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The World of Warcraft 5 Year Anniversary: BattleCry was the celebration of the five years of World of Warcraft and the fifteenth anniversary of the Warcraft universe. It gave players the opportunity to show faction pride and unlock iconic Warcraft artwork through Blizzard combining thousands of player pictures into a photomosaic.


During creation
In celebration of the five-year anniversary of World of Warcraft, we’re giving members of the Horde and Alliance a chance to show their faction pride and unlock iconic Warcraft artwork in the process. Just print out the Horde or Alliance symbol, take a photo of you and/or your friends showing off your faction's emblem with pride, and then send us the picture via the submission form. Your photos will be used to gradually build a Warcraft photo mosaic, and the more photos we get, the more artwork we unlock on the website. Once the total number of submissions reaches the threshold, we’ll reveal an exclusive new piece of art in a master mosaic. Be a part of Warcraft history and submit your photo today!
Thanks to the combined effort of Warcraft players from around the world, we have reached twenty thousand submissions, and the final World of Warcraft BattleCry Mosaic has been revealed. You can now check out the complete mosaic, which can only be described by one word: epic.
Thank you to everyone who sent in their pictures to help us create a little piece of Warcraft history, and thank you to all our players around the world for your continued support. Lok'tar!

Unlocked content


The Mosaic created by this event
Standard size
Artwork (panoramic, dual screen)


  • Alliance Alliance

    Draenei Magazine Cover
    The draenei paladin stands with the Light in this magazine cover art by Wei Wang
    Theramore Anniversary.jpg
    An early sketch of Theramore Isle, known to be an Alliance stronghold for those who fled during the Burning Legion's invasion of Azeroth
    Dwarven Scout
    Dwarven scout.jpg
    The dwarven scout prepares a lone hunt of those who would bring his allies harm in this polished black and white piece
    Owlkin concept.jpg
    A true force of nature, the Owlkin shrieks with determination in this early sketch
    Alliance Architecture
    Alliance architecture.jpg
    A moody depiction of Alliance architecture and boats first revealed at E3 before World of Warcraft's release
    Druid of the Claw
    Druid of the Claw concept.jpg
    A steadfast night elf druid stands proud in this sketch first displayed in the White Wolf RPG book Alliance Player's Guide'
    Ironforge Scenic Concept.jpg
    From the World of Warcraft style guide, this concept piece provides a scenic look at Ironforge
    Dalaran Crater
    Dalaran Concept by Peter Lee 2008.jpg
    Peter Lee's 2008 concept of the remnants of Dalaran bordering Alterac Mountains
  • Horde Horde

    A smattering of sketches and images from some classic moments in World of Warcraft and its trailers
    Fel Orc
    The Burning Legion's vile fel orc conceived by our own Samwise Didier
    Gnomish Net Gun
    Gnomish net gun.jpg
    A black and white rendering of a crazed goblin poised to capture his adversaries in the Gnomis Net Gun
    Chris Metzen actualizes the heroism of the Horde's most renowned leader, Thrall, originally sold at the 2008 Worldwide Invitational Red Cross charity auction
    Zeppelin town.jpg
    A crashed zeppelin sketch shown at World of Warcraft's E3 reveal some years back
    Mulgore Concept Anniversary.jpg
    An early black and white concept piece of the lands of Mulgore, a spiritual home for the tauren
    Gathering of Tribes
    Manual of Monsters.jpg
    Samwise's creation of the gathering of tribes as seen on the cover of the Warcraft RPG book Manual of Monsters'
    Tauren Hunter
    Tauren Hunter.jpg
    The battle-hardened tauren hunter stands proud in the face of conflict in this black and white concept art
    Orcs at the Dark Portal
    Early concept art for creating the Dark Portal in Outland for World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade, an area that had not been seen since Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal''


  • Tournament Battle One - The time to strike at the heart of the Scourge is drawing close. The men and women of the Argent Crusade are driven by hope that the Light will see them through these trying times, hope that good will triumph over evil, hope that a hero blessed by the Light will come forth to put an end to the Lich King's dark reign

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