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Attack Power

Class Base Attack Power
Rogue Rogue Strength + Agility + (Character Level x 2) - 20

14 Attack Power = 1 Damage per Second

DPS = [(Min weapon damage + Max weapon damage) / 2] / Weapon Speed

Attack power converts into weapon damage:

Attack Power x Weapon Speed / 14 = damage added per hit

See also: Attack Power


  • Increases your attack power with melee and ranged weapons.
  • Increases your armor.
  • Increases your chance to score a critical hit with a weapon.
  • Increases your chance to dodge attacks.

Agility per +1% Critical Hit chance

Class At level 60 At level 70
Rogue 29 40

Agility per +1% Dodge chance

Class At level 60 At level 70
Rogue 14.5 20

From the Developers


  • Increases Armor Class by 2 for every point of AGI.
  • Increases the chance of a critical hit with melee and ranged attacks. The amount of the increase is dependent on both class and level. Rogues require 29 AGI for an additional 1% critical hit chance.
  • Increases the chance to dodge an attack. The amount increased is dependent on both class and level. Rogues only require 14.5 AGI for an additional 1% dodge chance.


Critical strikes deal +100% normal damage (2.0 times your normal damage). To see your chance to crit, open the character sheet and look at the stats there. Melee critical chance can also be viewed by opening the spell book and mousing over the "Attack" ability.

Attack Rating and Defense

Mobs which are the same level as you always have a 5% chance to crit. A mob or players crit chance can be modified by the difference between the attackers effective Attack Rating and the Defense of the target. The effective attack rating is normally the skill with the currently equipped weapon (WS = Weapon Skill). When attacking mobs, the effective AR cannot be higher than player level * 5. As of Patch 2.0.1 each point of AR above player level * 5 will increase chance to crit higher level enemies by 0.1%, however this effect most likely caps at mob level * 5. This table assumes a player attacking either a mob or another player:

Target type Target's Defense change to tooltip Critchance
player or mob Def = min (WS, attacker lvl * 5) no change
mob Def < min(WS, attacker lvl * 5) no change
mob Def > min (WS, attacker lvl * 5) - 0.2% per point of difference
player Def > AR - 0.04% per point of difference
player Def < AR + 0.04% per point of difference


Equipment which increases critical hit rate stacks together, so it is possible to achieve relatively high critical hit rates (20% are easily possible with pre-Karazhan gear). A non-spell attack on a sitting target will always be a critical hit.

Effect of increased crit or hit chance

Both increased hit and crit chance have a kind of "diminishing returns" mechanic built in. A 1% increase of either stat will not increase the total damage output by 1%, but usually by a little less. Consider the following Attack table:

  1. 2% base miss
  2. 5% dodge
  3. 5% parry
  4. 5% block
  5. 25% crit
Damage = BaseDamage * ((1.00 - 0.02 - 0.05 - 0.05 - 0.05 - 0.25) + 2 * 0.25)
       = BaseDamage * 1.08

(With 0% crit we'd do 83% of BaseDamage)

Now the same calculation with 26% crit chance:

Damage = BaseDamage * ((1.00 - 0.02 - 0.05 - 0.05 - 0.05 - 0.26) + 2 * 0.26)
       = BaseDamage * 1.09

We increased the total damage output by 1% of the base damage. Since the total output is more than 100% of that base damage, the actual increase in total damage output is "only" 0.93%. If the total output is siginificantly greater than the base damage, this percentage will be smaller, if the total output is below the base damage, the resulting increase will even be higher than 1%.

What's better, +to hit or +crit?

In principle they are equal. Which is better depends on circumstances. An increase in hit rate will usually yield a constant level of damage, whereas a high crit chance gives a spiky, more random damage distribution over time. An important factor is whether there are procs related to either hits or critical hits. Also, both ratings have caps. To hit can only be used to counter the base chance to miss (5% for one-hand users without any off-hand weapon, 9% for two-handers and 24% for dualwielders), whereas the crit chance cannot become higher than the hit chance. If a dualwielder attacks a target with a high chance to dodge or parry the attacker can lose crit chance because the attack table is full (see the Attack table article).

