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Expansion 6.0: Downfall of the Legion by peripheral_devotee94.

This is a page documenting what I would want to see as the expansion implemented after Mists of Pandaria.

New Features

Level Cap – Raised to 100.

Skills Cap – Raised to 610, with the title of “Excellent Grand Master”.

Infinite Potions – Approximately 900,000 health/mana restored.

Cloth Type Introduced - Argorweave Cloth.

Racial Leaders – Owing to the defeat of the corrupted Garrosh Hellscream, Thrall has regained his position as Warchief, whilst Tess Greymane succeeds Genn Greymane as the ruler of the worgen.

New Zones

- Kul Tiras (starting area for the Tirans; levels 1–12)

- The World of Argus (levels 89–100)

- Redemption Vale (89–91)

- Purification Forest (91–93)

- Corruption Shadowlands (94–96)

- Destruction Furnace (96–98)

- City of MacAree (98–100)

New Instances

There are to be five instances – two dungeons (one entry, one mid) and an entry-level raid, one mid-level raid, and the end-game raid. The raids have Raid Finder, Normal and Heroic difficulties, with 10-man and 25-man versions of the latter two.

Hallowed Halls – located in Redemption Vale (entry–level dungeon).

Gersaron Altar – located in Purification Forest (entry–level raid).

Deception Hold – located in Corruption Shadowlands (mid–level dungeon).

Kil'jaedar Summit – located in Destruction Furnace (mid–level raid).

Sargeron Fortress – located in City of MacAree (end–game raid).

New PvP areas

Like the Argent Tournament, the Horde and Alliance forces are called upon by Illidan to practise against one another in order to select the finest champions to defeat Kil'jaeden and Sargeras. To assist with this, there will be one new arena area and two new battlegrounds included with this expansion.

Inflammation Cavern - A resource–race battleground in Destruction Furnace.

River of Light - A capture–the–flag battleground in Redemption Vale.

The Ring of Brilliance - The arena, located in Purification Forest.

New Playable Race – The Tirans


Inhabitants of Kul Tiras, these former humans were transformed into horrific vampires towards the end of the Cataclysm by the attempted world-ending spellwork of Deathwing. The two surviving members of the ruling Proudmoore family – Lady Jaina Proudmoore and her cousin, Darius Proudmoore – arrive there after the fall of Theramore to find their subjects transformed into the Tirans. Retaining their normal forms, Jaina and Darius disagree about what direction they are to take, in terms of which faction to support. Jaina, having been fed up with the Alliance's lack of support for the Theramore survivors, decides to ally herself with the Horde, whilst Darius sides with the Alliance for political gain. They issue a decree unto their people; either join the Horde or join the Alliance. The new members of the factions will relocate either to the Ghostlands or to Bloodmyst Isle. Having been shut off from the rest of the world, they will not be able to play Death Knights.

These classes are available to the Tirans: Monk, Warrior, Shaman, Rogue, Hunter, Warlock, Mage, Priest, Necromancer.

Racial Abilities

The first three are active, and the last is passive.

Flight and Fright - Their first flying mount will be the unlocking of their flight form; a gigantic bat.

Sparkling Fury - Fear spell (similar to [Howl of Terror]) accentuated by a powerful release of vampiric energy.

Blood Drain - Like [Cannibalize], the Tirans suck blood out of corpses, regenerating 40 percent of their health.

Alchemical Attraction - Alchemy skill increased by 15.

New Class: The Necromancer

Before their transformation, the inhabitants of Kul Tiras included a few former warlocks and priests. They had just developed a few new methods of combat and healing utilising the power of necromancy when the curse came calling. After the Tirans chose which faction to support, these necromancers offered to train select races of both factions to master the talents of the necromancer. Calling upon the spiritual world of the dead to do their bidding, they will act as damage-dealers and/or healers in the upcoming battle against the Legion. They can use Staves, Wands, One-Handed Swords, Fist Weapons, Maces and Daggers, and can wear Leather Armour.


The races that are able to be necromancers are as follows: Humans, Dwarves, Gnomes, Worgen, Orcs, Forsaken, Blood Elves and Goblins.


The Necromancer's specs are of the same layout as those of a Shaman - one melee spec, one ranged spec, and one healing spec. Their abilities will be a mix of Priest-like and Death Knight-like spells - being of a dark (yet not practiced by evil) and powerful origin.

Spectrestriker - The melee-damage necromancer. Imbuing their strength with the wrath of unavenged spectres, this killer deals out damage in a similar way to a Death Knight, sans the e'er so slightly overpowered aspect of the latter's abilities.

Ghostwalker - The ranged-damage necromancer. Walking a lonely path, this spell-caster commands ghosts to inflict fear, pain, agony and insanity (amongst other things) to see their opponents die horribly.

Spiritcaller - The healing necromancer. Calling upon friendly spirits, this battlefield medic uses their healing spirits for injuries both physical and psychological.


After the Alliance–Horde war drew to a close, an extremely potent threat arose from the Twisting Nether. Sargeras has awoken, and is preparing for an onslaught like never before seen. And Azeroth will be set in his sights first, especially after the inhabitants killed his lieutenant, Archimonde the Defiler.

During the events of the Alliance–Horde war and the Cataclysm, the corpse of the demonic night elf Illidan Stormrage was transported to the Burning Legion's headquarters – the former world of the draenei, Argus. Resurrected by Kil'jaeden as the successor to Archimonde, Illidan sought to bring an end to the Legion. To this end, he assembled the former Defiler's forces, and did something no-one would ever have expected. Using his powerful command over the various forms of magic, Illidan purified them … with his hitherto undiscovered ability to channel the purest form of magic: the Holy Light. Now known amongst themselves (and eventually to the Azerothian heroes) as the Redeemed, these demonic outcasts retain their appearance and feign allegiance to Sargeras, but have a renewed mission; to bring an unstoppable army to Argus for the purpose of killing Kil'jaeden, Sargeras and their followers - and thus bringing an end to the Burning Legion.

Sensing the need for aid, Illidan cast a powerful summons to the leaders of both factions for the purpose of assisting him in his mission to stop the Legion. Having brokered peace and accepted the Tirans only weeks beforehand, the faction leaders agree to send their finest champions to aid Illidan and his cohorts on the world of Argus. To assist with this, Illidan creates a permanent portal connecting his base to the Violet Citadel in Dalaran, with the assistance of Jaina Proudmoore and Prophet Velen. The champions are to be led by Illidan, Thrall and Varian from the base called Purity Hold, and will be bolstered by the four remaining Aspects, Prophet Velen and Baine Bloodhoof. The Legion's downfall starts now.