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Page last modified: 2018-04-28


Critical Mass seeks to create and maintain close personal relationships between players while simultaneously building the caliber of the players, encouraging character development through grouping and raiding. Members of Critical Mass carry the responsibility of playing well and playing with integrity.

Guild Info

Website :

Voice Communication : Ventrilo


Draka US (PvE, Central Time Zone)


Alliance CrestAlliance

Class Officers

Raid Progression

Guild Ranks

Here are the current guild ranks and requirements for them.


A new member of the guild who has recently been Ginvited. All Initiates are on a trial period of undetermined length to ensure that they fit in with the guild. NO 10 or 25 man raiding unless we require a spot to be filled and there is no one else.


Alternate Toons of the general Membership


The general membership of the guild. In order to be promoted to member you must be signed up on the website and have requested a promotion in the promotion forum (NO exceptions will be made.) These requests are review at every Wednesday Officer meeting. Having the required mods installed and running will be a definite plus. Members will receive raid invite priority over Initiates. Member Alts are NOT eligible for running in guild Raids.


The core membership of our raiding team. You must request a promotion in the promotion forums (NO exceptions made.) You must have ALL required mods installed and running. You MUST have Ventrillo installed and running (microphone not required.) Raiders will receive raid invite priority over Members and Initiates. Raider Alts WILL is eligible to run in raids, but only at the request of the guild, and WILL NOT have priority over members.

Veteran Raider

Raiders who have gone above and beyond the basic requirements in availability, guild loyalty, and helpfulness. Veteran Raiders will be prioritized for loot above the general membership. You must request a promotion in the promotion forums (NO exceptions made.) You must have ALL required moods installed and running. You MUST have ventrillo installed and running, as well as having a working microphone. You must have at least 70% raid attendance. You must also have 3 Heroic Keys (you choice of which 3.) You must also have ALL pre-BC attunements completed (MC, Ony, Naxx, etc..) Promotion to Veteran Raider also requires a unanimous Officer Vote. Veteran Raids will receive loot and raid invite priority Over Raiders, Members and Initiates. Veteran Raider Alts WILL be eligible to run in raids. Veteran Raider alts will have invite priority over members, but WILL NOT have priority over Raiders. This rank will only have a limited number of spots available and we fully intend to keep this rank small.

Terd Herder

Alternate Toons of the Officers. Officer Alts may have invite priority over Veteran Raiders and Raiders (due to class make up requirements.) Officer Alts WILL have priority over Members and Initiates.


The leadership team of the guild. This is whom you take your problems and issues to. Class leaders are listed in the public note of the guild tab. Any issues within the guild should be taken to your Class Leader FIRST. If you class leader is not available then please communicate with any officer that is online. You may not receive an answer or a solution right away, please be patient. Officers will receive loot and raid invite priority over ALL other members of the guild. Generally Officers are the ones that spend the most time learning new content, eating repair bills, and generally making sure that the guild runs smooth and that everyone is happy. This is a thankless job, and as such for all the extra effort they go through, they receive priority over everyone.

Guild Master

Level 1 Alt. All decisions within the guild are made at the officer level.

Guild Charter and Code of Conduct

This is the Code of Conduct of Critical Mass.

Player Conduct

World Of Warcraft is a game, a fantasy realm in which players thrill at the opportunity to immerse themselves, leaving real life obligations and responsibilities behind. In an effort to create an atmosphere which optimizes our fellow players' pleasure, it's only logical that members are still obligated to use the same common sense and courtesy as one would give to peers we are exposed to outside of game. It is every member's responsibility to conduct themselves in such a manner that will reflect the guild favorably within our World Of Warcraft community, this includes guild chat, raid chat, general chat, says and yells. Behavior otherwise is grounds for reprimand and or removal from the guild.


Critical Mass does allow alternative characters however they are only allowed if your main character is in the guild. The Guild Leaders does have the right to make exceptions to this rule if he/she deems it to be of great benefit to the guild.

Rules and Regulations

It is understood there is no way to address every possible variable that may occur in such a dynamic environment, no set of rules could possibly circumvent all potential problems and conflicts. Knowing such, it is also insisted that any and all guild members conduct themselves with honor and respect for others at ALL times (see Conduct). We assume that members of Critical Mass are mature players and will not list possible offenses and possible reprimands. Unacceptable behavior will be dealt with at the discretion of the Officers.

Guild Hierarchy

The guild is directed by the wisdom of all the Officers together. The Officers vote on policies for the guild, handle disciplinary issues, handle loot decisions, approve/deny applicants via vote, review probationary members, and many other smaller tasks.

Moving up in the ranks comes from being active and leveling your character. Moving up into the higher ranks requires a dedication to playing your character, contributions to the guild, and the trust you earn from the guild.

In closing, above we have taken the time to define our leadership, clearly outlining the responsibilities of those who are in charge of our forward progression and goals. Leadership is put in place for the sake of the guild. It is imperative that the guild realize that no leadership is flawless, and likewise, that disagreeable short-term decisions are often the result of a more agreeable long-term goal. We support our leaders.


