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Introductory Story

Sylvanas Windrunner, the Banshee Queen, has betrayed the Horde and attacked the Alliance. She has traveled to Northrend and threatens to unleash a hidden power in the icy fields on the whole of Azeroth. Heros will be called upon to fight Forsaken Loyalists, rogue Nerubians, the remains of the Scarlet Crusade presence, Undead minions of Sylvanas, and even darker horrors.

Along with this factor, something strange is starting to happen in Deadwind Pass. Something of mysterious quality. Whispers are being heard from within the crypts and the Dark Riders have fortified the Vice and part of the area outside of Karazhan itself. A group of Forsaken still allied with the Horde and a dispatch of Gilneans have been sent to investigate these claims.

To add on to all of these deadly new threats, the Forsaken are in a state of political instability. Skirmishes break out around Undercity and Stormwind as tensions grow between the two groups due to the Undead lacking a replacement leader for Sylvanas. Groups of Forsaken who will not leave the assistance of their Queen may cause a problem, even far away from Northrend.


X.1 - Hidden Intruders

X.2 - Zealots And Devotion

X.3 - The Fallen Whisperer

X.4 - Queen's Wrath

Remade Northrend Zones

  • Dragonblight: Many changes have effected Wyrmrest Temple after Deathwing's attack and the surrounding ice fields are crawling with changes for better, and for worse...
  • Borean Tundra: These fields that once held heavy bases from both factions now only have a few outposts from each side and the marauding Undead under the control of Sylvanas that lurk here may be a much bigger threat.
  • Howling Fjord: Proud Vrykul once prowled through this fjord, but now they have been reduced to small remnants after Sylvanas resurrected most of them as Vargul.
  • Grizzly Hills: An army of Forsaken Loyalists have marched upon these hills and taken their holds from the local Furbolg, who require the aid of adventurers.
  • Wintergrasp: Not much has changed in this harsh ice forest, except for the fact that the forces of Sylvanas have begun to start mining operations near the Vault of Archavon.
  • Zul'drak: When the Lich King fell, many of the Drakkari trolls fled, but quite a few stayed behind and have started to worship Sylvanas upon her arrival in Northrend.
  • Crystalsong Forest: Jaina Proudemoore and the Kirin Tor's flying city of Dalaran has come under attack from Forsaken Loyalists in the area and the new Temple of Sylvanas built by Drakkari trolls in the northernmost portion has become a large threat.
  • Sholazar Basin: Corrupted Wolvar and Oracles have begun to run rampant here and a group of the Undead forces created by Sylvanas have made several bases there.
  • Storm Peaks: One of the main portions the Forsaken Loyalist seek to remske the Iron Ones here and the Brunhildar require aid to defend their many villages.
  • Icecrown: Deadlier members of the new forces ruled by Sylvanas have made te glacier home and the Knights of the Ebon Blade need help in holding the line against them.

New Dungeons

Available in the Base Expansion

Deathspark Terrace - These perilous structures along the cliffs in the north of Netherfrost Glacier are home to a group of Forsaken Loyalists and other undead that have harnessed the powers of shadow and electricity found within the region.

Metalflame Foundry - Within this foundry of dark flames and bloody iron, a group of Forsaken Loyalists work to create weapons for their comrades. Put an end to it so that the Earthen of Ironscream Mountains don't have to worry as much.

Ahn'gerit - This subterranean temple area is home to a new form of nerubians calling themselves The Lost. Lurond could use a few less problems, so take them out.

Zelfak Cathedral - Forces of the Scarlet crusade have set up base in Lurond and they are threatening to unleash their 'steel light' upon any of the settlements within the region.

CoT: Retrieving of Frostmourne - The infinite dragonflight have made a sinister new return and their first new order of business is an attempt to mess with an important historical moment: Arthas receiving the runeblade Frostmourne from its cavern and then slaying the Dreadlord Mal'ganis.

CoT: The Drakkari's Descent - More recently than their last mission, the infinite dragonflight are now attempting to stop the descent of the Drakkari in to their current state of madness and servitude to Sylvanas. This could have devastating effects on Azeroth's timelines as we know them.

Jondashi Arena - A particularly powerful Forsaken Loyalist has slaughtered the Zul'jondia trolls within their own arena and resurrected them as hideous undead. Heroes will have to fight through the finest in Zul'jondia to take him out.

Slavemaw Grounds - Many Forsaken Loyalists in Bekrindok have had the idea to corrupt the once magnificent Proto-Drakes in to twisted monsters, and the majority of these sadistic few have made this place their operation site.

Motrena - Inside of these halls, creatures combining the powers of fire and death have taken control. Storm Giants, Elementals, and other fiends have made it their home. The Bekrindok Vrykul are in need of aid in clearing them out.

