Illidan novel for mentions of belves.

  • Instead of being buried in a pile of rubble by Med'an, Cho'gall now sets out to Northrend during the events of Burning Crusade. He loosens the bonds of Yogg-Saron, providing the Old God with greatly-strengthened powers. He then escalates the conflict between the Alliance and Horde, commanding Garona to attack Varian at a peace summit. This is similar to existing lore, but without details on Med'an's recapture by the Twilight Hammer cult. With no Med'an in this story, Garona pledged to work with Jaina and Aegwynn to learn more about the Twilight Hammer, instead of only providing information if she'd receive help saving her son.

The two-headed ogre willingly chipped away at Yogg-Saron's enchanted bonds. He could not break them, but he managed to weaken the chains.

    • This is described before The Comic would take place, so no.

  • The Lich King, in a dormant slumber, wars with the competing voices of Arthas, Ner'zhul, Matthias Lehner, a representation of Arthas' humanity. He runs through Matthias with Frostmourne. Ner'zhul is initially pleased that he can now merge fully with Arthas, who has other plans. He doesn't want to follow anyone's orders again, and so runs through Ner'zhul with Frostmourne.

In Chronicle, Arthas decides that sharing the Lich King's power with Ner'zhul would lead to disorder and that one mind was needed for maximum power. He waged war on Ner'zhul, torturing the Orc with his lingering guilt at sending the orcs to the Burning Legion. He then subdues Ner'zhul to nothing but sorrow in his consciousness. The two beings went to war for permanent control of the Lich King's power. Ner'zhul had the initial advantage, for he had lived with this power far longer than Arthas had. But Arthas was prideful, stubborn, and determined. He found the single weakness in Ner'zhul's soul: the lingering guilt over his unwitting role in enslaving the orc race to the Burning Legion...Through force of will, Arthas clawed his way through the orc's mental wounds and tore apart Ner'zhul's mind...Not only did Arthas drown him in his guilt, but he deliberately snapped the bonds of his sanity, causing the orc to spiral further and further into despair.

  • In the short story "Edge of Night," Sylvanas enters into a pact with the Val'kyr because she is terrified of the hell she has found herself in death. Before throwing herself off the wall, she has a vision that the Forsaken would be exploited, but that doesn't stop her. In Chronicle, her motivations for accepting the help of the Val'kyr also involve protecting the Forsaken.

  • In the novel Stormrage, Xavius is dealt with and simply the nightmare is sealed away. In Chronicle, Xavius' spirit is also sealed away in the Rift of Aln, which is where we fight him in Legion.
    • Check Stormrage, should be there.

Canon lines of instances and main wars

  • Northrend war invasion line - Horde from west, Alliance from east???
  • Horde did Hellfire Citadel (Alliance retconned); retconned Illidan novel (ch 25) which says that both shacked the Citadel
    • Check wording for the Citadel dungeons and the Magtheridon raid in both sources
  • Alliance did Serpentshrine Cavern (Horde retconned)
  • Horde did Bastion of Twilight (Alliance retconned)
  • Alliance did Grim Batol (Horde retconned)
  • Blackrock Depths - Alliance victory. Moira stayed behind, drew as much attention as possible to the mountain in order to get people to kill Ragnaros so that the Dark Irons could be free.
    • Corresponds with the Shattering
  • Molten Core - Unknown. Hydraxian Waterlords showed up based on Moira's rumors, basically recruited whoever to challenge Ragnaros.
  • Maraudon - Horde victory. Magram tribe and its leader Warug had no loyalty to Theradras, told the Horde the story of how Desolace happened and the centaur legends on how they came to be. Technically, Warug and his Magram are allies of the Horde and ruled over a united centaur, who were now bloodlust free with Theradras's death.
    • Check Bloodsworn for any mention of the attack
    • Check wording for who led the clan.
  • Dire Maul - Horde victory. Found out about Immol'thar, banished it to the Nether, pissed off and fought the highborne there, killed Prince Tortheldrin, and scattered the survivors into the wilds who were left to wean off from the magic. Also vague if they killed Gordok.
    • Tortheldrin being alive in Legion non-canon.
    • No elves mentioned in Traveler, and in fact ogre implied to be the only ones in DM, so kinda ok.
    • No named Dire Maul ogre NPCs in Traveler because they canonically dead. Probably.
  • Upper Blackrock Spire & Blackwing Lair - Horde victory. In a means to secure Shadowforge City, Moira made sure to spread news about Rend's "true Horde" in the Blackrock Spire - doubly making sure the news reached Orgrimmar. Rend is killed by the Horde. Horde marches into Blackwing Lair and kills Nefarian, as well, taking Neferian's head back to Orgrimmar.
    • Check for year Rend died, probably retconned his Comic mention
  • Wailing Caverns - Horde victory.
  • Sunken Temple - Alliance victory.
  • Dragons of Nightmare - Seems like both sides, not exactly clear. Some green dragons saved, most killed.
  • Zul'Gurub - Horde victory. Zandalari sent word to the Horde through the Darkspear. Horde strike force actually allowed their own blood to be poisoned to poison Hakkar, who could not stop feasting on their blood due to his nature to consume blood. Thus making the raid mechanic canon as well. (Corrupted Blood outbreak, however, is seemingly not canon, lame).
    • Previously said to have been done by both.
  • Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj - Horde victory. Saurfang led the Might of Kalimdor forces in a dual strike against C'thun's forces. The Horde tackled the qiraji in the Ruins.
    • Check wording, MoK is supposed to be both.
  • Temple of Ahn'Qiraj - Alliance victory. The other half of the strike went to fight C'thun himself. First Old God death goes to the Alliance.
    • Check the Comic for who had killed C'Thun.
  • Naxxramas - Alliance Victory. Canonwise, it seems like raiders never actually fought Alexandros Mograine as one of the Four Horsemen. Darion, the Argent Dawn's first raid on Naxxramas, and Darion's self-sacrifice to free his father's soul and save Light's Hope Chapel by impaling himself with the blade, all occurred before the Alliance heroes came to Naxx40 and killed Kel'thuzad. Afterwards, Naxxramas fucked off to Northrend.
    • Check the Ashbringer comic, should be in line with it.
  • Tempest Keep (the Eye) - Horde victory.
  • Black Temple - Unified Horde, Alliance, and Shattrath City's forces victory
  • Zul'Aman - Horde victory.
  • Magister's Terrace - Horde victory.
    • UVG implies SSO, check ItSotS for any mentions
  • Sunwell Plateau - Alliance victory (mostly thanks to Anveena's sacrifice), Kalec fight done by the Alliance.
  • Onyxia - Alliance victory. As told in the comics about Varian. Takes place after TBC, before Wrath. Her head was strung up in Stormwind.
  • Naxxramas - Both
  • Eye of Eternity - Both
  • Ulduar - Both.
  • Trial of the Crusader - Both
  • Icecrown Citadel - Both
  • Firelands - Both
  • Halls of Origination - Both
  • Vaguely Deepholm, Vashj'r, Uldum - Both
  • Skywall - Both
  • Zul'Aman and Zul'Gurub - Both
  • End Time - Horde
  • Well of Eternity - Alliance
  • Benedictus and DW - Both

