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The Great Mess.


Continuity allusions & references

  • An Unexpected Reunion
    • Baine: "long ago since we spoke peacefully in Theramore."
    • Jaina: "Is he the bomb this time?"
    • Derek: "For as long as stars do shine."
      • Reference to the A [110 - 120] The Nation of Kul Tiras version of the Daughter of the Sea.
        • A further hint at the song having originally existed before Daelin's death (the Nation version being the original song)
    • Valeera acting as a messenger between Baine and Jaina may be an allusion to, or be derived from, Before the Storm where Valeera is a messenger between Anduin and Baine (albeit speaking with Perith)
    • In greetings, Baine places his hand to his chest, referencing previous mentions of the tauren custom in books.
    • First association of the Earth Mother with Azeroth.
  • Tides of War
    • References the fight between Garrosh and Varian in Ashenvale in Wolfheart.
    • References Focusing Iris animating Chromatus in Thrall: Twilight of the Aspects.

Battle for Azeroth

  • Due to H [120] The True Leader of Zandalar, Battle of Dazar'alor canonically occurred before the Uldir raid?
    • (Rastakhan died first, then G'huuuuuun?)
    • Talanji is doubting if she is the ruler of Zandalar.
    • Would be weird "Zandalari calling for a leader they could love and trust", if Rastakhan were alive.
    • Rastakhan is alive, and Vol'jin just insulted / undermined him in favor of Talanji. Rastakhan is publicly unwanted.
      • Unlikely


  • Varok Saurfang has fought in ten wars as of Battle for Azeroth.
  • Light's Hope Chapel was attacked four times.
    • Sanguine Scourge, Ashbringer Scourge, WotLK Scourge, Legion Ebon Blade
  • Scarlet Monastery was attacked 3 times
    • Summertide, WoW / Ashbringer, Cata, MoP, Legion, making it total 7 or 8 assaults.
  • Lordaeron was attacked 5 times + 1 attack at gates.
  • Theramore was attacked three times.
  • Angrathar the Wrathgate was done on Sylvanas orders. [1] Or not [2]
  • Blood elves joined the Horde first, before the draenei joined the Alliance. (as presented in RotH)
  • Bilgewater goblins joined the Horde first, before the worgen officially joined the Horde. (as presented in Wolfheart)
    • However, the appearance of SI:7 worgen on the Lost Isles indicate that they arrived to Darnassus, and joined Alliance organizations (although they were not officially in) before the goblins started working with the Horde on the isles.
  • Turalyon is the oldest-living original member of the Silver Hand. Followed by Jorad Mace and Lord Maxwell Tyrosus, timeline-wise.
  • The end of NotD hints at Korialstrasz's death in TotA.
  • The Lost Glacier is the northernmost place of Azeroth.
  • Despite Mannoroth claiming that he and Cenarius clashed in the past, even claiming to know how cunning the demigod is, the encounter has never actually been described prior or after in literature until it was shown in World of Warcraft: Chronicle Volume 1's art.
  • Mulgore has a new river as per As Our Fathers Before Us.
  • Due to  [Core Hound Chain], Majordomo Executus may be alive.
  • The Council of Six members being neutral to Horde but friendly to Alliance in Legion-Dalaran is a nod for the Kirin Tor being in the Alliance.
  • Red-colored attire existed in the Silver Hand before the formation of the Scarlet Crusade as evidenced by Saidan Dathrohan, Valdelmar, and the units in the Reforged-Stratholme. Two unnamed soldiers in red attire also appeared after the death of Alexandros in Mardenholde Keep.
  • The Southsea Freebooters, Northsea Freebooters, and Bloodsail Buccaneers all use the same sail color.
  • Safe Haven
    • Varok/Dranosh's necklace is back, being on a hiatus in Lost Honor.
    • Thrall & family living in Nagrand
    • Is the Dark Portal in the Blasted Lands connected to Outland again?

Holes & unanswered questions

  • What were the titan spirits up to through the end of the Chronicle till Legion? How did they end up in Argus?
  • Maiev Shadowsong, a big plothole - interim of Wolfheart and Legion - her being still Alliance and leader of the Watchers.
  • Jaina mysteriously vanishing for the Broken Shore cinematic... for the plot.
  • Exact time & reason for nelves joining the Alliance.
  • Who / what is Nerub? (alluded to in W3)
  • Who is the ferryman?
  • Baine has a family.
    • Does he?
  • Sylvanas bargain with Helya.
  • Who killed the blues and stole the Focusing Iris in ToW?
  • Where's the Cataclysm damage to Kul Tiras?
  • WC says that Shokia was in deep cover in Hammerfall, and was a loyalist of Garrosh when he was defeated (from "being disheartened at the fall of Garrosh"). Although not directly stated, she may have infiltrated Vol'jin's Rebellion and only acted as if she aided it during SoO.
  • Where are the civilians from the Starsword?
  • Where are the demons that were summoned by Gul'dan to the Broken Shore but never seen again? Are they still on Azeroth? Defeated off-screen??
  • Looks like Alor settlements are named after actual trolls. Who is Mazra?


