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I'm Mordsith: female, married, and a WoW addict. Those aren't supposed to exist, right?

I'm currently attending grad school to get a degree in Library and Information Science. I decided to pursue this degree when I realized how obsessive I am about organizing information. My husband likes to make fun of me because one day in a fit of boredom I decided to alphabetize the conversation magnets on the fridge. >.< I tried to explain that I was having trouble finding the words I needed, but he was too busy laughing.

I've been playing WoW since retail release, so I have many, many alts. Below is my main, and my primary identity in game since retail release, along with my primary alts. I'm currently in an on again/off again relationship with WoW - trying to focus on finishing up the last of my schoolwork to get my degree. And yet, I'm still here editing. ;)

  • Minor update: Got my degree! Actively playing wow except for one grueling semester too. Take that all you "MMO players are slackers" critics!



Current projects

  • Category cleanup - keeping notes on it here
  • Image cleanup - want to categorize the images, which is what started my category obsession

Professions cleanup

My first pet project - Update and standardize format of profession tables. During this I realized that some of the professions are the pet project of others and decided to back off. ;) I'd happily join a committee focusing on standardizing the professions, but for now, I'll leave well enough alone.

I did work on the recipe tables for First Aid recipes, Enchanting and Blacksmithing before losing interest. Blacksmithing was never completely done and probably needs work with the WotLK stuff.


  • Clean up Silithus/Ahn'Qiraj/class quests - make sure they're all categorized correctly (I think most if not all will end up only in Quests:Silithus)- fix the disambig pages to make them look prettier? Maybe having quest info on the central page with the class pages being used for the lootlink? N [60] Armaments of War
  • WoWWiki:Quest list project
  • WoWWiki:Zone category project - active member


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