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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

Hi everybody! This is my idea of expansion taking place after World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. Quick note to any Blizzard employees: If you wish to use this expansion (probably not, but I keep hoping), feel free to contact me :). I mean, you do not really have to, but I wish I could participate in direct creation of this expansion. I would be more than happy to see all this in game.

This is not yet completed and not even everything I have designed is here.

Your comments and suggestions are welcomed.

See User:Neutralion/Fate_of_White_Lady_expansion/White_Lady_NPCs

Fate of White Lady

Sargeras has been long trying to conquer world of Azeroth, but still failed. Now, in act more desperate then functional, he decided to use shards of few worlds he already conquered to destroy this (relatively) tranquil world. He hoarded shards of the most diverse worlds in order to destabilize Azeroth environment, and filled the most important one, small piece of Argus with hundreds of demons under command of Mephistroth. When he was ready, he began casting long and difficult spell to open rift through Twisting Nether. Result would be more than perfect, but he does not counted one thing. Azeroth have two moons that could be hit by shards as well. And so happened. Altought few shards fell onto the Azeroth and caused significiant havoc there, most of them hit White Lady and absolutely changed it's face.

In city of Ahn'Qiraj, something went wrong.C'Thun live again and ressurected his former minions. But also, catacombs under city has been uncovered, and here, Qiraji started to battle Ajz'qir, undead remains of their former selfs. But here, greater evil lurks. C'Thun used this placed with special goal: Here was stored dead body of titan Allamanth, who was killed, and eventually killed C'Thun and by flesh and energy of titan, forgotten one Ha'than was fed and grown...

But that is not everything that happened here. Demon hunters trained by Illidan realized, that they should help Azeroth as best as they could, and taken residence on small yet unknown island once belonging to Draenor, now floating in not so great distance from Nagrand. Also, war between Alliance and Horde still rages, and if there were some regions of world untouched bz destructive Cataclysm, their will now change their face.... maybe even forever.

But not everything seems bad. Khaz'goroth and Norgannon came to Azeroth to choose new aspects of Magic and Earth. From black dragonflight, they chosen Nalencia, young wyrm that served as emissary of black dragons in Wyrmrest Accord, and Kalecgos was announced as new Spell-weaver. Powers of these two young aspects where limited by titans, that didn't wish to risk new Deathwing. However, this decision strongly disappointed Azuregos, son of Malygos who thought he would be better choice. He persuaded about half of blue dragonflight to follow him and left Nexus, seeking new ally. Soul that was many times considered dead, but still existed heard his call and persuaded him to bring her back once more. Remains of Sintharia body was ressurected as twilight dragon, and she deciced to finally claim her revenge on this world... with help of twilight dragons, half of blue dragons and most of black dragons. Fate of Dragonflights started to fulfill.

And at last, the Broken Isles are finally accessible and feature four dungeons, as Sargeras finally decided to take what belongs to him as his own.


  • Level cap raised to 95 (I really tried to get it to 90, but there are too much new areas. However, it could be cut.)
  • New hero class: Demon Hunter.
  • New zones: Bloodstone Island, Isle of Felstorms, Moondust Plain, Remal Lava Fields, Corrosive Marsh, Hellgate, Moongrove, Void Mouth, Shattered Lands, Old Gods' Mountain, Shat'eruza, Frostridge, Broken Isles.
  • Various zones in Outland and Azeroth revamped, Teldrassil split into Crown of Teldrassil and Roots of Teldrassil. Starting experiences absolutely changed.
  • Temple of Ahn'Qiraj increased to level 95.
  • Plentora of new dungeons.
  • THREE new battlegrounds: Ruins of Zin-Arath accessible from Broken Isles, Tranquillien or Lor'danel, Crystalline Mines in Moondust Plain and Guerilla Skirmish [name pending] in Corrosive Marsh.
  • New instances in Darnassus and Undercity: Corruption's Seed and Downpath.
  • New profession: Infusion. Allows to increase effectivness of racial traits.
  • New low-level PvP opportunity in Bloodhoof Pass between Mulgore and Northern Barrens, tauren fight night elfs in order to fully control the pass. Wintergrasp-like subzone.

