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Herb, Pigment and Ink Cheat Sheet

Herbs Pigment Ink
 [Bruiseweed]  [Dusky Pigment]  [Midnight Ink]
 [Wild Steelbloom]
 [Grave Moss]
 [Kingsblood]  [Liferoot]  [Golden Pigment]  [Lion's Ink]
 [Khadgar's Whisker]  [Dragon's Teeth]  [Emerald Pigment]  [Jadefire Ink]
 [Purple Lotus]
 [Arthas' Tears]
 [Ghost Mushroom]
 [Violet Pigment]  [Celestial Ink]
 [Golden Sansam]
 [Mountain Silversage]
 [Icecap]  [Silvery Pigment]  [Shimmering Ink]
 [Dreaming Glory]
 [Nightmare Vine]
 [Mana Thistle]
 [Ancient Lichen]
 [Nether Pigment]  [Ethereal Ink]
 [Adder's Tongue]
 [Talandra's Rose]
 [Tiger Lily]
 [Azure Pigment]  [Ink of the Sea]
 [Green Tea Leaf]
 [Rain Poppy]
 [Snow Lily]
 [Fool's Cap]
 [Desecrated Herb]
 [Shadow Pigment]  [Ink of Dreams]