Your chance to Dodge an attack is a percentage calculated using the following general formula:

  • Dodge% = Base dodge + (AGI / AGI:Dodge ratio) + (Dodge Rating / DR:Dodge ratio) + Talent and Race contributions + ((Defense skill - Attacker's attack skill) * 0.04)

Both the Base dodge and AGI:Dodge ratio values depend on the character's class. Please note that the AGI:Dodge ratio also depends on the character level; see the end of this article for more details.

The following table lists these two factors for level 70 characters of each class.

Derived by testing on TBC servers for level 70 characters.
Class Base dodge AGI:Dodge ratio Dodge Rating:Dodge ratio
Rogue -0.59% 20 18.9231

The Dodge Rating contribution (introduced in 2.0.1) is provided by items that bestow a Dodge Rating bonus. At level 60, every 12 points of Dodge Rating adds +1% to your Dodge chance. At level 70, every 18.9 points of Dodge Rating adds +1% to your Dodge chance.

Any Talent granting +Dodge directly contributes as a percentage bonus; e.g. 5 Talent Points in Lightning Reflexes grant a rogue a straight +5% bonus to his or her Dodge chance. As for the Race contribution, it is either +1% (for Night Elves) or 0% (for every other race).

Finally, the last part of the formula written above takes into account the "level" difference between the defender and the attacker, or to be more precise, the difference between the defender's Defense skill and the attacker's Attack skill, which translates into a Weapon skill for players, and level * 5 for monsters. Each point of Defense a player has over the attacker's Attack skill adds 0.04% Dodge; on the other hand, each point of Defense a player has below the attacker's Attack skill cuts 0.04% Dodge.


For example, a level 60 Night Elf warrior with a Dodge Rating of 48, 350 Defense skill, and 150 Agility fighting a level 61 mob would have:

  • Base dodge = 0%
  • Agility contribution = (150 / 20) = 7.5%
  • Dodge Rating contribution = 4%
  • Talent contribution = 0%
  • Racial contribution = 1%
  • Defense contribution = (350 - (61 * 5)) * 0.04 = 1.8% (A mob's weapon skill is assumed to be its level * 5)
  • Total Dodge% = 0% + 7.5% + 4% + 0% + 1% + 1.8% = 14.3%


In combat, you will notice that your Dodge percentage matches what you see on your tooltips. Miss chance and Critical chance are unmodified by Dodge, so you're not "wasting" Dodge on misses nor are you able to Dodge a Critical. This may seem odd to some folks if they are expecting a "if hit, then check if Dodge, then check..." type system. WoW, like many other games, uses a table based combat scheme (where one roll determines outcome of a swing), so percentages are absolute.

Your parsed Dodge won't necessarily match your tooltip if you're fighting creatures higher or lower in level to you. See the Defense formula above to understand.

Your target will not be able to dodge if they are afflicted by "stun" (not incapacitation).


These values were correct as of patch 1.12, but have not been tested since. They are, however, presumably still valid for level 60 characters.

Level 60 Values for AGI:Dodge
Class Base dodge AGI:Dodge ratio
Rogue 0.0% 14.5

Dual Wield

Dual Wielding (abbreviation DW) is possible for warriors, rogues and hunters. With patch 2.0 "Before the Storm" enhancement shamans can gain the ability to dual wield through talents.

Miss Chance

Dual wielding adds a 19% miss penalty to both main and offhand weapons. The base miss rate for all characters is 5%, so each weapon by itself has a 24% chance to miss (19% + 5%).

For each point the attacker’s weapon skill exceeds the target’s defense skill, the miss chance decreases by 0.04%. For each point a target’s defense skill exceeds his opponent’s weapon skill, the miss chance increases by 0.04%.

Important note: Prior to version 1.8, dual wield's miss chance had a hard cap of 19%, meaning that all dual-wield auto-attacks had a minimum 19% miss chance regardless of how much +hit% gear was equipped. In version 1.8, this hard cap was removed. The exact wording of the 1.8 patch note was:

"Items which provide +hit chance will now be allowed to counteract the increased miss chance penalty of dual-wielding."

Take a level 70 rogue for example vs. a level 73 raid boss: he has 5% + (0.04% * 15) = 5.6% base miss chance (assuming he has 350 weapon skill and the boss has no Defense skill bonuses), plus 19% dual wield miss chance, leaving us with a total miss chance of 24.6%.