Demon hunters

  • Starting zone: Ruins of Shatihan, Isle of Felstorms, Outland
  • Starting level: 55
  • Prerequirements: Character with "Black Temple" achievement
  • Resource system: Use mana and Ascension, martial arts-specced demon hunters also combo points.
  • Talent trees:
    • Martial Arts: meele DPS, prefer Ascension over mana, use combo points.
      • Ability: Felstorm Flurry - enchant weapons with fel powers coursing through demon hunter's veins to deliver a quick array of multiple strikes to enemy. Use Ascension, and number of strikes depend on number of combo points in enemy.
      • Passive bonus: Warglaive Dance - Increase Ascension generation rate by 15%.
    • Demonology: tanking tree, high threat-producing spells along with DoTs, use Ascension and mana at same rate.
      • Ability: Succubus' Hunger - Afflicts target with Succubus' Hunger, dealing damage to it as well as generating increased threat and healing Demon hunter by 5% of damage done. Only one Succubus' Hunger per Demon hunter may be active at once and one target cannot be afflicted by more Demon hunters.
      • Passive bonus: Annihilan's Fervor - Increase threat generation by 2%.
      • Passive bonus: Evasion - Increase chance to dodge incoming attacks by 5%.
    • Arcane: magic DPS, advantage in Spellfire (arcane-fire) and Shadow spells, may drain mana
      • Ability: Mindflare Blast - high hitting instant blast spell dealing Spellfire damage, also burns mana. Afflicts target with debuff, that, after 8 seconds deal additional damage that do not generate threat.
      • Passive bonus: Mana Disposition - Mana gained from Intellect increased by 10%.
  • Weapon proficiencies: Warglaives, Swords, Daggers, Axes, Fist weapons, Maces
  • Armor proficiencies: Cloth armor, Leather armor and Mail armor.
  • Ascension: Ascension is new resource mechanic for Demon hunters. It work in general same as Rage, however, with some differencies. Maximum Ascension is 250 and, unlike Rage, it is also generated by using spells and when it reach capacity, it generates Fel Mark, transforming Demon hunter into demon. Fel Mark cause spells that cost Ascension be cast for free in half casting time. Fel Mark last 20 seconds and cannot occur for next minute, even though Ascension again reach 250. After Fel Mark expires, it generate 50 Ascension because of clearing Ascension bar.
  • Mutations: Mutations are demonical improvements of Demon huner's body. There are many type of mutations for eight slots, unlocked every five levels starting from 60. These slots are Head, Body, Left and Right hand, Tail, Wings, Feet and Eyes, unlocked in order chosen by demon hunter. Mutations are learned via Papyruses, which can be dropped, bought, rewarded from quests and so on. Then, Demon hunter may choose some of these Mutations at Altars of Illidari, located in bases of Demonsbane.
  • Orbs: Demon hunters cannot use ranged weapons, instead they have relics, and those relics are orbs. Similiar to Death knights, they gain their first relic during their starting experience. Otherwise, Orbs work much the same like other relics.

New zones on Azeroth and Outland

Isle of Felstorms (55-58)

Starting zone for Demon hunters (see User:Neutralion/Demon hunter starting experience (in work). Roughly circular-shaped island floating west of Nagrand and Zangarmarsh, with Illidari Hold, main base of Demonsbane in center. Most of north half of Island is desolated with infernal powers of Burning Legion, that long had foothold here and just now it's power begun to wane, thankfully to Demon hunters. On other hand, southern part is much more vegetated and ressemble cross between Zangarmarsh and Un'Goro Crater on Azeroth. On small chunk of ground floating south of main Island, Doom Plains, destroyed by ceaseless rains of Infernals, can be found, where two dungeons (Nethergate, for 58-60 level players, where Demon hunters travel for quest, and entry-level raid Seat of Doom). Main highlights of Island include Nethersun ruins, former residence of forgotten and extinct orc clan, where now Nethersun blood elfs siphon energies from captured Nether dragons and ascend to Dragonman state, Deathspeakers' Mountain, main stronghold of Legion outside of Seat of Doom, Cenarion Lodge, base of Cenarian Purifiers trying to convert whole island to paradise and Lifewell Lake, source of life in southern parts, which is being invaded by taint-bringers of Legion.

Zone revamps


Hellfire Peninsula

More fel orcs scurried out of Hellfire Citadel's depths, and most of them shifted their allegiance to those who would provide them enemies to slaughter... Burning Legion.

  • Honor Hold Mine: partially retaken by Cenarion Expedition, now full of live and water streams, arakkoa Qui-yag the Revelator is now found there, and is willing to trade his wisdom of Legion to their enemies. Crust Bursters and variety of snakes now haunt the wild corners of (expanded) mine, as well as terrifying ravager, Shredd.


In Zangarmarsh, sporelings are rising in power, using powers given to them by primal entity called Coiltendril, fungal horror of immense power. However, as players will uncover, Coiltendril is just a minion of Varimathras, who is trying to corrupt sporelings and turn them into slaves of Legion.

Areas affected:

Terokkar Forest


Blade's Edge Mountains

Most gronns accepted offer of Legion and become fel gronns and pledging themselves and their ogres to service of Legion. More gronns awake from their slumber under (as) mountains.

  • Blackwing Coven: Sabellian relocated here, he took control of Wyrmcult and turned it against the gronn. It now serves as neutral quest hub affiliated with Wyrmrest Accord.


Shadowmoon Valley

As Shadowmoon Valley was strongest bastion of Illidari, which split into servitors of Legion and allies of Demonsbane, it became the most bloodied battlefield on whole Outland.