Icemist Cavern - This cavern in Icecrown is home to quite a few more of The Lost, along with darker horrors that seem to be pulled toward the place by some magnetic force. Scouts from both the Alliance and the Horde would appreciate it if some heroes went to 'investigate' these likely threats.

Available in Patch X.1

Archavon Mines - The Forsaken Loyalists have been mining for something beneath the Vault of Archavon in Wintergrasp. Now they are closer than ever to unlocking whatever dark power they seek.

Riplash Tunnels - Whispers come from within the tunnels beneath the Riplash Strand. Something dark is buried deep below the tundra and the Faceless Ones in the area seem to know exactly what it is.

Deepweb Catacombs - Insanity. Fear. Secrets. All of this awaits any that dare to wonder in to this foul nest of horrors and shadows.

CoT: The Battle for Quel'Thalas - The Infinite Dragonflight is now attempting to disrupt the invasion of Quel'Thalas by Arthas and the Scourge. Bad things could happen if they succeed.

Available in Patch X.2

Vargento - This encampment is one of the farthest-reaching settlements of the Scarlet Crusade on Bleakfall Island. Which, in turn, makes it a threat to the main land.

Redorb Graveyard - A rogue group of the Cult of the Damned has taken over this graveyard on Bleakfall Island as a base of operations for their new plans of destruction.

The Undershrine - The Drakkari trolls in the Temple of Sylvanas have also set up a base in the mines beneath it. It is here that they come to prepare for a battle on the outside.

The Crimson Forge - A group of Scarlet Crusaders working with the Bishop of Lies have constructed these halls of blood and fire on Bleakfall Island.

Hive Klori - Surprisingly enough, a group of Silithids have inhabited Bleakfall Island long before anyone else. Now, as other forces fight throughout their home, they have been stirred in to a hateful frenzy.

Gartho's Landing - The Kvaldir warlord known as Gartho has sent out two ships of his forces to attack those who would oppose him. One is being taken to Darnassus and the other to Silvermoon City.

Crypt of the Ocean Floor - Forces of the Naga, Kvaldir, and many other sea-dwelling foes have combined their efforts to find the secrets in the deepest pits of this long-forgotten burial ground for the damned.

Available in Patch X.3

Whispertale Crypts - Here, in the darkness of these subterranean halls, many forces meet. Remnants of the Scourge, Forsaken Loyalists, and servants of Lenzik all meet in hopes of establishing an alliance. We must not let them.

Yaserv - These hunting grounds in Vontiklo now act as a place where powerful warlocks amongst the Dark Riders summon demons to commune with for power.

Ahn'Lako - The nerubians calling themselves The Lost have yet another stronghold within this subterranean lair of terror. Soon, they will unleash their plan to unmake the land they call Lurond in the name of Lenzik.

CoT: Northgate Rebellion - Forces of the Infinite Dragonflight seek to stop the events of the Northgate Rebellion in Gilneas. This could have very negative effects on the timelines of Azeroth.

Pit of Waves - Kvaldir warriors and sea-callers lurk within this sunken pit in the region of Vontiklo. They call upon the power of the dark god Lenzik for the battle ahead of them.

Available in Patch X.4

Veilcall - Ivar Bloodfang has completely lost his mind and now lurks within this massive hollowed-out tree in the Banshee's Woods. Still, even darker things inhabit this place, and they whisper to him of power overwhelming.

Spitefrost Enclave - Dark powers amongst the Forsaken Loyalists are at work in this camp on the shore of the Banshee's Woods.

Forge of Souls - A group of Forsaken Loyalists have taken over this portion of Icecrown Citadel and are using it to mass-produce weapons capable of stealing the soul of those killed by them.

Pit of Saron - Sylvanas has brought back the Death Knight by the name of Scourgelord Tyrannus and he now lords over this quarry once again.

Halls of Reflection - Inside these bleak halls where Frostmourne once sat, secrets persist. This time, however, it is Sylvanas that hides something within.

New Raids

Available in the Base Expansion

The Lurking Halls - This towering fortress in the Deathrattle Precipice acts as the capital of the Lurkrus hivemind. Now, as an army of Alliance and Horde forces make their way steadily closer, they are preparing for a deadly battle.

Netherpurge Fortress - Inside this fortress in Netherfrost Glacier, both Forsaken Loyalist forces and the creatures it once acted as an asylum for have taken over. It is one of their mightiest strongholds and they will stop at nothing to defend it from anything that poses a threat to their reign.

Seethe Cairn - The forest trolls in Zul'jondia once held this place sacred. Now, it is home to nothing but the risen corpses of their dead empire. If the Forsaken Loyalists were to gain control here, it would be devastating.

Available in Patch X.1

CoT: Medivh's Shadow - A force of the Infinite Dragonflight is planning to disrupt the crucial moment in time where Khadgar slew Medivh. Any and all help in ending their attempt is welcome.