Note that the +19% miss chance for dual-wielding only applies to ordinary auto-attack melee attacks. It does not apply to any special attack powers that cost rage, energy, or mana -- neither instant attacks such as [Sinister Strike] or [Stormstrike], nor on next swing attacks such as [Heroic Strike], incur the dual wield miss penalty. So, with 6% +hit from gear/talents a dual-wielder will never miss with an instant attack (although the attack can still be dodged, parried, or blocked -- see the Attack table article). However, a dual-wielder would need 25% +hit if he wants to remove the miss chance for auto-attack/white damage totally (Although a minor chance to miss, perhaps 0.1% would still exist).


Auto-attack strikes made by the weapon in the off hand inflict only 50% of their damage.

Note: The Rogue's dual-wield talent increases the off-hand weapon's damage from 50% up to 75%.

Note: The Warrior's dual-wield talent increases the off-hand weapon's damage from 50% up to 62.5%.

Chance On Hit proc rate

Some weapons have special abilities that will go off (or "proc") on some hits. These abilities are preceded in the weapon's description by the words "Chance on hit:".

The chance for one of these abilities to go off on a successful auto-attack strike are independent of whether the weapon is being wielded in the main hand or wielded in the off hand. However, these abilities also have the same per-strike chance to go off when making an instant attack (such as Sinister Strike, Mongoose Bite, Overpower, etc.). Instant attacks are always assumed to be made with the weapon in the main hand only. This means that over the course of a normal fight in which several instant attacks are used, a given weapon's chance-on-hit ability will go off more often if the weapon is wielded in the main hand than if it is being wielded in the off hand. The exception to this is the shaman Stormstrike ability and the rogue Mutilate abilty, in which both abilities give an extra instant attack with both wielded weapons.

Proc rate for other weapon abilities

Some weapons have abilities that go off some of the time, but are not listed as "Chance on hit:". For example, the Crusader enchant reads "... often when attacking in melee ...", and the Misplaced Servo Arm's ability reads "Equip: Chance to ...". The proc chances for these kinds of abilities are separate and distinct from the "Chance on hit:" abilities discussed above.

The proc rate for these abilities is generally based on an average rate per minute, not a chance per strike. Whether the proc rate for such an ability on a one-hand weapon is affected by which hand the weapon is wielded in is something that needs to be experimentally verified.


shortcut iconSee also: Dual wield, Attack speed, Weapon speed, Combat


This page is made to show you the effects of a faster / slower weapon on your ammount of poison procs. You'll notice that faster weapons will give you a benefit here.

Formulae for % chance to apply poison every second, based on your main / off hand weapon speed / talents / sword spec and equipment.

Also see: Attack speed & Haste

Application improvement modifiers

Extra attacks

There are several Extra attack modifiers in the game, some affect both your main and off hand. All extra attacks granted (even from offhand swing procs) are main hand swings, thus greatly increasing the main hand's chance to apply a poison. Also, all instant attacks (Riposte, Sinister Strike, Hemmorage) swing your main hand weapon.

Note: The weapon effects ( Thrash + Sword spec + HoJ, etc ) do not stack, instead they are each calculated seperately. Meaning you have a 5% chance to get an extra attack from sword spec, and also a 2% chance to get an extra attack from HoJ, and also a 20% chance to get an extra attack from Windfury. Overall, the chance of getting at least one extra attack on a swing is 1 - (95% * 98% * 80%) = 25.52%. The good thing about this is that they can also all happen at the same time (5% * 2% * 20% = 0.02% chance of this), thus resulting in 3 extra attacks.

Increased poison application chance

Talents and gear bonuses to improve the success rate of applying a poison all stack together. So, if your base chance is 20%, you can get +10-15% from talents, +5% from the bloodfang set and +30% from the Venomous totem found in Blackwing Lair. Making a total of (20+(10-15)+5+30) 65% for instant poison, and 70% for deadly poison.

If you make a rough estimate that (at 100 energy) you can do 5 attacks in the first 2 seconds, then that would amount to 3-4 applications of poison. Instant poison rank 6 (112 to 148) would cause 336-592 damage during that time.