  • Altar of Sha'tar: At beginning serving as Shattered Sun Offensive base, later in storyline massacred by Burning Legion and burned to the ground by Felfire Cult.
  • Black Temple: Mostly under control of Legion, however forces of Sha'tar along with Demonsbane and Knights of the Ebon Blade overtook few parts of it, however, they were cut off from reinforcments and Legion do not forgive their enemies... Raid is still acessible by talking to bronze dragon Handormu located outside of Temple.
  • Coilskar Cistern: Partially flooded, in one cavern there is particullary deep lake with krakken, The Scion of Azshara swimming in it.
  • Coilskar Point: Naga pressence increased, in middle is weird portal spilling pure water all over area and creating cascades and river flowing into Coilskar Cistern and falling of the mainland. Nagas are under flying attacks from Legion's fel orc dragon riders forces.
  • Oronok's Farm: Nothing left of it, nagas set up Shrine of Azshara and are breeding couatls there. Oronok can be found in Orgrimmar, along with his family.
  • Sanctum of the Stars: Completelly overtaken by Legion forces under command of Pit lord Enormos the Corruptor. Blood elfs here either dead or transformed into felbloods under command of Legion or wretched wandering aimlessly in surrounding area.

New continent: White Lady

Hit by most fragments, White Lady terrain changed, and it even gained atmosphere. Or, more correctly, as Explorer's League and Reliquary discovered, regained it, as before some cataclysmic event, White Lady was host of life, while Azeroth was only barren plain before titans came there. It also hosts ancient fortresses of Old Gods and their horrible servants. New forms of live evolved here, as well as forms of lifes that survived on shards sent by Sargeras began to swarm and thrive here... and not all are friendly.

Moondust Plains (84-86)

Least affected area on White Lady, although it also have atmosphere, it contains just old craters, dust dunes and white cliffs. Yet there are still things worth visiting.Ethereals of city of Mertin Oav came here seeking wisdom of power radiating from this area, and also found good business by building eco-domes for both Alleria's Fist and Naaru here. There is also field of Crystalline, valuable mineral that cannot be found anywhere else. Both draenei artisans and goblin miners are seeking to control mines of this resource, and fought for it in a new battleground, Crystalline mines. They are covered by two main factions on White Lady belonging to Alliance and Horde, Alleria's Fist for Alliance and H.A.R.C. for Horde. While Alliance is stationed at New Eversong in Eco-dome Sunstand and also hold pressence in New Telmor and Crystalmaze, Horde main base here is Research Station: Blackblood with two smaller bases of Research Station: Scarab's Hunt and Harvest Station: Mida. On borders with Void Mouth, Void Maw cult has set up small camp and is trying to convert Crystalline to pure void energy, creating powerful Void golems. In center of zone lie Ruins of K'arten, original ethereal city in this zone filled with necromancers secretly working for Burning Legion, as well as Blackspine crystalline worms. Alleria's Fist also send small expeditionary unit, led by Verana here.

Corrosive Marsh [placeholder name](84-88)

Home to second of White Lady's battlegrounds, this area contains very valuable resources, but here, fights can be direct, as they may destroy whole area. So, Alliance and Horde decided to send here small elite groups of warriors to take control of this land. But Burning Legion feel that they have great opportunity to strip their enemies off materials and is trying to destroy whole swampy area.

Moongrove (86-89)

Remal's Lava Fields (86-90)

Named after Wildhammer dwarf alias of Black dragon Rammelion, who was first to come to this area, Remal's Lava Fields is area scorched with lava pouring from volcano Hephestoros' Hammer, home to Hephestoros, lord of faction of lava elementals that left Ragnaros when Elemental Plane started to collide with Azeroth and fanatical Bloodfire Cult that revere them. Scale of Nalencia, place holy to black dragon can be found here where black dragons are trying to calm down ravaged earth. Black dragons also set small base named Magmawing's Pinnacle on top of Hephestoros' Hammer, and also maintain pressence in The Fissure in Tectonic caves, and battle for them with Bloodfire Cult, who is using natural energies contained in these caves to create powerful weapons and are led by powerul forgemaster, Fire giant Tectus. Both Alleria's Fist and H.A.R.C. set here two main bases: Ranger's Roost and Kuremal for Alliance, and Blight Hold and Surveyor's Welcome for Horde. At borders with Old Gods' Mountains, near Blight Hold, group of faceless ones led by faceless general Taskmaster Gh'vex began to mine hephestite, precious mineral that can be found only near Hephestoros' Hammer.

