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~ -20
Year 10
Year 11
Year 13
Year 15
Year 16
Year 17
Year 18 (or December Y17)
Year 19
~ Year 20
Year 24
  • Greydon leaves Lakeshire on Aram's 6th birthday.
Year 26 - 27
  • Ceya gets divorced, Aram accepts his father gone, Robb moves to Ceya, Robertson is born.
Year 26
Year 28
  • Makasa is fifteen and joins the Sea King. After several weeks later, Amahle, being 17, (and the other two brothers) is killed and Greydon rescues Makasa.
  • Aram receives a sweater from his mother on his 11th birthday.
Year 29,5
  • Greydon visits Gadgetzan for the last time (before September). Marin Noggenfogger is already a baron. (He became its baron after the Cataclysm (Year 28).)
  • Aram receives a sketchbook on his 12th birthday.
  • Months later from his Gadgetzan trip, about one month after Aram's birthday, Greydon returns to Lakeshire to get Aram.
  • The next 6 months, Aram is on the Wavestrider.
Year 30

It is late summer nearing autumn.

  • Aram is 12, Makasa is 17.
  • After six months aboard the Wavestrider, Jonas Cobb, being 11 months away to fulfill his contract, betrays the Wavestrider to the Hidden who destroy the ship. Keelhaul Watt dies.
  • Almost month later, Thalyss Greyoak dies protecting Aram and is buried near Skypeak.
  • New Thalanaar is being besieged for months now.
  • Reigol has been associated with the Hidden for months now.
  • When the travelers fly to Stonetalon Mountains, Greydon is held prisoner for nearly two months.

  • "years ago" before the discovery of Pandaria, Throgg joined the Shattered Hand.
  • Murky being away from the village a month or two months, before he found Aram and Makasa?
  • "Many seasons pass" since the Woodpaws moved to when Hackle banished.


  • It's late summer (lets say late September) and Aram has spent 9 months (one month after his birday, 6 on the sea, 8th is Feralas, 9th is 1k Needles) of his twelfth year by the end of the second book which means his birthday is in or around December (thus it would be December of Year 17, but lets pretend it's Year 18, otherwise the timeline doesn't fit.)
  • Based on the 5-year contract and Jonas being 11 months away, Greydon would start the crew in or around June.
  • Since the hyenas were with the ogres in Dire Maul since Vanilla, was the rule of Greasefang and Claw before WoW?
  • Thalanaar's siege - the siege is renewed in Mists instead of being the same from the Cataclysm. It has been besieged for months by the time of Aramar's visit.
  • Due to vague "late summer nearing autumn", six months on the Waverider and Greydon's 2-month imprisonment (which would be Aram's journey in Feralas-1k Needles, Tanaris, and the flight to Stonetalon), Aram's birth may be very late year 17 (december) or very early in year 18 (january).
  • The youngsters saw Bloodsail ships in the Shimmering Deep when they were heading to the exit of the 1k Needles. They were described with red-as-blood sails.
    • Roughly at that spot it could be Southsea Holdfast and its ships. In the game, all pirate ships tend to have the same sails, and red color is present as well.

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