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Page last modified: 2018-04-28

AllianceThe Dottagers
Server Turalyon Europe
Guild Leader Aleona
Type PvE
Armory The Dottagers Armory

The Dottagers is a PvE focused alliance guild on the EU realm of Turalyon currently concentrating on raiding content of Wrath of the Lich King.


The Dottagers was formed on the EU realm of Turalyon on 3rd September 2006. They are focused on end game PvE content but friendship and having fun is more important to them than hardcore raiding. You can visit their website at for information about recruitment.

Guild Progress

10 man Wrath of The Lich King

25 man Wrath of the Lich King


The Dottagers started life as Maximum Dottage (md), a Counter-Strike clan initially formed by a few people who knew each other locally, but quickly began to acquire members from all over the UK and Europe. Eventually with a 30-member-strong roster of over-18s they gave up serious league match-playing and instead focused on their enormously popular public server. Gradually WoW became more popular among the clan, and soon became the game of choice for many of its members.

In February 2008, and after a brief guild alliance, many members of the Left Blank guild joined The Dottagers allowing proper focus on the end-game 25-man raid content for the first time. The majority of these members have since moved on after finding it difficult to settle in and take to the more casual approach to the game employed by The Dottagers, but the ability to focus on 25-man raid content remained as many new members were added to the ranks over the following months.

With the release of The Wrath of the Lich King expansion, focus returned towards the new 10-man raid content. Continued excellent progress in these early raids allowed the guild to expand to a point that made 25-man raids a possibility once more.

With the release of patch 3.3 and the much-anticipated Icecrown Citadel raid instance came a new desire for 25-man raiding. The Dottagers joined forces with Too Old To Die Young for the first ever foray into the Lich King's sanctum. Despite encouraging progress, the alliance was short lived. However a new alliance was quickly forged with raiders from the guild Asherons Exiles, and was vastly successful. An alliance with Order of Elune was also formed to further progress in 25 man mode.


Raids are scheduled three or four times a week on average. Sundays are set aside for 25-man content with other days added depending on progress. 10-man content is scheduled weekly based on interest.

25-man raids start at 8pm UK time (9pm EU server time). All raiders are expected to be on time for scheduled raids they have signed up for and arrive with all class-relevant buff foods, flasks and potions for up to 3 hours of raiding.

Guild Rules

  • Only MATURE people are accepted into the guild. This usually means over 18's only.
  • Signing up for scheduled raids is achieved using the in-game calendar.
  • All members are expected to bring enough buff foods, flasks and potions for up to 3 hours of raiding.
  • TeamSpeak 3 is used during raids or events as required by guild leadership. At the very least you should be able to hear instructions, microphones are not completely necessary but are appreciated.
  • The ability to take a joke is essential.

Senior Members

Aleonaα IconSmall Human Female.gif Paladin 85 Protection Guild Master
Firealα IconSmall Human Male.gif Mage 85 Arcane Admin
Agzarathα IconSmall Human Male.gif Mage 85 Fire Admin
Troiaα IconSmall Human Female.gif Mage 85 Fire Admin