Void Mouth (89-93)

Mountain range afflicted with powers of the Void. After discovering that Dimensius survived battle by preserving his essence in body of died naaru near Tempest Keep, and recovered himself as Void God, his armies left what remains of K'aresh and came to heed his call. However, Outland was not save for them anymore, and they used their powers to transport themselves to these mountains. Many mortals, when they saw powers of this force, began to revere Dimensius, and formed Cult of Endless Void. This cult consists mainly from races living in Outland, more precisely draenei, blood elfs, arakkoa and lost ones, although there are also members of other races. Although Dimensius himself remain hidden in Twisted Nether, Eclipsar, his herald, is located here in raid dungeon. Both naaru and ethereals of Mertin Oav can be found here in few small outposts made of lightsoul, material that is transformed by powers of naaru from crystallized Void and set base camp named Terrace of Naaru and also few smaller camps in this zone. They also created a spell to protect Lu'amol, immensely old tower built here in safe times to store bodies of three died naaru, from Void. However, it was, as well as Sundered Plateau surrounding it were overrun by corrupted Voidmaw crystalline worms. Until completion of quest chain leading into entering this zone and reclaiming lands around Terrace of Naaru, whole zone is behind invisible barrier preventing flight into, and out of this zone and only entrance is throught portal.

Shattered Lands (89-93)

Area of White Lady most affected by shards threwn by Sargeras, which caused it to be littered with impact craters, scarred with collapsed ley lines and overgrown with wild jungle. Narasim, race of insectoid like fel-tainted creatures live here, as they was on one of shards. However, now they are finally free of demonic control and helps players to tame Shattered Lands. Also, Scale of Alexstrasza is located here, however, nearly all its inhabitants were transformed into Emberwyrms and Entropy Wyrms, and know, members of red dragonflight located in Crimson Watch are trying to find a cure for this transformation. Near borders with Moongrove, Death's Shrine is located, where Terrowulf worgen under command of val'kyr Raya Stormveil are creating undead for Rakkun's army. Pinnacle of their work can be seen in cave system under shrine, flesh beast Gore. Shattered Lands are also invaded by Burning Legion sent by Kil'jaeden to erradicate Narasim who have refused to join him. Three Abyssal Gates here work like portals between Legion worlds and White Lady. At east of zone is located Abyssal Gate: Obliteration, under command Wrathguard Axel'Re, on north is Abyssal Gate: Corruption, overseered by nathrezim Zian, and in center of Shattered Lands is located biggest one, Abyssal Gate: Lust, that is ruled by shivarra Cleope. Bloodfire Cult hold small outpost Supply Point on border with Old Gods' Mountains, at the banks of lava river sprouting from Hephesteros' Hammer using Super Reaper 6000 and army of shredders to cut forest and supply their masters with wood. During questline, wounded and suffering spirits of forest are released at The Deforestation, taking forms of death revenants and eventually setting small camp, Echo of Regret there in destroyed Super Reaper.

Notable characters
  • IconSmall Shivarra.gif Cleope

92 Elite

Shivarra who serve as main general of Kil'jaeden's troops' attack on Shattered Lands in order to annihilate Narasim. She has mind-controlling powers comparable to even most powerful eredars. She is located in Abyssal Gate: Lust, tower carved of Fel Iron filled with shivarra and succubi.

  • IconSmall RevenantDeath.gifIconSmall Cultist Male.gif Cruciapassus

95 Elite

Leader of death revenants from Echo of Regret. Eventually possess leader of Supply Point, Overseer Redwoe and then resides in Hephesteros' Hammer as one of questgivers. He give quests to kill leaders of Lava Harbour, who he blame for destruction of forest.


IconSmall Gronn.gif Fel Gronn

Monsterical, giant gronn were fought by both Alliance and Horde before. In Outland, heroes of factions killed their ruler Gruul and battled against his sons. But three of his sons have somehow survived, and Skulloc Soulgrinder's Soul has been stolen. But recently, even greater evil have been uncovered behind this plot: Burning Legion. They made an offer to give gronn demonic power and revenge they seek - for loyalty. And gronns accepted. Now, fel gronns, more powerful, more cunning and nearly double size their uncorrupted brethren may finally have revenge they seek...

Locations: Broken Isles, Corrosive Marsh, Hellgate.

IconSmall Jormungar.gif Crystalline Worm

These massive creatures bears strong ressemblance to jormungars, which is caused by fact that they are creatures that inspired Loken to create them. Althought being bigger and more covered in crystals, fact that they look nearly the same as these Northrend beasts is unfathomable. They are divided into few nests, with each having it's own color of crystals, natural habitat and broodmother. Those nests are:

  • Annarak, with light blue crystals, located in Crystalline Field at Moondust Plain.
  • Dusteye, with yellow crystals, located in Desperace at Moondust Plain.
  • Hellspine, with red crystals, located at Lava River at Moondust Plain.
  • Blackspine, with black crystals, located in Ruins of K'arten at Moondust Plain.
  • Sunrip, with golden crystals, located in Eco-dome Sunstand at Moondust Plain.
  • Magmabrood, with dark red crystals, located at southern parts of Remal Lava Fields.
  • Seismos, with orange crystals, located at Hephestoros' Hammer.
  • Fathomlurk, with blue crystals, located at Liararo Crater in Shattered Lands.
  • Weedmaw, with green crystals, located at south-western parts of Shattered Lands.
  • Voidmaw, with purple crystals, located on Sundered Plateau at Void Mouth.
  • Blackmurk, with dark brown crystals, located at Corrosive Marsh.
  • Ancient Ones, with white crystals, located at Old Gods' Mountains.