Available in Patch X.2

Temple of Sylvanas - Many trolls from the Drakkari tribe use this as a place of worship to Sylvanas, their new death god. At the pinnacle of the towering structure, the lich known as Kel'thuzad has been brought back. He now serves Sylvanas and acts as a leader of her forces in the temple.

Smolneva - High Inquisitor Whitemane has been brought back due to a vampiric curse placed upon her and now leads the Scarlet Crusade forces in this massive citadel on Bleakfall Island. She seeks vengeance upon those who killed her last, along with the other members of her constantly growing army.

Available in Patch X.3

Shrieker's Hold - This stronghold acts as the prime bastion of the Dark Riders in Northrend. It is here that they are conducting a deadly ritual to call upon the true power of ALL the Old Gods combined so that they may unleash it upon the world. If they succeed, their masters will return, the Bishop of Lies will become king of a damned world, and Azeroth will be bathed in the flames of darkness.

Karazhan: Morgan's Plot - Dark forces are meeting within these tunnels beneath Karazhan. The Old God known as Lenzik is their leader and they will carry out his will unflinchingly. It is here that the troubles of Azeroth really begin and it is here that the darkness of the world is revealed.

Available in Patch X.4

Banshee Pinnacle - Sylvanas Windrunner, the Banshee Queen, will make her final stand here. Her remaining forces rally around her and prepare for the battle at their doorsteps. The time is nearly here for her to discover the true meaning of the words that were whispered to her long ago. Even death...must die...

Depths of Icecrown - The Old God Lenzik was thought to have finally been defeated long before Sylvanas herself met her doom. Yet something is calling to those in his service. Something dark and sinister. As the heroes will soon discover, not all is as it would seem and not all of their foes are dead.

New 'Continent': The Other Side of Northrend

Half of the Forsaken Loyalists are on the part of Northrend nearest to the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor, but Sylvanas Windrunner and the other half have journeyed to the parts on the opposite side of Azeroth. A journey that many thought would never be required must now be made to attack the main base of the new enemy.

With a lack of knowledge on what lies beyond, the toughest of the Alliance and the Horde have been sent there with massive naval fleets in order to find her army. This will push them near to their limits.

New Zones

  • Netherfrost Glacier (meant for level X0 to level X2 players) - This dark glacier is home to many foes, such as the Faceless Ones, a new threat known as the Lurkrus', and a large army of Forsaken Loyalists. Both factions may find a friend in the Ethereals here who desperately need aid in defending their home.
  • Ironscream Mountains (meant for level X0 to level x2 players) - These perilous mountains and valleys are filled with Earthen wjo have apparently hidden here for eons, but have recently come under attack from the forces of Sylvanas. Both factions may be of some aid to the nearly defenseless creatures.
  • Lurond (meant for level X3 to level X7 players) - This central part of the other side of Northrend is home to many new threats and many new allies. It is a dangerous place that yet has many wonders. Said wonders may just help the effort of the factions. If the Forsaken Loyalists don't get them first.
  • Zul'jondia (meant for level X2 to level X5 players) - Within these beautiful forests, a mysterious group of trolls have lived for many ages. Now, they are threatened by Sylvanas Windrunner and her allies, who have created a heavy presence within. Perhaps the heroes can be of some assistance to their fighting.
  • Deathrattle Precipice (meant for level X5 to level X8 players) - This coastal portion of the other side of Northrend is home to a particularly large amount of the Lurkrus and the Forsaken Loyalists in the region seem to have allied with the creatures. This is too much of a threat to simply let it go.
  • Bekrindok (meant for level X8 to current maximum level players) - Magnificent proto-drakes used to fly free through this boneyard, but have recently been corrupted and subjugated by a portion the Forsaken Loyalists. The local Vrykul would like to become allied with the factions in exchange for aid in defending their bone-constructed villages.
  • Banshee Woods (meant for level X7 to current maximum level players) - These eerie, night-shrouded woods are home to the majority the Forsaken Loyalists' forces. Both factions will be required to tough it up in order to survive within due to the many threats that lurk in the darkness beyond every tree.

New Zones in Patches

  • Bleakfall Island (added in Patch X.2) - Members of the Scarlet Crusade set up a secret base here long ago, and rampant Scourge risen by the Cult of the damned dash through the dark forests around their stronghold. Taking over the island and forcing the Scarlet Crusaders to flee would provide an excellent vantage point to attack Sylvanas and her forces from.
  • Vontiklo (added in Patch X.3) - This shrouded valley is a home-away-from-home of sorts for the Dark Riders in service of the Old God, Lenzik, and it functions as a major threat to both factions due to its location close to their bases on the other side of Northrend. Something must be done about them.

New Class

Dark Rangers - These specially trained archers have harnessed the power of shadow. They are playable by humans, orcs, night elves, blood elves, worgen, and undead.