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Page last modified: 2019-06-07

Tabard-oblivion-muradin us.jpg
Server Muradin US
Guild Leader Grillin
Levels 80
Type PvE
Accounts 75
Armory Oblivion Armory

Oblivion is a normal and heroic raid progression guild. Although the guild holds high expectations for success and progress, hardcore tendencies are not a part of Oblivion's culture.

Structurally, Oblivion maintains one twenty-five-man raiding team and three ten-man raiding teams.

Guild Progress


Oblivion was formed by former members of Shades of Death. The guild consists primarily of raiders, their alts, and very few non-raiding characters.

Weekly Raid Schedule

Officers & Contacts

Grillin, Guild Master
Tim, Officer
Redmoo, Officer