Biggest Crystalline Worm alive is Annarakos, which is outdoor raid boss located at Crystalline Field. He is progenitor of crystalline worms, and, in that cause, also of jormungars.

IconSmall Emberwyrm.gif Entropy Wyrm

Pinnacle of ressurection of remains of dead dragons, Entropy Wyrms are fel-magic equivalent to Emberwyrms. Only the most powerful Eredar Warlocks can pervert the energy of life and fire contained within body of Red dragon and convert it to these beastial demonic creatures. Red dragons see Entropy Wyrms as absolute mockery of life and hate like no other undead beings. Entropy wyrms can be also created from living dragons throught extremely painful process of slow corruption by entropic fire. However, unlike thpse created by reanimation, these beasts can retain their former state, if powerful member of red dragonflight with ties to nature (like Sabinastrasza in Shattered Lands) "overload" them with energies of wild life. This process is no less painful than corruption, but is very much needed, as war with Deathwing took lifes of many red dragons, and everyone is needed very much alive.

Locations: Shattered Lands, Broken Isles.


Ghosts of saber cats brought back by their will and Elune's power. They are summoned by Elune during battles throught quests and can be also found in Eye of Moon at Apa'ro. Later, Ash'alah is ressurected as moonsaber to serve Tyrande. Moonsabers glow with white or blue light, depending on moon on which they dwell. Nightmare also corrupted few packs of moonsabers, who now dwell in Blackened Rift at Moongrove. These corrupted moonsabers are black and radiate green light, and also have ability to afflict it's prey with Nightmare. After players reach revered reputation with Hand of the Moon, they are offered quest by Lucan Foxblood which will eventually lead them to purifying one of these corrupted moonsabers, which will then serve as player's ground mount.

Tamable with Beast Mastery talent, they are ferocity exotic pets with Claw, Prowl and [Spirit Strike].

IconSmall Reliquary.gif Soulcage

Already known in both Outland and Azeroth, this powerful and rare type of undead can be found in both Black Temple and Icecrown Citadel, as both Devourer of Souls and Reliquary of Souls belong to this powerful race of unholy constructs. Most of them have been created by Hamar the Damned, lich in service to Burning Legion. They were created by infusing plentora of souls into bones of sacrificed.

IconSmall DragonGreen.gif Nightmare Dragonflight

As Emerald Nightmare slowly gain upper hand in corrupting forests of Moongrove, this race of horrific dragons can be found on places, where this corruption is most powerful. They were created by Druids of the Nightmare by feeding Green dragon eggs by Nightmare, in fashion similiar to creation of Twilight dragons. Althought most of these dragons are only whelps and drakes, few which have fed on enough dreams have grown to the size of mature dragons, including four broodmothers in Blackened Rift and Rottenwood Island at Moongrove and Fallen Grove and Conclave of Elder Powers in Old Gods' mountains. Their most powerful weapon is their breath, as they are able to inflict corrupting energies of their masters to their enemies, and are even able to corrupt green dragon eggs by doing this. They look like horrific, twisted versions of green dragons, they have curved, scarred horns and many also scars seeping with dark energies. They are generally either glowing green with white energies flashing from their scars, dark green with red wouns or black with glowing green scars.


Neutral Cenarion Purifiers

This faction is anti-demonic faction of Cenarion Circle, unique because of it's strong bonds with Red dragonflight. In fact, it was created, and is led by red dragon Sabinastrasza, who given part of her lifeforce to purify Teldrassil after it was attacked by Twilight's Hammer and eternally bound her soul with it. Her body in both dragon and elf form is covered by glowing green and red runes, looking akin to those on body of the Betrayer. Red dragons of Scale of Alexstrasza are also considered part of this faction.

Main Leader:

  • IconSmall DragonRed.gifIconSmall NightElf Female.gif Sabinastrasza

Secondary Leaders:

  • IconSmall Ancient.gif Breezeleaf, ancient of wind and keeper of Eco-dome Hope.
  • IconSmall NightElf Female.gif Ayanna Everstride, survivor of Shadowglen massacre and leader of Trackers, hunter part of Purifiers.
  • IconSmall Cenarian Female.gif Tyrianna, dryad leader of Purifier division helping Demon hunters on Isle of Felstorms.



  • Eco-dome Hope, Hellgate

Other major cities:

  • Cenarion Lodge, Isle of Felstorms
  • Scale of Alexstrasza, Shattered Lands
  • Treewarden's Rest, Shattered Lands


Alliance Crest Forestheart Expedition

Comprised mainly of night elfs, worgen and Children of Cenarius, this faction works as main Alliance representant in Moongrove, Apa'ro and Shattered Lands.