  • Leading up to the Unexpected Reunion cinematic, Valeera delivered Baine's message to Jaina, who acted like she didn't know the belf, but she should from the Comic. Shaw told Jaina that Varian trusted her, which may allude to the Comic, stuff that Jaina should know.
    • Or Jaina may be asking about whether they can trust her NOW (years later after the Comic events) but Shaw's response makes no sense in this context because it still potentially alludes to the Comic, or at least the comic era which Jaina was present to.
  • In the game, Camp Taurajo has civilians casualties. ToW indicates there were no casualties, but it may also depend on interpretation (Hawthorne first provided the way for them to escape vs. soldiers not obeying his answers and still killing them after the way was provided)
Tides of Darkness
  • Turalyon and Alleria went to Quel'Thalas for two weeks, going through valleys. He, however asked a Wildhammer dwarf to go to Alterac to Daelin. Daelin ordered his ships, stationed near Darrowmere Lake, down the river. They caught Turalyon and his army below Stromgarde.
  • Below Stromgarde??? Despite being in the Hinterlands.
  • It mentions a river past the mountains the Horde used and that goes into Quel'Thalas and to (near) Stratholme.
    • In WoW's geography, it matches the Thondroril River going through northern Lordaeron.
    • In WoW's portrayal, there's a small waterfall betweel Hillsbrad and the WPL.
    • In Warcraft III manual maps, a river goes into Quel'Thalas dividing it with Zul'Aman but from different side than WoW's Thondroril (which technically doesn't exist in W3, or could be intended to be Thondroril).
  • Journey to Quel'Thalas not covered by Chronicle 2.

Evul masters

Headcanons and assumptions

  • Mueh'zala or N'zoth is Bwonsamdi's boss
  • Derek and Calia to lead the Lightsaken.
    • Or Derek is gonna kill someone with the dagger the cinematic showed.
      • A dagger was shown when Sylvanas was explaining the plan to Baine in H [120] The Return of Derek Proudmoore cutscene. The dagger and "slaughter" were seen and heard at the same time.
  • Due to the Horde being ok with going to Silithus through the Northern Barrens, there may be a bridge over the Great Divide into the Southern Barrens, unless the caravan was to jump or unless they would take ships in Ratchet.
  • Helya is behind Sylvanas actions in Beefa.
  • Arathi Basin is in eastern Arathi Highlands
    • AB is the place where more Stromgarde & League soldiers & denizens "lived" as Stromgarde was torn.
  • When Aethas rose and said to Lor'themar "My lord" after Lor'themar's fit of anger directed at the Alliance, he was going to say his role in the theft, but did not. He then shifted uncomfortably on the Isle of Thunder.
  • Due to the speculated relation with Vixton Pinchwhistle, Kimzee, Krixel, Pinchwhistle Gearworks, and Pinchwhistle Point all belong to the Steamwheedle Cartel.
    • Although no mention of the Steamweedle in the game, it is supported by the invisible Steamwheedle Draenor Expedition reputation which is now used to show the neutral stance of several Arak goblins.
  • We didn't see any W3 areas because they are on the Broken Shore and demons overran it, leaving no trace of them.
    • Although the W3 maps portray several areas inconsistently, Maiev escaped the Tomb from its entrance but the map shows different isle than the Tomb is on, leaving the location of Brewmaster drinking area‎ unclear.
  • Thrall's Landing Site is the site where Ratchet was built.
  • Maraad and Lyalia were the unnamed vindicator and Sentinel in Day One of the trial of Garrosh Hellscream, escorting him through the temple. The Untamed Valley happened just before its start.
    • Can't be during the trial due to "the six guards always assigned to him whenever he left the cell" in day five accompanied Yu Fei, and later again Garrosh in day nine.

Future points

Areas to be

  • Lore locations

Islands to be

Regions to be

  • Mount Hyjal cave
  • Stonetalon Peak cave
  • Azjol-Nerub

Named demons killed permanently

Hidden factions

Some "exist" in order to show aggro, like neutral of Bradensbrook or the Jandvik Vrykul.

Hillsbrad Militia

Alternate story

  • During the third invasion of the Burning Legion, known demons that were left unused infiltrated Teldrassil and destroyed it. Dragon Aspects were also involved in defending it but were unsuccesful.
  • The Blood War starts because of the battles in Silithus: The Wound.