We are currently a Karazhan raiding guild, intent on exploring new and exciting content while celebrating current accomplishments and teamwork. In order to progress, a level of participation is expected from our members. However, raiding attendance is not mandatory. We want our members to participate because they want to, not because they have to. It is your responsibility to acquaint yourself with Critical Mass raiding rules and regulations which are documented in our guild forums. In the not so distant future we plan to start raiding Gruul's Lair. In the mean time we will work together to improve our skill, gear and progress in the instances for which we currently plan raids.


Critical Mass may possibly use a DKP system for Karazhan and up. It is your responsibility to acquaint yourself with our DKP system which is posted on our guild forums (UNDER DEVELOPMENT) Instances, groups and raids that are not DKP'd follow a NEED over GREED basis. Use your common sense and your respect, if a member of the group (guild member or not) will benefit from an item significantly and you only slightly then pass on that item. Critical Mass has a zero tolerance for Ninja's, any member caught doing such a thing will be removed from the guild.

Guild Banks

Critical Mass currently operates several guild banks. Members of the guild are highly encourage to both send in and ask for items from the banks to enable our members to level their crafting abilities and help supply our guild with items needed to make us strong!


Critical Mass Requirements

Ventrilo access is recommended for all members. Ventrilo will be required for all end game instances and recommended for casual raids and groups. You do not need to have a microphone for small groups and instances and be able to talk but it would be very beneficial for you to be able to hear.

CT_RaidAssist is required for ALL CLASS'S

Decursive required for Priest's, Paladin's, Mage's and Druid's

Guild Event Manager (GEM) is required for all guild members to sign up for guild events. has most of these mods and many many more.

Critical Mass application process

First, all players interested in joining Critical Mass must fill out an application. After you have filled out an application an Officer will contact you most likely via in-game mail. Upon receiving your in-game mail it is your responsibility to act on this mail. You will be given instructions on how to contact us. Once you have gained contact with Critical Mass we will do our best to involve you in groups and raids. We do not currently set a specific number of raids that applicants must attend before their application is approved. We do try to have applicants join at least 3 or more events however the more grouping you do with us the faster your application will be processed.

Applicants who have not acted upon the in-game mail after 30 days will be void.

Applying to other guild/s

If at anytime you as a member of Critical Mass decide to pursue looking for another guild and/or apply to other guild/s, it is that members responsibility to remove all of his/hers characters from Critical Mass. If a member does apply to another guild and has not removed his/her characters they will be removed by the Council. Alternative characters are only allowed if your main character is in the guild.

MIA: Inactive members

Critical Mass defines an "inactive member" as someone who does not participate in World of Warcraft over a determined length of time. Currently, members who do not participate in a 30 day time period are considered inactive.

Critical Mass Officers will review our roster as needed and remove those characters who have been inactive for that time period. There are, of course, provisions for absences due to real life obligations or emergencies.

Should you have extenuating circumstances which are not condusive to being online, it is your obligation to inform an Officer of your circumstances prior to your absence. Absences of this nature are considered a leave of absence.

Leave of Absence

Critical Mass defines a "leave of absence" as someone who has informed a Council Member that they will be unable to participate in game for a short period of time. When asking for a leave of absence, please consider your sincerity regarding your return.

Leave of Absence to MIA status

Members who contact leadership concerning a leave of absence sometimes find themselves unable or unwilling to return. Any account without activity for over 3 months will be removed from the guild. This includes leave of absences unless noted that the leave will be longer than 3 months. Should you return and find yourself unguilded please follow the guidelines outlined for those returning from MIA status (see below).

Leaving the guild or /gquit

Guild members who quit the guild that desire to return will have to fill out an application, and if approved will be subject to a probationary period.

Returning from MIA or after a /gquit

Members who are returning from an absence and find themselves unguilded will have the opportunity to rejoin Critical Mass if they left in good standing.

Upon return, former members who were removed from the roster due to MIA status should resubmit an application. If the member in question meets current admission requirements, an invitation to Critical Mass will be extended to that member following approval from Officers, regardless of the open or closed status of a class.

Probationary period

Upon re-joining, members will be subjected to a probationary period. During this probationary period, members will be considered as RFA (returned from absence). RFA members who attend raids will accumulate DPK during probation and thus be awarded for their participation. However, RFA members will not be considered for loot during this time. After 5 raids, an RFA member will be eligible for loot and if possible, any DPK accumulated prior to the member in question's absence will then be restored.

Not raiding does not qualify as "inactive"!

There is a difference between an inactive raiding profile and an inactive Critical Mass account. An example of this would be a member who is active in game on a grouping level but simply chooses not to join us on raids.

Critical Mass is and continues to be a non-mandatory raiding guild. Individuals participate in raids because they want to, not because they are obligated to.


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