Main Leader:

Secondary Leaders:

  • IconSmall Cenarian Male.gif Centrius, master of Fairdrassil
  • IconSmall Worgen Male.gif Garm Whitefang, leader of worgen packs in Expedition.
  • IconSmall NightElf Male.gif Takallan Furypaw, leader of Icecoat Barrow Dens.
  • IconSmall NightElfDeathKnight Female.gif Garria the Defiler, formerly known as Garria Furypaw, leader of Wyrmspine, Alliance death knight dragonhunters sect stationed in Icecoat Barrow Dens.
    • IconSmall Frostbrood.gif Caragos, her frostbrood mount.
    • IconSmall DwarfDeathKnight Female.gif Mhara Ripfist, first lietenaut of Wyrmspine.
  • IconSmall NightElf Female.gif Saltanna Blackcat, leader of Expedition's druids.
  • IconSmall Human Male.gif Harrison Jones, leader of Shattered Lands excavation sites.
  • IconSmall Human Female.gif Rannia Flatdust, leader of Shatterpond.



  • Eternal Refuge, Apa'ro

Other major cities:

  • Fairdrassil, Shattered Lands.
  • Icecoar Barrow Dens, Frostridge.
  • New Auberdine, Moongrove.
  • Shatterpond, Shattered Lands.


Alliance Crest Alleria's Fist

Organisation under leadership of Alleria Windrunner, comprised mainly of Draenei and High Elfs, operating in Moondust Plain and Remal Lava Fields. They employ large number of ethereals from Mertin Oav for building Eco-dome Sunstand, from which most is completed. They also cover Argus Artisans' mining operations. They found Tataers, eagle-like creatures that was native to Azeroth very long time ago and use them as mounts.

Main Leader:

Secondary Leaders:

  • IconSmall HighElf Female.gif Verana, leader of K'arten Expeditionary Unit.
  • IconSmall Ethereal.gif Xakaz, overseer of Eco-dome Sunstand construction.
  • IconSmall Draenei Female.gif Archon Vuulen, master of New Telmor and leader of all paladins in faction.
  • IconSmall Draenei Female.gif A'nis, leader of Kuremal.
  • IconSmall Draenei Male.gif Lietenaut Kore, head of Crystalmaze Mine Garrison.
  • IconSmall HighElf Male.gif Vanaad, leader of Kuremal shield-mages.
  • IconSmall HighElf Male.gif Thalressar, leader of Ranger's Roost.
  • IconSmall Fire.gif Temper, leader of Emberhaven.
  • IconSmall Naaru.gif Si'li, female naaru watching over Fist.



  • New Eversong, Eco-dome Sunstand, Moondust Plain

Other major cities:

  • Crystalmaze, Moondust Plain.
  • Emberhaven, Frostridge
  • Kuremal, Remal Lava Fields.
  • New Telmor, Moondust Plain.
  • Ranger's Roost, Remal Lava Fields.


  • IconSmall Broken Male.gif Karamal, New Eversong

Horde Crest Wrath of Darkspear

Mainly druidic horde expedition to White Lady, operating in Apa'ro, Moongrove and Shattered Lands, horde equivalent to Forestheart Expedition. Primarily consists of taurens, jungle and forest trolls and also mok'nathal.

Main Leader:

Secondary Leaders:

  • IconSmall ForestTroll Female.gif Abraha, leader of trolls in Habra'alor.
  • IconSmall Mok'Nathal Male.gifIconSmall Demonhunter.gif Grath Pitstalker, demon hunter in charge of protecting north of Moongrove from demonic invasion.
  • IconSmall Tauren Male.gif Balog Sunmane, leader of Sunwalkers belonging to Wrath of Darkspear.
  • IconSmall Tauren Female.gif Kara Raindrop, master of Extinguisher's Hold.
  • IconSmall Troll Female.gif Zala'ra, leader of Shamans in Wrath.
  • IconSmall Taunka Male.gif Tatan Frostfury, leader of Taunka in Sha'la Village.


  • Great Totem, Apa'ro

Other major cities:

  • Extinguisher's Hold, Shattered Lands.
  • Habra'alor, Shattered Lands.
  • Hamuul'man Outpost, Moongrove.
  • Sha'la Village, Frostridge.


Horde Crest Harvest and Research company (H.A.R.C.)

Goblin, forsaken and blood elf organization operating in Moondust Plain and Remal Lava Fields, also acts as protectors of Bilgewater miners.

Main Leader:

  • IconSmall GoblinDeathKnight Female.gif Lead Surveyor Mizzi Coldgold

Secondary Leaders:

  • IconSmall Goblin Male.gif Shizzle, overseer of mining activities in Harvest Station: Gallywix.
  • IconSmall MadScientist.gif Aterel, leader of Research Station: Scarab.
  • IconSmall Undead Male.gif Jonathan Blackshore, leader of Harvest Station: Blackshore.
  • IconSmall BloodElf Female.png Lilly Sunsmile, leader of Reliquary forces in Surveyor's Welcome.
  • IconSmall ArcaneAncient.gif Belore'vion, ancient of sun powers, joined Silvermoon elves because of their similiarities, protector of Surveyor's Welcome.
  • IconSmall UndeadElf Female.gif Dark Ranger Thereza, leader of dark rangers in H.A.R.C..