Poison_Proc% = Base% + Talent_Improve% + Gear_Improved%

  • Example: 35% = 20% + 10% + 5%

Off Hand Weapon

Off hand poison procs are a linear calculation so this part should be pretty straightforward.


Offhand_Modified_Attack_Speed = Offhand_Base_Weapon_Speed * Speed_Increments

  • Example: 1.09 = 1.7 / 1.3 / 1.2

Offhand_Attacks_Per_Second = 1 / Offhand_Modified_Attack_Speed

  • Example: 0.917 = 1 / 1.09


Offhand Speed (Top row) 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 1.7 1.8 1.9 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 2.6 2.7 2.8 2.9

Normal Proc % (Left column) 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30

Proc % ( in center of table )

Main Hand Weapon


Offhand_Extra_Attack_Chance = (( Sword_Spec% * HoJ% * Windfury%) * 100% )-1

  • Example: 29,744% = (( 1.06 * 1.02 * 1.20%) * 100%) -1

Offhand_Triggered_Attacks_Per_Second = Offhand_Attacks_Per_Second * Offhand_Extra_Attack_Chance

  • Example: 0,27 = 0,917 * 0.29744

Mainhand_Extra_Attack_Chance = (((Thrash or IronFoe) * Sword_Spec% * HoJ% * Windfury%) * 100% )-1

  • Example: ?+29,744% = ((? * 1.06 * 1.02 * 1.20%) * 100%) -1
  • If you do not have the effect active, do not calculate it.
  • In 1.09 procs will no longer trigger another proc, so we will not need to calculate the ad infinitum chance. (Sword proc proccing another sword proc, etc), also, thrash blade is said to be unable to cause any procs while it is in the offhand. (talk)

Mainhand_Modified_Attack_Speed = Mainhand_Base_Weapon_Speed / Haste (x%) / Slice_n_Dice (30%) / Blade_Flurry (20%) / Troll Berserking (10-30%) / Anything else

  • Example: 1.73 = Base 2.7 / Slice n Dice 1.3 / Blade Flurry 1.2

Mainhand_Attacks_Per_Second = 1 / Mainhand_Modified_Attack_Speed

  • Example: 0.578 = 1 / 1.73
    • Note: could still add Sinister strike, backstab, or hemmorate in here depending on your energy regeneration rate and the ability cost.

Mainhand_Extra_Attacks_Per_Second = ( Mainhand_Attacks_Per_Second * Mainhand_Extra_Attack_Chance ) + Offhand_Triggered_Attacks_Per_Second

  • Example: 0,442 = ( 0.578 * 0.29744 ) + 0,27 = 0,172 + 0.27

Mainhand_Modified_Attacks_Per_Second = (Mainhand_Attacks_Per_Second + Mainhand_Extra_Attacks_Per_Second )

  • Example: 1,02 = 0.578 + 0,442

Mainhand_Procs_Per_second = Poison_Proc% * Mainhand_Modified_Attacks_Per_Second

  • Example: 0.357 = 0.35 * 1,02


Mainhand Speed (Left column) 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 1.7 1.8 1.9 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 2.6 2.7 2.8 2.9

Offhand Speed (Top row) 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 1.7 1.8 1.9 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 2.6 2.7 2.8 2.9

Proc % ( in center of table )

[Slice and Dice] is a rogue ability. Currently two ranks:

  • Rank 1 (At Level 10): "Finishing move that increase melee attack speed by 20%..."
  • Rank 2 (At Level 42): "Finishing move that increase melee attack speed by 30%..."

Both ranks last for 9 seconds when using 1 Combo point with an additional 3 seconds for every extra Combo point past that. The "Improved Slice and Dice" Talent increases the duration of the buff by 15% per each of the possible three talent points.

The phrasing of what the ability does is ambiguous, but it is believed[1] that such melee attack speed increases are applied as follows:

SnD_Speed = Weapon_Speed / (1.0 + SnD_Buff)

e.g. for a 2.80 listed speed Weapon and Rank 2 Slice and Dice

2.80 / (1.0 + 0.3) = 2.80 / 1.3
                   = 2.15382 sec