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Hello, I am the creator of Wowpedia's hover tooltips, and indeed most of the site's AJAX and other JS functionality. Please leave me a message on my talk page, or ping me on the Wowpedia Discord server.

Tooltips / AJAX functionality FAQ

Where is the actual script for the tooltips located?
It's part of MediaWiki:Common.js.
Can I port your tooltips to another wiki?
Yes, the script is released under CC-BY-SA (with the rest of the wiki).
Can you help me port your tooltips to my wiki?
I can, and the easiest way to do this is to contact me via my talk page. Note that to make it as easy as possible I will need administrator access to your wiki (or a test wiki with all the relevant templates you want to implement the functionality with).
Your AJAX-powered recent changes script is amazing! Can I use it?
Yes, see User:Pcj/ajaxrc.js for an easily-portable version.
There's a problem with your tooltips/the AJAX RC...
At this stage (of complete testing) it's either a quirk with some old/new browser, or it's some problem I haven't seen personally and no one else has bothered to report. Please file a report with the following information on my talk page:
  • Page you had the problem on
  • Which skin you're using (Monobook, Vector, etc)
  • Your browser
  • Your OS
  • Your screen resolution
  • Steps to reproduce the problem
I want to suggest a feature for your AJAX scripts.
Great! I love new challenges. Please post ideas on my talk page.


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