  • Research Station: Blackblood, Moondust Plain

Other settlements:

  • Blight Hold, Remal Lava Fields.
  • Harvest Station: Mida, Moondust Plain.
  • Harvest Station: Blackshore, Remal Lava Fields.
  • Hidden Grub (airship), Frostridge.
  • Research Station: Scarab, Moondust Plain.
  • Surveyor's Welcome, Remal Lava Fields.


  • IconSmall Abomination.gif Obgore, Research Station: Blackblood


Corruption's Seed (10-13)

Location: Darnassus


  • IconSmall Treant.gif Venomwood, treant corrupted by powers of Cahar'tull, use poison and upon death afflict his slayer by debuff that aggroes otherwise neutral Bark Beetles.
  • IconSmall Satyr.gif Prince Arzan, satyr shadow priest, during fight frequently [Mind Sear] random party member.
  • IconSmall Dwarf Male.gif Twilight Emissary Alraz, optional boss fight, dwarf mage, cast firebolts, blizzard and sometimes charged arcane missiles, there are three neutral invokers in the room replenishing his mana.
    • IconSmall Satyr.gif Atharanx, satyr using firebolts.
    • IconSmall Orc Female.gif Han'gasha, orc using earth shock and lightning bolts.
    • IconSmall FacelessOne.gif Yg-sar, faceless one using immolate and meele.
  • IconSmall Cenarian Female.gif Soul of Teldrassil, dryad spirit that must be healed to 100% while mobs attack. On end of battle, High Priest Janus spawn and either wipe whole party, if Soul is dead, or start to battle with players. Mobs encountered are:
    • IconSmall Satyr.gif Deathleaf Assassin, satyr using stealth, at 10% start to cast spell that will ritually sacrifice him and create a poison cloud.
    • IconSmall Satyr.gif Deathleaf Enforcer, satyr that may silence on hit for 2 seconds.
    • IconSmall FacelessOne.gif Prophet of Cahar'tull, occassional spawn, faceless using mind blast, renew, heal and entangle.
  • IconSmall Satyr.gif High Priest Janus, satyr that cast shadow bolts and summon wind and shadow elementals, when out of mana start to whirlwind, replenishing 300% of mana.

Downpath (41-46)

Location: Undercity


  • IconSmall FleshGiant.gif Unwanted One, failed experiment hulking in sewers.
  • IconSmall ArcaneGolem.gif The Suffering, powerful construct created by Legion loyalists. Surrounded by four portals that summon Sparks of Anguish. They can be closed by overloading them with energy trought directing sparks to them.
    • IconSmall Spark.gif Spark of Anguish. They run from damage and when they reach Suffering, they will provide him a buff that stacks up to 25 times, increasing his attack speed. When directed trought damage to portals, they will destroy them.
  • IconSmall Terrorguard.gif Kraz'othoc enforcer of Legion and commander of their forces here.
  • IconSmall Undead Male.gif Thone the Summoner, head of cult of Deathslime cult.
  • IconSmall Undead Female.gif Sitha Fleshworker, head manufacturer of abominations.
  • IconSmall Dreadlord.gif Sommizzar, leader of Legion forces, corruptor of Kor'kron forces.
    • IconSmall FelOrc Male.gif Kraggosh, one of first fel orcs from Kor'kron Guard.
  • IconSmall Dreadlord.gif Detheroc (heroic only), true leader of cult.

Hephestoros' Hammer (89-91)

Location: At border of Moondust Plain and Remal Lava Fields (like Blackrock Spire)


  • IconSmall FelDireOrc.gif Gormo Burnpillar, dire orc possessed by fire elemental.
  • IconSmall Goblin Female.gif Frizzlecrank, goblin rogue with unbelievable agility, leader of Bloodfire Assassins.
  • IconSmall MoltenGiant.gif Meltstone, magma elemental reinforced by plentora of plates and mechanical upgrades, heroic only.
  • IconSmall LeperGnome Male.gif Overseer Reindall, master of Bloodfire forge.
  • IconSmall OgreMage2.gif Bur'gar Thornfist, ogre shaman, overseer of Bloodfire lava harbour, on 35% summon Burstspike.
    • IconSmall Jormungar.gif Burstspike, magmabrood crystalline worm, spit lava.
  • IconSmall Orc Male.gif Arga'rgoh, leader of Bloodfire Cult.
  • IconSmall Ragnaros.gif Hephestoros, magma elemental lord.