Unanswered question

  • If killed in vanilla, cata quests non-canon?
  • If a dungeon was raided, but not every boss is specifically said to have been killed, should they be all killed or not killed?
  • Deadmines not covered because of the Buccanner manga story? It must have been raided in order to have Vanessa's story. Updated in Cata.
  • Razorfen Downs not covered because of Traveler & WoD update? Cata brought story development which was reinforced in the WoD's version tho.
  • Razorfen Kraul not covered because of the WoD update?
  • Scholomance not covered because of the MoP update? Vanilla & Cata not covered but it must have happened in order to have the UVG Alexi story. However, the bosses appeared in Cata!WPL - vanilla didn't happen, but cata partially yea (UVG's attempt is the key word)?
  • Shadowfang Keep not covered because???? Due to the appearance of Arugal in Northrend, the Keep must have been raided by the time of WotLK. Ashra Valandril fought here by the time of the Cata too. Updated in Cata.
  • Scarlet Monastery not covered because of Ashbringer / Cata raid? Cata should have happened given Velonara's story. Update was in MoP.
  • Blackfathom Deeps not covered because the WoD inhabitants killed them in canon? + Ashra Valandril fought here by the time of the Cata.
  • Dire Maul - Tothreldin dead, thus Legion appearance non-canon; vague if the Horde killed Gordok or not. No named ingame mobs in Traveler, tho.
  • Zul'Farrak not covered because of Traveler's Chief Ukorz Sandscalp? Then Zul called Zul'Farrak wasteland because???
  • Ragefire Chasm not covered because of Cata additions / MoP update? + Ashra Valandril fought here by the time of the Cata.
  • Stockade - Cata update? BfA involvement?
  • Gnomeregan not covered because ???
  • Uldaman - ??? (headcanon: not raided at all in order to keep the keepers alive?)
  • Stratholme - ??? (Vanilla didn't happen, because Balnazzar killed the Crusade side in Cata. Then he should have been defeated, and the Crusade should have taken the city but didn't as seen in Legion. Vanilla Scourge side should have happened in order to be in line with UVG's wording. Rivendare in Plaguelands!Acherus says hi.)
  • Lower Blackrock - unmentioned but possibly down with Dal'rend? In WoD, it's overrun by drakonid.
  • Collectively all instances of Hellfire Citadel, Coilfang Reservoir, and Tempest Keep, and the Nexus, Ulduar?
Also not covered
  • Karazhan, Caverns of Time, Auchindoun, Gruul's Lair (confirmed in the Illidan novel; Maulgar alive as of Legion, however.)
  • Azjol-Nerub, Aspect Chambers, Drak'Tharon & Gundrak, Utgarde, Archavon, Violet Hold
  • Blackrock Caverns & Baradin Hold

Possible mistakes

  • Kul Tiras' position. In BfA map, kt looks kinda broken.
  1. ^ Chronicle Volume 3, pg. 63