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The Conclave is an order of priests whose order hall is a former naaru prison[1] named Netherlight Temple. They fight the Burning Legion alongside the other class orders during the demons' third invasion.


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Base of operations

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Order Campaign


A priest Adventurer who had just arrived to Dalaran was intercepted by a Hooded Priestess. She came at the behest of one who sought to organize a stronger resistance to the Legion threat. If they would meet him at Faol's Rest in Tirisfal Glades, he would guarantee both their safety and an opportunity to play a pivotal role in the conflict. The priestess then bowed, and disappeared.

Arriving at Faol's Rest, the priest hero encountered Calia Menethil, who asked them if they had not been followed. The priest asked them in return if she was the one they were supposed to meet, and why all the way out there. Alonsus Faol appeared behind one of the stone arches, and told them:[2]

Alonsus Faol says: Forgive the secrecy... old habits die hard. I am Alonsus Faol. At times I have been a leader of a church, a mindless minion of the Scourge, and a commander in a secret war. But I have always been a priest first. The Legion poses a threat that cannot be ignored. So I have decided to step out from the shadows. I believe we must unite priesthoods of all denominations against our common enemy.

Alonsus pauses in front of the altar and statue in the western corner.

Alonsus Faol says: To lead this effort, we require a priest who is a proven champion to all people. I believe you are that hero, but others must be convinced. Will you accept this challenge?

To face the trials ahead, the hero would require a weapon that could enhance their considerable abilities. Faol had learned of a few possibilities that they could consider. He had the utmost confidence in their decision.[3]

Netherlight Temple

The artifact weapon retrieved, the priest hero returned to Dalaran, where they met with Prophet Velen. Alonsus Faol had proven to be a strong ally and his instincts had been exceptional, said the Prophet. Velen believed that the priest was uniquely suited to assist with a matter that would bring a great good into this world. He wanted to take them somewhere not on Azeroth to finish a task his people started long ago. Walking together, Velen told the priest that the mages of Dalaran had established a portal for them to use. Velen then spoke about the naaru and the draenei.[4]

Over the long years of the draenei's flight from the Burning Legion, the naaru helped them, sometimes at the cost of their own lives. They would've perished without their aid, said Velen. At last, they found a way to repay their kindness. They came upon a terrible sight, a naaru that had turned to the Void. The draenei built a prison to study the fallen creature. A place to commune with the naaru and ponder the nature of the Twisting Nether. It is there that Velen was taking them. Crossing the portal, Faol greeted the priest.[4]

Alonsus Faol says: Behold Saraka, Destroyer of Worlds! Brought to heel after millenia of wanton destruction.

Faol explained that the draenei sought to devise a ritual that could turn the naaru back to the Light. To aid their quest, he had called together many priesthoods to work in unison. They were close to success, added Faol. He believed the weapon the priest had obtained would tip the scales in their favor. The priest thus stepped into the main circle, and the ritual started.[4]


The priest held  [Xal'atath, Blade of the Black Empire] high, and used the Blade to draw out the Void energy and essence of Saraka.



Saa'ra says: The hunger, the rage, they are gone. The Light has welcomed me home.

Once again, the priest had proven their worth. With aid of Saa'ra and the power of their weapon, there was no one else more capable exclaimed Faol. Priesthoods from all over Azeroth had agreed to donate time and resources to this new Conclave. They had a singular purpose: the defeat of the Burning Legion.[4]

Alonsus Faol yells: I hereby bring the Conclave to order! Together we will bring hope and healing to our allies, and banish our foes into the Void! Now champion, we shall transform this prison into a temple that will serve as the headquarters of our campaign. This shouldn't take long...


Returning to the Temple, the priest hero, now Cardinal, was greeted by a hearty Alonsus Faol. He believed they'd enjoy the changes made to the Temple.[4] Faol told the Cardinal that their artifact was quite powerful, but he rarely let things rest on their laurels. He had managed to borrow one of the dwarves' foremost experts on artifice and enchanting. The Cardinal then spoke to Master Artificer Betild Deepanvil to see if she couldn't improve what had been done already. <- incomplete[5]


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