Crypts of Ahn'Qiraj (91-93)

Location: Ahn'Qiraj: The Fallen Kingdom


  • Three guardians, three powerful constructs with task to portect catacombs from outsiders.
    • IconSmall Anubisath.gif Rakemath, warrior with strong plague effects.
    • IconSmall Anubisath.gif Meskorissan, arcane mage.
    • IconSmall Horusath.gif Thawth, healer, received horusath form as reward for keeping Ha'thar alive.
  • IconSmall QirajiProphet.gif Painbringer Rymakk, Qiraji prophet which lead of Qiraji offensive on Crypts in order to portect Ha'thar from Anzqir.
  • IconSmall Spider.gif Alubal, former favoured pet of Emperor Vek'nilash, being ressurected by Anzqir as undead.
  • IconSmall Qiraji Male.gif Executor Rajaxx, former general of C'Thun's armies ressurected as Anzqir.
  • IconSmall QirajiProphet.gif Ussir, leader of Anzqir.
  • IconSmall OldGod.gif Sa'thar, forgotten one.

Bloodmoon Catacombs (95)

Location: Ragaan; Moongrove


  • Lupus Tribunal, representatives from four minor Bloodtree packs.
    • IconSmall Worgen Female.gif Violence Ladimore, Sarah Ladimore, who succumbed to curse and willingly joined Nightbane, biggest DPS.
    • IconSmall Worgen Male.gif Moonhunter Miron, Crimsonback representative, biggest HP, during fight periodically summons Bloodstained Worgs that immediatly enrage and attack random player.
    • IconSmall Worgen Female.gif Shadecaller Ivana, Terrowulf representative, Shadow DPS, silence, attacks on healer.
    • IconSmall Worgen Male.gif Krian the Bloodseeker, Gorebark representative, he has Bleed effects and changes target, his damage heals all representatives.
  • IconSmall Worgen Male.gif Gorebringer Gutspill, Nightbane champion who now acts as guardian of inner chambers of catacombs.
  • IconSmall Val'kyr.gif Raya Stormveil, the Unearther, for reasons unknown supplying Bloodtree with undead to fight for them.
  • IconSmall Worgen Male.gif Rakkun, leader of Bloodtree worgen, powerful warlock.
    • IconSmall Terrorguard.gif Azargoth, the Soul Eater, Rakkun's minion.

Labyrinth (95+++)

Location: Tomb of Sargeras; Broken Isles


  • IconSmall Wrathguard.gif Wrath-Lord Hypocriites, wrathguard that commands felguard squads stationed at Labyrinth.
  • IconSmall Annihilan.gif Morgrathar, overseer of Void terror's training grounds in Labyrinth.
  • IconSmall VoidTerror.gif Gor'Zol, pinnacle of Void terror's training program.
  • IconSmall Gul'dan.gif Gul'dan <The Awakened>, ressurected by Sargeras after his agents stole Skull of Gul'dan.
    • IconSmall Kil'jaeden.gif Avatar of Kil'jaeden, summoned by Gul'dan during fight.

Shrine of Dimensius (95+ Raid)

Location: Eye of Nether; Void Mouth


  • IconSmall VoidLord.gif The Great Enforcer, "loot boss", found in second chamber of instance, classical tank and spank fight.
  • IconSmall BloodElf Female.png High Cultist Zazaela, high priestess of Dimensius, fight similiar to Solarian in Tempest Keep.
  • IconSmall Voidcaller.gif Summoner Ri-ahal, main summoner of void forces after fall of Portal Clearing.
  • IconSmall Voidwraith.gif Darkblaze the Engulfer, powerful void destroyer.
  • IconSmall LostOne.gif Mahlaan, willingly surrendered his soul to help Dimensius.
  • IconSmall DragonTwilight.gif Soroboruo, void dragon hungerer.
  • IconSmall PitLord.gif Great Ambassador Rozelakh, ambassador of Burning Legion to Void.
  • IconSmall VoidGod.gif Eclipsar <Herald of Dimensius>, void god sent by Dimensius to watch over his forces..

Tomb of Sargeras (95++++ Raid)

Location: Tomb of Sargeras; Broken Isles


  • Burning Inquisition, three powerful Infernals, can be summoned by one or all at once, gear check.
    • IconSmall Infernal.gif Narhos
    • IconSmall Infernal.gif Ho'rs
    • IconSmall Abyssal.gif Avarek the Punisher
  • IconSmall Tothrezim.gif Harsaroc <The Terrifier>, master of fear, dangerous encounter because of danger falling down from ledge.
  • IconSmall Gronn.gif Rakarg, impossibly powerful fel gronn.
  • IconSmall Lich Male.gifIconSmall Reliquary.gif Hamar the Damned <The Jailor of Souls>, lich in service of Burning Legion, master at creation of Soulcages, during fight take form of one.
  • IconSmall NagaSeaWitch.gif Naisha, transformed to naga, claim her revenge on whole mortal world.
  • IconSmall Emberwyrm.gif Ravalastrasza, younger sister of Korialstrasz, transformed into entropy wyrm.
  • IconSmall Demonhunter.gif Gorgannon <The Reforged>, revived by powers of Worldeater, former Mannoroth's sword and those of Shadeflame satyrs.
  • IconSmall Satyr.gif Peroth'arn, leader of Shadeflame satyrs.
  • IconSmall Sargeras.gif Avatar of Sargeras itself.