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Nils311 has been playing WoW since December 2006 and was turned on to Azeroth by his friends at school. He enjoys the storylines and some of the RP aspects of the game that suit his usually casual approach to playing.

Currently he has ten characters on the Skullcrusher server and a few Alliance on Ursin and Dethecus, as well as a general mish-mash of toons on Cairne. Look for him and don't be afraid to drop him a line whether it's a /w or a letter.


Character name, Race, Class, (Professions), Guild

  • Zuloro -- Troll Rogue Main (Skinning/Leatherworking) Guild:Conventus_(Skullcrusher_US)
    • I love my main, because I love rogues. Elemental LW, plus whatever faction patterns I can find. If you have mats, are on my server, and I have the recipe, I WILL make it (for FREE if you bring all of the mats). Combat spec'd.