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Page last modified: 2018-04-28

Server Skullcrusher US
Guild Leader Leander
Levels 85
Type PvE
Accounts 20+
Armory Alliance Armory

Alliance was formed as a result of Conventus on Skullcrusher choosing to reform and regroup before Cataclysm. The intention being to form a 10-player raiding group that can achieve similar levels of progression as other guilds on less time invested per lockout.

Guild progress

All progression listed is compiled from Conventus when the content was current in the expansion. For good measure, everything got cleared again for achievements later.

  • Post Wrath progression is based on 10-player raids only.


The history of Alliance and Conventus are one in the same. Consider it an evolution from what Conventus started as. So now, please enjoy the (somewhat) long history of the guild.

Conventus started as more of an idea than a guild. In the days before WoW, when FPS games ruled the earth, many games had groups that would tackle content together. After WoW came out, several of these groups started playing the game and formed guilds based around their old gaming groups. When these guilds made it to the original endgame, they chose to join forces to start doing raid content. Invictus Mortem and Absolum decided to team up to do both UBRS and eventually Molten Core. Gothmogh and Nazoros, are credited with the ideas of raiding together as guilds but not merging and also the name Conventus. Conventus was used instead of multiple guild names to track progression on the forums. Additional guilds were recruited for the combined efforts at Molten Core and subsequent raids. Guilds that were recruited include: Death Company (which became Damnosa Heriditas), Natus ad Glorium, Fallen Clans and Impact (previously Regal).

After a short but relatively successful run, Invictus Mortem left the umbrella of the Conventus name. Nazoros, guild leader of Absolum, quit the game and the guild reformed as Twisted Affinity, which also left Conventus (as a note, Twisted Affinity later became Rapture). The entity worked, but there were flaws in a system that used separate guilds trying to function as one. After the rotation of several guilds due to leadership issues (IM, Absolum, and Death Company all left due to leadership decisions/issues. [Death Company wasn’t disbanded but many members became Damnosa Heriditas which was a part of Conventus]), the remaining guild leaders decided to just merge. Impact’s leader, Pikey, was not included, to his dismay. Conventus was now officially a guild. Just like when it was a group of guilds, Conventus kept its structure of a ruling council instead of a single guild leader to this day.

As a guild, Conventus cleared every raid in vanilla, except Naxx and AQ40. When Burning Crusade launched, Conventus made steady efforts at progression from Karazhan all the way through Kalecgos. Since the initial revolving door experienced in the early days, the guild leadership, as well as its membership has been very stable. A guild with minimal drama and spectacular flameout /gquits is a happy guild. Now, with the launch of Wrath, Conventus retains its strong leadership and dedicated efforts at progression. The initial WOTLK raids were on the trivial side, with Naxx 10 and 25 being on a truly farmable status well before the Chrismahanukwanzukkah season of 2009. Obsidian Sanctum with 0, 1 and 2 drakes was farmed also, while a clear of heroic Malygos came in early January. With Ulduar's release, the engines of progression fired up once again and the guild hit the ground running. Due to some key losses among veteran raiders, Conventus saw the opportunity to work with another guild to their mutual benefit and acquired several raiders from a similarly progressed guild on Skullcrusher. With early success providing a positive outlook for the future of the guild, times changed as more left the guild or even the game.

Several players decided to take breaks, quit altogether, or go to different guilds as the focus went from 25-Player to 10-Player raiding. With the introduction of 3.2, many players came back from their hiatus and several raiders also came back from the guilds they transferred to. A few attempts to gather 25 players for Trial of the Crusader proved unsuccessful and democratic decision to consolidate the guild with Necktie Party on Skullcrusher went through. For over a month, progress was made on ToC both normal and heroic versions and also the newly updated Onyxia's Lair. The leadership in Necktie decided that they wanted to go to another guild, thereby ending all chances of raiding continuing in its current form. This prompted the former members of Conventus to reconvene and decide to head back to Conventus. As everyone brought back their mains, alts, and even other players who were collateral damage in Necktie's officer's decision to leave, Conventus settled back in their old home and geared up to begin 10-Player raiding on a schedule including all relevant progression content.

With the guild properly set up again, and a revamped officer core in place, 10-Player raiding began along with mostly word-of-mouth recruiting, which presented the problem that there were now almost enough people to do 25-Player raids. Everyone who came back realized the tangible (in a virtual sense) rewards associated with 25-Player content was too big of a draw to just do 10-Player raids. Heavy recruiting began in tandem with an organized approach to coordinating raids and all associated activities. Within weeks, pre-expansion doldrums re-emerged and attendance fell. Discussions were held amongst the officers and it was decided to dissolve the guild and form as a new raiding entity to be ready to raid in Cataclysm with a shortened-hardcore progression.

After the Cataclysm, mains were leveled and raiding began. The occasional wall was hit but progression was steady and a core group was in place. With recruiting bringing in new players, raids can always happen. Each tier was cleared and the group even progressed into heroic modes when the patch schedule permitted. The seemingly interminable wait for MoP took its toll on the raiders, players left for all sorts of reasons, but under better circumstances than previous departures. While some took a break, others stepped up and the group was able to continue on progression right up until the expansion hit. With a few weeks set aside to gear up, the main raid group has worked at making steady progress towards and was able to clear all of Tier 14 by around the time 5.2's release.

Weekly raid schedule == Wednesday and Monday 9:30PM-12:00AM Server.