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AllianceNozz Tappet
Image of Nozz Tappet
Gender Female
Race Gnome
Class Mage
Occupation Arcana, Geology, Engineering
Location Western Plaguelands
Status Semi-retired; in a relationship with Malfos Sevenoaks.
Relative(s) Charla Tappet (mother), Alken Tappet (father), both deceased.

General Info

Nozz Tappet is a Gnome Mage, Engineer, and psychopath.


Though very few know why, it is common knowledge that Nozz replaced her left eye and hand with clockwork. The mechanical orb's iris, made from slivers of chalcedony and Azerothian diamond, matches the blue coloration of its natural counterpart. A slender "vein" of red traces down the gnome's left cheek, whether blood poisoning or something else is anyone's guess. Of interest is the fact that her clockwork hand does not evenly join her arm, as if flesh or metal spread into one another. Unseen to most, a Gnomish-hand sized patch of titanium roughly covers her upper left arm. A razor line flesh tone scar stretches from hip to hip, curving along her lower abdomen.

Long gone are the days where Nozz was comfortable wearing blue coveralls and a workshirt no matter where she might go. The gnome favors tailored, elegant dresses and has an impressive collection of pointy witch's hats. She changes her hair color and style seemingly on a whim, from natural reddish pink full boars tails, or dyed black cropped tails and spiky bangs.


Nozz can be frustratingly unpredictable, with moods swinging from deep-seated anger to dark depression. On good days she can be gracious and polite, while bad days may find her cold and rude. How she interacts with others depends largely on her relationship with the people in question and her level of boredom. Nozz seldom falls into the stereotypical bubbly (if not childish) behavior that so many of her kind display, and one can be assured that nearly any attempt at "cheerfulness" is to mask malicious behavior.

Countering this, Nozz at times has a childlike naiveté. In certain occasions she also posseses a total lack of judgment, and no concern for ethical or moral behavior. While she is more open around the handful of people she loves and trusts, the capacity for deception and betrayal is always there.


Nozz was respected in Gnomeregan for her unwavering work ethic and skill. Her mind was fast and sharp enough to comprehend complicated schematics, the intricacies of spellweaving, and how to combine the two to produce wonderous items of utility and power.

Although Nozz escaped from the fall of Gnomeregan with barely a scratch, losing everything she had ever known nearly destroyed her. Her father, Alkin, had perished in the tragedy. Charla, her mother, had suffered an almost similar fate, having nearly been crushed to death in the Hall of Gears (it would take two weeks, with the aid of healers, to rouse her from the coma, and up until moments of her untimely death later on as a ship's captain, Charla never remembered her only daughter). Joining the throng of evacuees in Ironforge, Nozz believed like everyone else that High Tinker Mekkatorque would rally the survivors and, with the aid of their allies, be able to retake the city and restore it to its former grandeur. Yet as time passed, it became obvious this was not the case.

Nozz was turned off by the actions of many of their supposed allies (with the exception of the dwarves). Gnomes were often treated with the simple abandon one might display around a pet dog. Frustrated and bewildered by this new world, Nozz began to pursue studying everything arcane she could get her hands on, even delving into the darker arts. If she could wield these powers, she'd finally earn the respect she deserved from her so-called "allies," even if it came in their final dying moments.

At the time a willing cult participant, Nozz subjects herself to a cult ritual.

It was only natural that when the cults arrived in Stormwind, Nozz would seek them out. Nozz briefly joined a Scourge cult, led by a crazed night elf intent on starting her own splinter faction. At the behest of the leader, Nozz studied under a notorious figure in Raven Hill, where she learned one recipe and one recipe only - but not without having to experience its effects first. To this day, Nozz cannot recall how long she was under, and what flashbacks she has of the event are too terrifying even for the likes of her to put to parchment. Thanks to the cult leader's insanity, the group crumbled to dust before its participants were forced through the conversion process.

Nozz almost immediately fell into another cult, however, this one seeking to draw its powers from the Nathrezim. Here, the gnome excelled in her studies and quickly rose in rank, surviving an excruciating ritual where, by the Nathrezim's powers, she cheated death. From that point forward, Nozz knew most of her soul had been lost. When the cults were finally purged from the city, Nozz went into hiding. For a long time she tried to disguise her involvement, but eventually opened up to a handful of friends. Within the past two years, resolution has come in the form of murder and self-sacrifice.

Nozz came under scrutiny for a series of night elf murders that swept through Stormwind, but was never formally charged for the crimes. It is widely believed that she was responsible for a number of "mailbox dancer" killings as well, which surprisingly earned her a degree of respect from the general public. Rumors, allegations, and carefully crafted lies have gifted Nozz with a dark notoriety, including talk of her being a necromancer.

As Nozz matured, her homocidal tendencies became more refined and developed into a fascination and near obsession with self-experimentation. The clockwork that Nozz has developed to replace limbs and eyes is chaotic technology at best, at times producing unexpected and disturbing side effects.

Nozz was briefly married to Midglet Boltinker on August 23, 2009. Since the failed marriage, she continues to be in a strange romantic relationship with Malfos Sevenoaks, a Forsaken who originally met the gnome through blackmailing her.

Nozz was wanted by Deathstalker Visceri after escaping the Undercity following a failed bid to convert her into an undead.

The Present

For a very long time Nozz called Stormwind home, living in a warehouse located in the harbor. In the past several months she has shared her living space with Malfos. Very recently, Nozz has sold the warehouse and the couple now live on a farm in the Western Plaguelands.

Electing to let the "heroes" do the work in the campaign against Deathwing and saving Azeroth (yet again), at this point Nozz is semi-retired.

Out of Character Information